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    Apple is Preparing its Own Search Engine

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    Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    In all honestly, the conclusion is odd. The review title of "Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis" indicates you'd be benchmarking performance, not providing a subjective piece of what you think of the game, spoilers included. :wtf:
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    Cyberpunk 2077 a DX12-Only Release on PC

    Why aren't they even supporting Windows 7 at all? It's no longer even in extended support by Microsoft. The OS is dead. If you're running Windows based gaming, you should be on Windows 10.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Announced as the 2020 Dose of CoD

    How is this confirmation of anything, or more than a repost of a user tweet? :confused:
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    Core i9-10900K vs. Ryzen 9 3950X Cinebench R15 Comparison Leaked

    What a joke. Multi core graph seems zero based yet single thread isn't... non zero graphs need to be removed. (in terms of representing data, worldwide)
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    Magic Leap Announces Layoffs & Abandons Consumer AR in Major Restructuring

    Where did the 2 billion go? What a joke.
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    Pure 12V PSU Standard, Named ATX12VO, Debuts Later This Year

    Sounds like a terrible idea. No thanks. I'd rather have a power supply doing the conversion as its sole job, because I trust the PSU manufacturer to not cut corners (as many mobo manufacturers do) and stand by their products with 7 year warranties. 10 pin vs 24 pin? Big whoop.
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    Humble Bundle Offers "Fire Relief Bundle" to Aid Australia

    What are you talking about? My point is that people are lighting fires, and it appears that the media has brainwashed a lot of people into jumping up and down as if policy is the cause of it all. I challenge people to live by the same expectations they place on others, and in the overwhelming...
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    Humble Bundle Offers "Fire Relief Bundle" to Aid Australia

    Let me guess... it's caused by climate change? 190+ charged arsonists (plus however many haven't been found/charged yet) in NSW alone would disagree with you there; fires don't light themselves, bush doesn't spontaneously combust, and dry lightning has contributed almost nothing to the destruction.
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    Microsoft Reconsiders: No More Forced Updates in Windows 10

    I find it fascinating how some declare their dedication to Windows 7 or swear they're rolling back to it. Sure. See you back same time next year whingeing about how your OS is now out of the extended support period and software vendors have plans to ditch support for the OS. New CPUs aren't...