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    AMD Athlon Pro 200GE Detailed: An Extremely Cut-down "Raven Ridge" at $55

    What would the "FX" be? Single-Core no SMT single Vega Core?
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    Deepcool Gamer Storm Quadstellar

    I've been waiting for the day I can recreate the Original Xbox Prototype.
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    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    You all understand this is likely fake and possible stock manipulation? CTS Labs themselves state they may have a financial interest in these results.
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    Logitech G Unveils New PC Gaming Speaker and Mechanical Keyboard With LightSync

    $200 for Speakers inferior to the $99 Logitech Z623, but priced $100 higher thanks to RGB. Thanks Logitech, it's silly pricing like this that makes people hate RGB.
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    "Intel inside" Campaign Funds Cut, Might Bring Higher Pricing to End Users

    Bad timing with Ryzen 2xxx on the horizon.
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    AMD Confirms 2nd Generation Ryzen Processors to Debut in Q1-2018

    - Athlon 2240x - 3.2Ghz/3.5Ghz Boost, 2-Cores / 4 Threads - Price: $69 - Oct. - Ryzen 2410x - 3.3Ghz/3.7Ghz Boost, 4-Cores No SMT - Price: $99 - Sept. - Ryzen 2430x - 3.6Ghz/4.0Ghz Boost, 4-Cores No SMT - Price $129 - Late August - Ryzen 2550x - 3.5Ghz/3.9Ghz Boost, 4-Cores / 8-Threads - Price...
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    ADATA Releases the XPG STORM RGB M.2 2280 Active-Cooled Heatsink

    Well, this will be a problem for boards that have the M.2 slot right under the Graphics card. Otherwise, I wish this was available before I finished my system. I would have bought this.
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    MSI Announces Force GC30 and GC20 Game Controllers

    So, when is Corsair going to release an RGB controller? I'll be first in line to pre-order it, reviews be damned.
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    Intel 8-core LGA1151 Processor will be 14 nm "Coffee Lake" Based

    Anyone taking bets that these CPUs won't work on the Z370?
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    7th Gen Core "Kaby Lake" Won't Work on 300-series Chipset Motherboards

    Way to give AMD my business. Here I was thinking...CoffeeLake's not gonna work on my Z170 board, well, I can just get a Z370, stick with my 6700k and upgrade to an 8700k in the future. But, no, it has to be arbitrarily incompatible. At least AMD plans to support AM4 till at least 2020. So, I...
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    Windows 10 Support for Older Hardware Encountering Difficulties, Cut Off

    I installed Win10 on my Q6600 PC this past weekend and it works great. We also have Win10 on a bunch of Wolfdale Core 2's at my job. I hope that these stay supported for the future.
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    Xbox One X Hardware Specs Give Gaming Desktops a Run for their Money

    So instead of having an RX-490/RX-590 to compete with the GTX1070, they use it for the XOX. Come on, everyone knew that AMD had a higher performance Full Polaris in the pipeline, but instead AMD lied to everyone about the RX-480 being the "full-Polaris" and saved them for the XOX.
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    Fractal Design Announces the Focus G Series Cases

    Is it me, or does this look strikingly similar to to the Thermaltake Versa H35? https://i0.wp.com/www.modders-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/image//2014/10/Thermaltake-Versa-H35-mid-tower-chassis-deliver-advanced-liquid-cooling-solutions-and-stress-free-cable-management.jpg
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    Corsair Launches New Carbide Series SPEC-04 Mid-Tower Gaming Case

    I got you: It's based on this case...
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    AMD to Launch First "Polaris" Graphics Cards by Late May

    Hey man, if we GTX980-Ti owners have to deal with the GTX1070, you gotta deal with the R9-480x.
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    AMD Polaris 10 "Ellesmere" as Fast as GTX 980 Ti: Rumor

    Here's the Line-up: - R9-470 (Polaris11-Pro, 4GB GDDR5, R9-380-Performance, $180) - R9-470x (Polaris11-XT, 4GB GDDR5x, R9-380x Performance, $230) - R9-480 (Polaris10-Pro, 4GB GDDR5, R9-390/R9-290x performance, $270) - R9-480 (Polaris10-Pro, 8GB GDDR5x, R9-390x/Fury performance, $350) - R9-480x...
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    Corsair Releases the Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Mid-Tower ATX Case

    I like the design of this case. I may pick it up. Looks like a budget version of the NZXT Noctis 450.
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    Mid-range "Pascal" GPUs Stick to GDDR5-class Memory

    Let me guess.. Geforce x80 - GP104(Prime) "Full Pascal" with +10% than GTX980-Ti performance. = $749.99 Geforce x70 - GP104(LE) "Cut Down" with -20% performance than the GTX980-Ti = $499.99 AMD will respond in late may/early june with their latest cards AMD R9-Z10 - Polaris 10(XT) "Full...
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    ASRock Uses External Clock Generators to Circumvent Intel non-K BClk OC Limits

    Yeah, you can OC all AMD chips, but when a Max overclocked FX-9590 can barely match an i3-6100 at stock, then overclocking on AMD is at best a pyrrhic victory.
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    Do you plan on using DirectX 12 mixed GPU in the future?

    Sure, I can't wait to run my GTX980-Ti and R9-290 together in more games!
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    AMD Releases Catalyst 15.9 Beta Drivers

    Theirs a Memory Leak issue with these drivers when you resize a Window. Happens in 7 and 10 from my testing. Be wary of this driver release.
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    Logitech G Unveils Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    STOP WITH THE BIZARRELY SHAPED KEYS. It RUINED the Orion....that keyboard was hot garbage just because of the non-standard shaped keys, that can't even be replaced. Returned that peice of shit back to Best Buy and picked up the Corsair K70-RGB....also, GOD DAMN I hate that wrist-rest on the...
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    AMD Now Almost Worth A Quarter of What it Paid for ATI

    They already do, the problem is the prices are insane. Imagine if in 2008/2009 AMD priced the Radeon 4870 at the same $450 price as the GTX260, they'd be out of business already. Instead they launched the 4870 at $300, got a TON of good press, saw brisk sales, and embarrassed nvidia bad enough...
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    Grand Theft Auto V Performance Analysis

    I'd like to see CPU benchmarks. It's be nice to see if a game ported from a console with 8-Cores will take advantage of the 8-Cores of the FX-8350 and the 8-Threads of the i7 4790k.
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    Acer Previews Its First Chromebook With Intel Processors Based on Haswell

    Probably a Celeron version of Haswell. They did this with the old ones, which used a dual-core Sandybridge based Celeron. I'd like to see Steam become available on ChromeOS, that way we can take advantage of the Hard Drives on these(Acer C7, Google Pixel) machines. Granted I don't expect to play...