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    Hitman 3 to be an Epic Games Store Exclusive on the PC Platform

    No body complaint that the Total War titles are only available on steam , yet there were ton of cry babies that TW Troy will be exclusive for 1 year on the Epic store. And there are alot of other titles that are available only on Steam. Sorry but atleast EPIC is paying the developers while Valve...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Beats Intel Core i9-10980XE by 24% in 3DMark Physics

    Yeah like there is a sense to pay premium so you could take 10% extra performance by overclocking the special Intel K series and think your stick grew 3 times bigger :D Concept of overclocking was to take dirt cheap crap and make it work like a premium not to take a premium and squeeze 10% more...
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    Intel Sunny Cove Successor Significantly Bigger: Jim Keller

    As an AMD user , "In Keller we shall all trust" the dude made such great architectures throughout the last 2+ decades , I believe whatever he is working on the Intel side he will design/redesing it for a huge leap over their current architectures.
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    DirectX 12 Makes Windows 7 Debut With Latest World of Warcraft Patch

    Windows 7 support will die :O Snap no more spam updates for dummy users ? If you browse the net your PC is going to die :O All of that is bullshit by first rule since the dawn of the Internet Dont get your computer directly exposed to the Internet - stay behind a router with some firewall. It...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Put Through AoTS, About 16% Faster Than GTX 1060

    Second Hand 1070 is already sub 300$ go stick your overpriced silicone waffer somewhere.
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    Intel Xe Kicks the Door Open to Challenge the GeForce-Radeon Duopoly

    Oh come on don't be so pessimistic now we gonna have a half Vega on a Intel 14nm++++√10 node :D
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    NVIDIA DLSS Test in Final Fantasy XV

    Upsampling never works no matter what you do that is all. All the details in the far building textures are completely washed away , even on the closer building there is lot's of detail loss in the texture. And so what will say someone - so why would I care about your stupid opinion go play...
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    Core i9-9900K Achieves 5.50 GHz Overclock on a Z170 Chipset Motherboard

    Give me your money obviously is the only Intel argument. The rest of the fairy tells they tell are for little kids. Each Mobo has a CPU support list provided by the manufacturer of the Mobo both as a list and as BIOS support.So the Mobo manufacturer decides does this Mobo supports 35W or 125W CPU.
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    Huawei MateBook X Pro Now Available in the U.S.

    Last weekend i dropped my 12 years old IBM ThinkPad T60 on the laminated floor from little more than a meter.The result 2x1cm big and 3mm 5mm deep penetration into the floor. Windows was unhappy that the notebook accelerometer cut the power to the SSD (old fail safe technique) but nothing that a...
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    Mad Catz is Back in the Game With Multiple New Products

    Well they definitely need to focus on quality. On My RAT5 mouse the cable snapped on 2 occasions 2-3cm out of the mouse with 1.5 years between and finally i removed the fancy looking crap cable with aluminium wires (they are more prone to crack and snap than copper ones) with a normal copper...
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    AMD Radeon Vega 64 Outperforms NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti in Forza Motorsport 7, DX 12

    Well it is console port and on consoles they use AMD graphics so it looks normal they will need some optimisations for nVidia now probably.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Overclocked to 4.1 GHz With Liquid Cooling

    So while you wanna play with your little .... games on the big machines there is actually a work to be done with them :) Threadripper 1950X and 1920X popped out on the V-RAY benchmark results list. https://benchmark.chaosgroup.com/cpu?page=9 And if you go to page one hey on second position is...
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    AMD Readies B2 Stepping of the Ryzen "Summit Ridge" Silicon

    Actually given the AMD previous record most of the times new steppings were always bringin in higher overclock speeds. Like Athlon Thoroughbred A and B , Like the later steppings of the Phenom II 955 C3 giving more overclock headroom around 300MHz against the C2 on the very same voltage.
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    THREAD CLOSED!!! Post Your AMD RyZen Blender Benchmarks at 200 Samples!

    Guys i believe i finally understood where the confusion with the blender bench is coming from. First obviously on the Live stream they did the CPUs took around 36 seconds but on unknown version of Blender and unknown samples count! The 100 samples count comes from the closed doors presentation...