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  1. yggdrasil

    Synology Introduces DiskStation DS1517+, DS1817+, and Expansion Unit DX517

    These have the same Intel Atom C2538 as the older DS1815+ did. Won't this mean these will also have the Atom C2000 clock flaw that prevents booting of a device once the CPU degrades? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/06/cisco_intel_decline_to_link_product_warning_to_faulty_chip/
  2. yggdrasil

    Intel's Core i3-7350K to Reportedly be Absent From Initial Kaby Lake Launch

    We do know the i3's and low end i5's are always delayed, Just look at last years release. 6700k August 5th 2015 6600k August 5th 2015 Earliest i3 6100 October 2015
  3. yggdrasil

    Colorful Unveils Feature Preview of its iGame200 Motherboards

    Just looks like a Asus mobo copy cat. But I can imagine "innovating" on motherboards could be hard.
  4. yggdrasil

    Meet the New Logitech

    Just bring back the G9 mouse and make a new G9 Wireless mouse
  5. yggdrasil

    XFX Type 1 Bravo ATX Mid-Tower Case Starts Selling

    It looks like an old server case painted black.
  6. yggdrasil

    Cooler Master HAF XB

    I think that is meant to read "No external 2.5" bay" As for the case I think it is a pretty good step toward some thing different that works but it does need a revision and few issues fixed as I see 4x 2.5" pointless in a "LAN PC" as they advertise it is, Its a budget entry level gaming case...
  7. yggdrasil

    BenQ Announces GW2760HS 27-inch Monitor

    Yeah it is a good monitor but this day in age 24" should be the largest you go with 1080p. I to think the 1080p monitors are more of a budget option now days getting 24" Asus monitors for $115 new. 27 1440p should be becoming the norm for computer users.
  8. yggdrasil

    Thermaltake Announces Level 10 GTS Mid-Tower Chassis

    Looks like a $70 Thermaltake v4 got smashed together with a $500 level 10 case in the halogen collider.
  9. yggdrasil

    Orico Unveils Multi-Port USB 3.0 Strips

    I could see this device being modded to have USB3 ports built into my desk easily. Providing they don't drop out like other large USB2 hubs do.
  10. yggdrasil

    Abee Intros Acubic C10R Line of Mini-ITX Cases

    Pretty sure I would just get the Bitfenix prodigy for 1/4 the price. Way over priced and seems it would die of quick because of that.