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  1. Eskimonster

    Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $0.99 and 1 month of Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99 with Auto-renewal

    quit a deal https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XKDQZB9/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_TQz8DbK6N1Z6D
  2. Eskimonster

    Im looking for the name of this Case

    i saw the case in a yotube video, but it has no name- Does any know the name of it ?
  3. Eskimonster

    Skylake X for 590 $ and upwards

  4. Eskimonster

    Possibol answer to Dark Matter

    Our dear Anton is here with a new video
  5. Eskimonster

    I have question about efficiency chart on PSU

    Im in market for buying a PSU, i want to ask which in theory would have the best efficiency load, for a 3950x with 200w gxf. On a 570x Master with 2 nvme - 4 Sata - 1 Hdd im considdering buying the EVGA NOVA series platinum 650w and up.
  6. Eskimonster

    We Were Wrong About the Size of Our Own Galaxy - It's Way Bigger!

    Some interesting news from the wonderfull Antons channel.
  7. Eskimonster

    GOG Galaxy Dll errors

    Today GoG went banana and said i was missing all sorts of dll´s. How to fix, go to apps then find your different visual ++ installments, press them and repair, problem solved.
  8. Eskimonster

    just Wow :)

    Thats the best news of today :)
  9. Eskimonster

    Why you should go to DuckDuckGo and totally ignore Google.

    Google censorship has been a rising issue over the past years. Accusations about Google censoring news are surfacing more and more. Let's compare Google search results with Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo to find out if we can see instances of Google manipulating search results...
  10. Eskimonster

    Death of Huawei

  11. Eskimonster

    Nothing To See Here.....Move on along pls

    Kaspersky have found out that Ccleaner have been containing Malware, and it has been there for years. https://www.wired.com/story/barium-supply-chain-hackers/ "A single group of hackers appears responsible for supply chain hacks of CCleaner, Asus, and more, planting backdoors on millions of...
  12. Eskimonster

    Need tips about power-supply to this contest second winner.

    i can find PSU for 20 dollar 180watt passive,but im not sure if im burning my fingers getting a passive. i want to use the PSU to Biostar A10N-8800E and since it uses only 37 watt im having a hard time finding a good PSU.
  13. Eskimonster

    Activ cooling on VDM

    I heard rumours about 570 mobo will have active cooling on VRM´s , have any other heard that ?.