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  1. ChristTheGreat

    Asus ROG Strix x-470 f stuck on white led

    Hey guys! So my computer is giving me headache right now. Everything was working fine yesterday and this morning, no display: AMD 3700x stock 2x 16gb Corsair LPX 3200 Asus Strix x-470F @Version 5406 Asus ROG Strix RX5700 PSU Evga SN 750 g2 When I boot the computer, I am stuck at the white...
  2. ChristTheGreat

    Asus Strix x470-F and Corsair LPX 3000, need some help setting RAM

    Hello guys, My PC is working fine, setup the ram with standard timing, 3000mhz, CMdrate 1T, works okay. Decided to use Ryzen DRAM calculator to get a little bit more from. So, everything is configured in my bios. FLCK is at 1500, soc voltage was already to 1.1, so I left it there, dram...
  3. ChristTheGreat

    Resize image to fit screen with 5700 and Adrenaline driver

    Hey guys, Didn't realized, but with my MSI MAG27C and my 5700, I am loosing pixel on the top of my screen. I do not have this issue with my secondary monitor (ASUS vg248qe). I know that before, there was an option to resize the screen, but can't find a way with those new driver. Anyone already...
  4. ChristTheGreat

    Noctua NH-U14S, looking for fan

    Hey guys, I might sell my NH-U12S to my bro so he can have a quiet cooler vs his stock intel. I don't like very big CPU cooler, so I stopped on the Noctua NH-U14S (or if anyone has something to share, but I do not want any AIO) Stock fan is ugly (yep, I prefer black fans). I'm looking for a...
  5. ChristTheGreat

    [FS] EK-FC980 GTX-CA For sale

    Hi guys, I Have this water block: EK-FC980 GTX-CA (Copper/acetal) for a GTX 980 Reference design. The block comes without the allen key, thermalpad, no original box. Bought from a customer of Snef Design as I bought the GPU. The block is in good shape. Reason for sale: I do not watercool...
  6. ChristTheGreat

    Uptime free software

    Hi, I remember a long time ago, I was using a software that was giving you the Windows Uptime, and was saving your highest uptime and could upload somewhere. I am trying to find a software like this, free, that can run server OS and desktop OS. at least that it keeps in memory your record...
  7. ChristTheGreat

    CM 690 III Watercooled

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel i7 4770k @ 4.3ghz Ek Evo Supremacy nickel acrylic Asus Maximus VI Formula 2x 8gb Mushkin Blackline 2133mhz Gigabyte R9 290 OC 1100/1400 EK-FC R9-290X - Nickel (Rev.2.0) Crucial M4 64gb Crucial M4 256gb Corsair Force GT 120gb Creative...
  8. ChristTheGreat

    Issue with Patriot PSD38G1600KH

    Hey guys, I got a pair of PSD38G1600KH 2x 4gb 1600mhz CAS 11 1.5v kit from Patriot. The first kit, I had alot of issue, so it has been sent in RMA. The other kit failed any test, so I sent it again, and now, I got a new kit, I'm still having issue with it, here's my test: -Single channel on a...
  9. ChristTheGreat

    MSI AfterBurner with R9 290, 2D/3D clock question

    Hi guys, so my Gigabyte R9 290 OC is now under water, and it is now time to overclock it SO I installed MSI Afterburner 4.0 with riva tuner server, so I can get 2D and 3D profil (without having to apply it manually, what I would like). My issue, is that when I set the 2D profil, it crash...
  10. ChristTheGreat

    New to watercooling, looking for coolant..

    Hey guys, I'm new to this. Just ordered an XSPC raystorm D5 RX240, as my starter kit. I did want to have a D5 pump external, and low price :) The kit doesn't come with coolant.. Here's my need: -Blue color -No need to do alot of maintenance -if it can have all the anti-corosion and bacterial...
  11. ChristTheGreat

    Outlook.com, hosting custom domain

    Hey guys, Since november, I have registred my company. I have an hosting at godaddy, using pop email connected to my gmail account. Pain, gmail is very slow to retreive pop email (about 30 to 60 mins) So I have found that with outlook.com, you can configure it to be the email hoster, by...
  12. ChristTheGreat

    Asus G74SX - GTX 560m 3gb, USB Monitor problem

    Hey guys, I have a new laptop at work, an Asus G74SX, with an i7 2670qm,16gb of ram, 256GB SSD, 500GB HDD, and a GTX 560M. I have a second monitor plugged in VGA. We bought for old computer, some USB2VGAE2 which works fine for a second or 3rd monitor. I was using it on my Dell M6500, Windows...
  13. ChristTheGreat

    Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z 100$: Scam of not?

    Hey g uys, I saw a motherboard on a local seeling website: Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z Motherboard, 100$. The guy is telling me the board is working fine, 2 yo. Really hard to test the board for me. Should I look first for physical damage (bent pins, scratch) and if there is none, to buy it? If...
  14. ChristTheGreat

    HDD SCSI to USB adaptor?

    Hey guys, I just found a couple of hard drive SCSI at work. We doN,t use them anymore. looks like this: is there any Adaptor to put them USB? cause I hav 3x 146gb 15k, and some 73gb but I would like to clean them, and maybe sell back the 146gb. I could get a PCI card and plug...
  15. ChristTheGreat

    Power control setting, HD7950 MSI TF3

    Hey guys, I was doing some test as I was finding that my card gets hot when stressing it (over 80C). Tests: 1150/1350, Power +20%, I stopped at 81C 960/1250, Power 0%, 71-72C 960/1350, Power 0%, card runs 880mhz GPU 960/1250, Power +20%, I stopped at 81C. Room temp: 27C idle 47C...
  16. ChristTheGreat

    [FS] Sold Out

    Sold Out Heatware: 2-0-0
  17. ChristTheGreat

    Building a server, need to choose drive

    Hey guys. I am building a server setup for my home: what I own: i5 2500k WD Red 2Tb 2x 2gb DDR3 1333mhz what I will take: WD Red 2Tb x2 (as one will stay in my external USB3 drive enclosure) ASUS P8H77-M/CSM mATX Fractal Design Core 3000 Black USB3 Corsair CX Series CX500M...
  18. ChristTheGreat

    Sound card should I use?

    Hey guys, I already posted a topic about connecting an amp to my computer. I abandoned this last year, but I have now some questions about a sound card. I have a low budget :D, this must be clear xD I have a boss PW-10 wah pedal, which I want to connect with my guitar to the computer and...
  19. ChristTheGreat

    HD7950, multi-monitor, slow 2nd screen

    Hey guys, I have 2 Asus VE22H plugged on my HD7950 (one DVI, one HDMI). The one HDMI is my second monitor. When I put Chrome on the 2nd screen and I play flash games (like angry birds xD) it is slow. It doesn't do this on my first monitor. Clocks are 500/1350mhz, it's been doing this since I...
  20. ChristTheGreat

    MSI HD7950 TF3, No voltage in MSI AB

    Hi guys, I have been able to overclock my HD7950 from 960/1250 to 1150/1350. Poor ram overclock i know more was making BOINC Crashing the computer (I saw a test, hardware.fr getting it to 1700 :( ) So Before i was able to see the vGPU. Now MSI AB, after a reinstall, and modified CFG, still...
  21. ChristTheGreat

    Free backup/sync software to offsite server

    Hi guys, Since I have now unlimited bandwidth with a 10mbps upload, I was planning to sync all my data at my parents home. I have a server there with an external HDD. I was also planning to sync my parents data to my home, so that we have a full backup. I was looking for a free software...
  22. ChristTheGreat

    Cloning 1 HDMI to 4 Display?

    Hey guys, We are working on having realtime stats for the Customer service on 4 TV. I was thinking about using 1 or 2 video card, but I would like to know if there is something that you can buy and that clone 1 HDMI signal (from computer) to 4 screen? If anyone has an idea, it is appreciated...
  23. ChristTheGreat

    Games, lack of benchmark?

    Hey guys! I was starting to make some benchmark with my card on a couple of games, and I just realise that dev doesn't make any benchmark tool or preset on games? it is just sometimes difficult to benchmark a games when spawing is not the same or that you need to do the exact same thing...
  24. ChristTheGreat

    [CA] Asus GTX 670 Direct CUII 379.99$ after M IR

    http://www.ncix.com/products/?sku=71705&vpn=GTX670%2DDC2%2D2GD5&manufacture=ASUS&promoid=1323 I do think it's a nice deal for a nice cooling.
  25. ChristTheGreat

    HD7970 or HD7950?

    Hey guys! Since I finally sold my HD6950, I am looking for a new card. Still going with AMD,as they offer free games, and I appreciate this part :D ( I still didn't bought crysis 3, was waiting for new card :D ) So here's what I found here in Canada: Gigabyte HD7970 Overclocked: 379$...