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  1. Polarman

    Is the Plextor M5pro a good choice?

    Really thinking about purchasing a SSD. Running Lightroom 5 can bog down my Velociraptor quite a bit especially with a huge catalog. My research is pointing me to the Plextor M5pro Extreme. Decent performance combined with a 5 year warranty sounds pretty good to me. Anyone can share...
  2. Polarman

    Logitech Announces the Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820

    Looks decent. Cheaper than using a keyboard + Wacom tablet combo. Do they have a left handed model?
  3. Polarman

    password manager

    I've been using keepass for years.
  4. Polarman

    Flight Simulator X or X-Plane 10?

    Anyone remember Flight Unlimited?
  5. Polarman

    New Microsoft Camera Codec Pack.

    Microsoft has released an updated version of its Camera Codec Pack for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and RT. The latest update allows applications such as Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, Media Center, and Windows Photo Gallery to deal with Raw files from 34 additional cameras. The cameras include...
  6. Polarman

    Which Camera to get?

    Under 400$ Canon SX40HS http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/822123-REG/Canon_PowerShot_SX40_IS_Digital.html
  7. Polarman

    removing corrupted or non valid program

    I would install Ccleaner and run it. It may not fix everything but I'm sure you can regain a LOT of space on the hard drive.
  8. Polarman

    Running out of ideas to fix this problem

    I remember having a similar random crashing issue when I first built my current system. After checking and rechecking everything, in the end, the culprit was the "CPU phase control" set to auto under the green power sub menu. Unfortunately, you have a different system. good luck.
  9. Polarman

    TPU Steam Group (Official)

  10. Polarman

    what CPU do you have vote! part 2

    Me = Phenom II 975BE (AM3) Wife = Phenom II 940 (AM2+)
  11. Polarman

    Price increases of magnetic storage

    Wow i see. I got a WD RE4 500GB last week from newegg for 65$. Now there 105$. :twitch:
  12. Polarman

    Trackmania 2 Canyon

    Any one else playing this? It's been out for a while now. Just as good as the old one. It's still addictive. Controls are the same but handling is very different. It's all in the drift! :rockout: http://www.trackmania.com/?lang=nl It's a download only game.
  13. Polarman

    Changing my Dragon for a Scorpion

    Upated my post!
  14. Polarman

    Changing my Dragon for a Scorpion

    Made my hard drive choice and purchased it. I got the RE4. There was a 10$ off promo at newegg.
  15. Polarman

    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    My biggest gripe apart of the sub performance and slightly higher load power draw is the disable core sheme. Basically, the "fab" produces (or tries to produce) all the same chip. Like an army of star wars clone, all identical! But this is impossible... Some yields are not perfect. The...
  16. Polarman

    AMD Motherboard suggestions?

    Did you look at MSI's 990XA-GD55. That's the one i'm going for.
  17. Polarman

    Changing my Dragon for a Scorpion

    Changing my Dragon for a Scorpion (not anymore!) Have'nt posted in quite a while. But i've never been that far. I'm preparing a a small upgrade to my current Dragon platform. Nothing really over the top as my budget is a bit limited. This will make my wife happy because my current setup will...
  18. Polarman

    Gaming Addiction Same As Snorting Cocaine

    Does Coca-Cola count?
  19. Polarman

    ATI Catalyst 10.5 WHQL Driver Suite Released

    Too damn busy working. Still on 10.1. Maybe i'll have some spare time in July to install 10.6 or 7.
  20. Polarman

    Dosbox updated to 0.74

  21. Polarman

    AMD Delivers Elite Visual Computing Performance with Latest Desktop Platform

    Nice to see that AMD still favors us old AM2+ users. :)
  22. Polarman

    MSI Rolls Out Expansive List of Motherboards That Support Phenom II X6 Processors

    Nice to see that my board is on that list. I have not seen the 1.C bios listed yet.
  23. Polarman

    Almost a month later, Ubisoft's DRM servers are still down

    Like i said before, if they want to cut down on illegal download, they (game publishers) have to force the ISP's to maintain a list of these "warez" sites and just block them out. This way, we (legit buyers) would not have to get this stupid drm crap up our asses.
  24. Polarman

    Faststone Image Viewer updated to 4.1

    What can i say. It's as good as Acdsee and it's free. http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm It's that good.
  25. Polarman

    No upgrade for quite a while.

    Base model is 25,000(CAN). GT is 17,000 more. Too much. Shelby is 70,000+. Wayyyyy to much. My income only grants me the base model wich is still very nice looking. It as all the features that my current Focus has and more. Btw, my Focus is a ZTW model which is a step up from the base SE...