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  1. Fouquin

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    Not. if. The. Time. It. Takes. To. Complete. The. Tasks. Is. Shorter. If the chip wakes from idle state, completes the task, and goes back to idle in under half the time of the lower power chip it has consumed less power. Welcome to 20 years of CPU clock gating! This is the most basic...
  2. Fouquin

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    There's no reason to believe it won't contain architectural changes. You didn't design it, and neither did I. So you know zero and I know zilch. You can't make any statement for or against the architecture of M1X. The Mac Mini isn't a laptop now is it? The M1 in the Air peaks around 11W. But...
  3. Fouquin

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    Right. Because clock increases don't add performance. Architectural improvements don't add performance. Your focus is much too narrow. And we're still talking about 25W from your own made up numbers so we're well within the power budget limitations for a mobile device targeting 12HR battery...
  4. Fouquin

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    I sense the smarmy sarcasm but no, bigger isn't necessarily faster. Maxwell vs Kepler. Navi 10 vs Vega 20. Architecture means as much or more than just stapling units together. Zen is also in the mobile and embedded space, and doing quite well might I add. Targeting down to 10W typical power...
  5. Fouquin

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    The GPU doesn't need to get bigger it just needs to get faster. No, probably not. Efficiency scaling is more than just power draw from the wall. If the chip doubles in power but quadruples in performance than efficiency went up, not down. Plus Apple has a lot of wiggle room in this regard...
  6. Fouquin

    Cougar Introduces MX440-G RGB Mid-tower Case

    I wasn't the only one, good. I was going to post "SDR or DDR?"
  7. Fouquin

    "Old"Xeon 2697 V2 and Xeon 2650 V2"Overclocked"and Benchmarked!!!

    Very nice! In place of the 2650 V2 you can also find the 1680 V2 which is 8C/16T with an unlocked multiplier up to 57x. You can generally see those get to 4.3-4.5GHz without too much trouble, or 4.7GHz under significantly better cooling. The strap OC is definitely a hard one to get working on...
  8. Fouquin

    wanna upgrade my cpu and ram? depends on asrock 970 Pro3 motherboard limits

    Important to note Bulldozer's IMC supports DDR3-1866 without overclocking. JEDEC has an SPD table for both 1600 and 1866 without XMP. Example: https://www.kingston.com/datasheets/hx318c10fb_4.pdf
  9. Fouquin

    B350 motherboard with AMD 5900

    If somebody hacks an AGESA to make it happen maybe. Otherwise no. There is no plan to support Zen 3 on X370, B350 or A320 motherboards.
  10. Fouquin

    AMD to Produce Reference Design RX 6800 XT and RX 6800 Only Until "Early 2021"

    R9 Fury and Fury X reference designs were unimproved by AIBs, the reference was already as good as it could be. R9 295X2 reference design was cooled better and clocked higher than the unofficial dual 290X card. Just some examples. Obviously go further back and reference is all you got.
  11. Fouquin

    AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

    Oh no, the tens of thousands of anime/furry adult visual novels puked up in RPG maker aren't optimized for AMD! What ever will they do?! They've only got the AAA release games built for them, how terrible!
  12. Fouquin

    Jonsbo Intros the UMX6 All-Aluminium Case

    Since when is a comparison to one of the best air cooling chassis ever made a "cheap shot"? Yikes. Take it easy over there.
  13. Fouquin

    Jonsbo Intros the UMX6 All-Aluminium Case

    Silverstone wants to know your location.
  14. Fouquin

    AMD Announces CDNA Architecture. Radeon MI100 is the World's Fastest HPC Accelerator

    No. Just like nVidia's A100 these have no render pipeline. Anything that fails out of top bin can't be sold as a dGPU, it'll just be a lower tier HPC GPGPU. There is a chance these could be sold as individual accelerators for headless compute boxes. It's not so much about how much power it...
  15. Fouquin

    Samsung Could Become Apple's Newest Chip Supplier

    Samsung has an incredibly high target to hit and Apple is already going to push the precision of TSMC to the limit during the next couple generations. Samsung may not get flagship contracts if they can't match TSMCs quality.
  16. Fouquin

    Apple's M1-Based MacBook Air Benchmarked

    GeekBench is also an OS benchmark, and macOS is the fastest OS on GeekBench. There are some options hidden in macOS for GB5 for example that improve performance on any architecture, even Ryzen.
  17. Fouquin

    Apple Announces the M1 Processor Powering Next-Gen Macs

    They're still 22% short of what TSMC can actually print reliably. Also it's exceptionally bold to assume core performance is actually what matters here. Cores have been strong for a decade and incremental improvements aren't hard to filter out every year. It's moving data around in a reasonable...
  18. Fouquin

    Apple Announces the M1 Processor Powering Next-Gen Macs

    Because Microsoft makes Windows? I'm being intentionally cryptic a bit here but I thought it was still fairly obvious what I was pointing to. This won't work on Windows unless Microsoft makes it work, so look toward Microsoft and come back next week to see how things might have changed.
  19. Fouquin

    Apple Announces New Line of MacBooks and Mac Minis Powered by M1

    40W in the Mac Mini, or thereabouts. Correct the RAM is layered with the SoC logic. It's a lot of layers and extremely delicate.
  20. Fouquin

    Apple Announces the M1 Processor Powering Next-Gen Macs

    They're offering native translation, backwards compatibility, development support, and cross platform support. But sure, walled garden. It's a hell of a short wall. Well power efficiency for one. Unless you don't want more performance in lighter laptops, or you don't want 17+ hours of battery...
  21. Fouquin

    [FIXED] Ugh. Knocked off a capacitor of a Gigabyte mobo but not sure how it's attached!

    This is a surface mount cap. The legs under the plastic base were soldered to those two pads. You can't really put a heat gun to these ones because the plastic will melt before the solder, but you sometimes can get away with just taping them back onto the pads and hoping that it's enough to make...
  22. Fouquin

    AMD pulling an Intel? Seriously?

    Holy tribalism Batman. This thread is a mess. Anyway... AMD seems to have positioned Zen 2 down a rung from Zen 3 instead of just binning out Zen 3 for the lower tier components. To which I ask; does it matter to the consumer? If the performance difference is justified by the price you aren't...
  23. Fouquin

    Need validation this is a legit card

    Looks like one of those weird Asia only cards built for internet cafes and stuff. It's technically legit and probably a supported product in its intended market, but it's not what you're used to seeing as an HD 6570. This kind of rebadging plagues the OEM market too. Nanya signed joint venture...
  24. Fouquin

    Cancelling your GPU Pre-orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So under US trade law they can enforce a "take-it-or-leave-it" resale policy that inhibits overpricing from the retailers directly. It does not stop third-party operators from using existing public marketplaces to price gouge inventory they purchased from retailers specifically for resale (I.E...