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  1. Wrigleyvillain

    [WTB] WTB: Larger SATA II SSD (240-512GB) $50 shipped max

    This is a for a 2010 Macbook pro so SATA III is kind of waste but that's pretty much all there is on the market now so I am hoping someone has an older drive they never got rid of. I have two 128GB Samsung 830s I might be willing to trade as well but they are in my server box on a good RAID...
  2. Wrigleyvillain

    [WTB] GA-Z77X-UD3H I/O shield

    A long shot but hoping someone has a dead board w/ accessories they never sold.
  3. Wrigleyvillain

    [FS] GTX 670 4GB, NZXT 650W 80+B, SSD, Accelero III

    All prices shipped CONUS. Items in Chicago; possibly can arrange local pick up and pay a bit less. Heatware is same nick. Thanks for looking. 2)NZXT Hale82 650W 80+ Bronze (Seasonic) Semi-Modular $45 shipped Strong Single 12V rail; great shape.
  4. Wrigleyvillain

    [US] Microcenter: AMD SFM2 Mobo FREE / CPU Purchase

    http://www.microcenter.com/site/brands/amd_secondGEN_bundle.aspx?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Enews&utm_campaign=AMD-Aseries_020813 Seen lots of lower-power (literally and figuratively) rig questions lately-for a media server or router etc-and here is a fantastic option for such if you can...
  5. Wrigleyvillain

    H.265 Approved

  6. Wrigleyvillain

    Intro To Computer Networks - UW/Coursera.org

    I thought I would give people a heads up to an excellent, free 'college course' I am taking offered by the University of Washington through the fantastic new online educational resource coursera.org (a consortium of many major and prestigious institutions from Stanford to The Hong Kong...
  7. Wrigleyvillain

    Romney's Whale Of An IT Meltdown

    You don't have to be a liberal neck beard to find this a thoroughly interesting and entertaining read. Just wow. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/11/inside-team-romneys-whale-of-an-it-meltdown/
  8. Wrigleyvillain

    [WTB] eSATA gear (HDD enclosures, thumb drives, RAID boxes)

    Dedicating my P55 rig to a home test server and need more storage options. Let me know what you have/can part with! Would really like a thumb drive actually; frankly did not even know such existed until the other day and can only find one USB/eSATA combo 8GB for sale on eBay now for $35 + 10...
  9. Wrigleyvillain

    Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ found by Nazis is from space

    This story has it all...starting with that awesome subject/title. :laugh: Thanks Reddit! (of course) Nature.com
  10. Wrigleyvillain

    Valve profiled in The New York Times

    "A Video Game Maker Without A Rulebook"
  11. Wrigleyvillain

    [FS] The Going To Europe Sale -- Sapphire 6850 Crossfire

    Hey all could use some more cash for an upcoming trip to London and Paris with my gf (who has never been out of the country). Some would be sold anyway such as the GPUs as I wanted more vram and bought a GTX 480. I will be adding some additional items in the next couple days. Price "Shipped"...
  12. Wrigleyvillain

    [US] Newegg - Swiftech Apogee HD White CPU Block $55 shipped

    Think newly in stock here and best price I've seen yet; $51.99 before shipping. Sidewinder has for $59 + shipping but white sold out quick. PPCs is $69. Swiftech Apogee HD WT CPU Waterblock -White
  13. Wrigleyvillain

    RIP Dennis Ritchie: Father of C and UNIX

    ...or as this CNN article is titled "The Shoulders Steve Jobs Stood On". CNN
  14. Wrigleyvillain

    [US] G.SKILL Sniper 8GB DDR3 1600 + 4GB SDHC $40

    Newegg. Free shipping too. And supposedly these will do 1866ish. G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DD...
  15. Wrigleyvillain

    [WTB] White Primoflex and Matte Black CPs 3/4" OD

    Long shot but before I drop more cash on stuff I really don't need: Looking for some white tubing and matte black 1/2" ID 3/4" OD compression fittings. The Bits Power with green o-ring or Enzotechs with orange are most preferred. Need six at least. Have 8 to ten BP Black Sparkles would be...
  16. Wrigleyvillain

    [WTB] Kill-A-Watt

    Yeah they are only like $25 new but thought I'd check if someone has one they don't use much (and perhaps we can even trade something(s)?) LMK :)
  17. Wrigleyvillain

    Truth : Science Vs. Religion

    Good news why? Cause it bolsters the belief that Allah created the universe? :rolleyes: Like Mailman said we really have no idea when it comes to the universe and religious Creationist theory is likely the epitome of that ignorance. Very interesting. Nice find.
  18. Wrigleyvillain

    Radiator fans: Great Static Pressure = Big Bucks?

    From multiple crappy LED jobs from Microcenter back in the day when I didn't know any better to specific crazy colors and such for specific build themes I have spent hundreds of dollars on freaking fans in my lifetime. And yet I still need to buy more (as now, finally, I look for quality and low...
  19. Wrigleyvillain

    Play guitar on the Google logo

    ...to commemorate the 96th anniv of Les Paul's birth. Looks like you can record it too. Hey CaDaveCa compose us a TPU theme song!
  20. Wrigleyvillain

    What's up w/ "+" next to username in Viewing Thread?

    Wondering what this signifies? That they are typing a reply? Or perhaps editing a post?
  21. Wrigleyvillain

    MS Leads Shut Down Of Rustock--MAJOR Spam Botnet

    Interesting tale and very good news. Source
  22. Wrigleyvillain

    Windows 7: Clean Install From Upgrade Media

    I pre-ordered Win 7 upgrade for $50. It did not ask for any proof of earlier Windows license, though technically one should have one as that's what an upgrade is, right? As I had a retail copy of Vista Ultimate from work I figured I was safe no matter what. Then at release it was fairly well...