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  1. Jstn7477

    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    That's a Reveal RA300 PC Radio Card. I inherited one from my late great-grandfather and still have it somewhere, though the software disk is long gone. All it does is let you listen to FM radio using an antenna and doesn't require a sound card to use. You may be able to find some freeware to get...
  2. Jstn7477

    Cheapest LGA 1155 mobo, that supports USB 3.0???

    You are limited either to used name-brand motherboards or getting a generic B75 motherboard from China. https://www.ebay.com/itm/B75-1155-Desktop-Computer-Mainboard-Durable-Motherboard-CPU-Interface-LGA-1155-N/163426451858 I have purchased both generic H55 and H61 boards similar to this last...
  3. Jstn7477

    Linpack Xtreme Released

    Thank you for making this... did have the problem with 1.0.0 and false hardware failure warnings, but 1.1.0 seems to run fine now on my 5820K/X99 system. Both my 5820K and FX-8150 ended up being unstable and I likely fixed the FX-8150 with a 0.5x multi drop, but my 5820K has always been...
  4. Jstn7477

    Most recent version of Word Viewer needed

    Although Microsoft has made it impossible to search for them on the native Windows 10 Store app, you can install the mobile Office apps and skip sign-in to use them in read-only mode: Word Mobile: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/word-mobile/9wzdncrfjb9s#activetab=pivot:overviewtab PowerPoint...
  5. Jstn7477

    $12 windows 10 pro key

    I bought two of them a month ago and have used one on a completely fresh Windows install with zero issues. I learned about the site via a YouTube video and got the keys for $12.60 each with an affiliate code. The keys were delivered within an hour to my user account, and I had no problems paying...
  6. Jstn7477

    UPS choice...

    We've purchased 5 CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD units over the last few years and they've been completely fine aside from either the power button or screen backlight LEDs quickly degrading on some of them. Considering we got most of ours on sale for ~$150 each, it wasn't worth buying traditional...
  7. Jstn7477

    NVIDIA Has a DisplayPort Problem Which Only a BIOS Update Can Fix

    I've had these issues for a few years with my Acer G257HU... it's a shame it took them so long to acknowledge this.
  8. Jstn7477

    TPU's F@H Team

    Yep, I got mine for $868 on eBay. It was opened and claimed to be "unused" which I doubted, but I couldn't find a speck of dust on the card or radiator, so maybe it was lightly tested or very carefully cleaned. The seller has been on eBay for 18 years and had pretty much 100% feedback, so I...
  9. Jstn7477

    TPU's F@H Team

    Took a chance on eBay as it's been a while...
  10. Jstn7477

    TPU's F@H Team

    Seems like I've missed some good deals recently while I've been busy with life, definitely need to pick up at least one new card soon.
  11. Jstn7477

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    My QX6800 G0 runs fine at 12x and stock voltage (1.337v) in my Dimension E520, but as mentioned above, it may depend on your luck as well.
  12. Jstn7477

    [FS][US] Meatloaf's PSU Blowout (60 PSU's & cables)

    Bump for great PSUs, I've had four of them for five weeks so far and they are absolutely perfect :)
  13. Jstn7477

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    Yep, it's been a while since I've overclocked the older Core 2 chips, and my dual core X6800 topped out around 3.4GHz last time I tried, but that was on a refurbished and voltage locked ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 that I bought 5 years ago for $25 on Geeks.com and it finally died in April. I'm not...
  14. Jstn7477

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    My mistake was that I didn't press UNLK to unlock the voltage and multiplier. I can do so now, but my remote machine froze at 12x and the default 1.337v so I'll have to play around with it later when I have access to it. My QX6800 is a G0 core, by the way.
  15. Jstn7477

    Throttlestop overclocking Desktop PCs

    I just tried the latest TS on my Dell Dimension E520 and QX6800 (and pretty sure I have before) and the multiplier selection doesn't go beyond 11. Am I missing something?
  16. Jstn7477

    Teamviewer Alternative: Ultraviewer

    I started off with TeamViewer to remote manage my crunching farm, but a few years ago I got the dreaded "Commercial use suspected" and switched all my Windows PCs to Google Remote Desktop, while I still have TeamViewer installed on my few Linux machines. My dad uses NeoRouter and Windows Remote...
  17. Jstn7477

    Enermax Shows MaxTytan Series of 80+ TitaniumPSUs With Integrated Power Meter

  18. Jstn7477

    NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile and GTX 1050 Ti Mobile

    And here I am just wishing my 2015 HP Pavilion X360 11.6" (swapped motherboards from Pentium N3700 to Core M-5Y10c) had a fan. :roll: Something like that does sound pretty nice, TBH. I'd also like to see a new Alienware Alpha with a 10 series chip (considering they crammed a desktop 960 in...
  19. Jstn7477

    NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile and GTX 1050 Ti Mobile

    I have a GTX 1060 notebook (MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro) and it doesn't run too shabby at all. In fact, I'm glad I didn't wait for the little chips to come out as this one runs nicely, especially compared to my old GTX 765M notebook. With the fans on max and my 6700HQ undervolted with a -0.09V...
  20. Jstn7477

    ASUS Intros GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX A8G Graphics Card

    I've had an A8G for months, flashed it to the O8G BIOS fine using modded nvflash and it is an amazing card.
  21. Jstn7477

    Which GTX 1080 model to buy?

    I bought an A8G and flashed it to the O8G using a modified nvflash and the BIOS from the review sample on TPU (though the plain one might work with the -6 flag as the models have different subsystem IDs). I then overclocked it to +50 core and +450 memory with no voltage increase in MSI...
  22. Jstn7477

    HD 3850 AGP Code 43 Error on Windows 10 Anniversary Headache!!!

    I shall repeat again, it's a lost cause (and this is coming from someone who owns a 4CoreDual-SATA2 and 775i65G R3.0 along with a Sapphire HD 3850 AGP, BFG GeForce 7600GS and an handful of lesser cards). The only two chipset vendors that had working AGP functionality on newer OSes and multi-core...
  23. Jstn7477

    HD 3850 AGP Code 43 Error on Windows 10 Anniversary Headache!!!

    Yep, that is me in that thread reporting that the generic Microsoft-made Intel and VIA CPU to AGP controller driver has been removed by Microsoft on every preview build and beyond after update 1511 (you can still defer upgrades and move yourself to the slowest update ring for the next few...
  24. Jstn7477

    NVIDIA Readies GeForce GTX 1050 Based on New GP107 Silicon

    I'm sure this will be the successor to the GTX 860M/960M in notebooks, and it's nice to see 32 ROPs and much faster memory finally. My 15" gaming laptop from 2013 has a 768 core GTX 765M with ~70W chip power limit so this should be quite doable at lower clocks.
  25. Jstn7477

    Windows7 is my OS, what's yours?

    Windows 10 everywhere aside from a few Ubuntu/Mint machines and XP/2000 for some quite old ones. My AGP machines can't do the anniversary update but it still seems nice and refreshing compared to older operating systems, especially ones that only support 2GB of RAM.