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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Forza Horizon 3 Deluxe edition is on sale for $43.99 instead of $80, and can be used on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. You can get it either from Amazon or the Microsoft store https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HQK99KI/?tag=tec06d-20
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    Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT

    Nice job CrazyEyes, thanks for the great review. The heatsink might be big, but sounds worth it for such good performance and low noise levels. Would be interesting to see it tested with 2 fans...
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    Racing Games on PC

    Assetto Corsa if you have a wheel and are into drifting. If not, any of the other games listed are quite good.
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    Should I be worried about lightning? [Giveaway]

    Manofthem, you are super nice for all the gifted games, thank you. If you still have Retro City Rampage DX, I'd be down to play it. Far Cry Blood Dragon if not. Thanks again, looking forward to playing some new games this weekend.
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    Should I be worried about lightning? [Giveaway]

    Love those Lighting trucks, always wanted one. Anyways, great give away, and I'd like to join in if possible. If you still have Grow Home, I'd love to play it! if not, maybe Retro City as a back up. Thanks
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    Giveaway 'THE WITCHER SERIES' (1+2+3 +all dlc+adventure)

    I am in, I am in, I am in! And I hope you have a great birthday pigulici, keep leveling up. I have fallen behind on my games, and would love to just play through all 3 of these as I hear great things about them. I've started the first one a while back, and never finished it, but with all 3...
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    Presenting the New TechPowerUp

    Didn't get to read all the comments, but the new looks sucks to work with when not in full screen, ie snapped to the side of the screen. Other than that, looks good, just please fix the crowding and make it similar to what was before please.
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    Need Help - Gaming laptop 4 simple games

    Agreed, I'd rather have a big regular HDD, and an SSD for OS.
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    Need Help - Gaming laptop 4 simple games

    Ahh crap, that's exactly what I do, got to listen to some Slayer whilst playing some Solitaire. As long as it doesn't slow down when I beat the game and the cards go bouncing all around the screen, I think I can handle it.
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    Need Help - Gaming laptop 4 simple games

    Thanks for pointing out the SSD difference, I missed that. Also for the settings that chip can handle. I'm also not in a rush to buy, it's not something I have to have because my computer doesn't work or anything like that. I just saw the deal in the newegg email, and thought it wasn't too...
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    Need Help - Gaming laptop 4 simple games

    If there is better option for the same or even lower price, I'm all ears. I just noticed that there is a similar laptop from Asus with double the SSD capacity, and with an i7 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0146DD02G/?tag=tec06d-20 but it is 100 bucks more. Might be worth it for the processor...
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    Need Help - Gaming laptop 4 simple games

    Thanks for the info, that's just what I was looking for. I haven't looked into the mobile market lately and really appreciate the insight on the hardware.
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    Need Help - Gaming laptop 4 simple games

    Hey everybody, I could use some help in picking out a laptop to use for some general steam gaming while on "vacation" with my girls family. We usually spend a week or so with her family at the end of the year, which is great time with her side of the fam, but I usually feel like I'm losing so...
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano 4 GB

    Wow, surprised to see this review on here, didn't think you were getting this card. Anyway, agree with the general consensus, great card for the SFF, but as with all the latest AMD cards, overpriced. I just imagine if they cut the price of all their cards, they'd sale a whole lot more.
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    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Anybody know if Steam is having a summer sale this year?
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    Palit GTX 980 Ti Super JetStream 6 GB

    Right, wtf? Sale lost right there, this would have been the one. Nice job as usual Wiz, keep up the good work.
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    Cool Both Your CPU and GPU with ID-Cooling Hunter Duet AIO Cooler

    Well priced, I hope they release a bigger version radiator.
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    New Horizons Pluto Mission update thread

    Thanks for posting all the incredible pics, vids, info, etc... Love it all I'm just a lonely contractor out at JSC, and sometimes I feel I was able to get more info from this thread alone than actually being at NASA and waiting for the official announcements.
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    AMD Announces the Radeon R9 Fury Graphics Card

    Yay, never noticed how much I lean on your reviews till it wasn't up with all the other ones. Hope you can get it out soon. Looking forward to it.
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    Meet the New Logitech

    Still pissed at them for blatantly lying about PS4 support for the G27, saying they are not making things for console, and then bam coming out with the all new G29. Forced upgrade through obsolete hardware Have been using their mice for a while now, haven't had any problems with those.
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    Why no older cards used in reviews?

    Yeah, to me there is a big gap between price and performance. I think AMD should have a price reduction across the board to stir up some sales. If the Fury X was 500 or $550, I'd buy it. But not interested in rebranded cards.
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    Why no older cards used in reviews?

    Ha, I feel the same as you, I've got a 2600k at only 4GHz and I don't see the need to upgrade that CPU. Now my 6970 on the other hand is getting really long in the tooth. It still does fine for 1080p, but I want to be able to use the 1440 my monitor can provide and not have a slide show...
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    Nice write up W1zzard, thank you for the candid review. I think if this card was priced at 500 or $550, it would do good, but it cost too much for the performance given the competition. Which of the 980Ti variants would you recommend over the stock design? I read both your Gigabyte and EVGA...
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    Metal Gear Solid V TPP E3 2015 Trailer

    Ahhh, blocked at work! Any way you can post a video here?
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    Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming 6 GB

    Another great card review W1zzard, thank you. Looking forward to the AMD Fury comparison review. Could you start showing the results from overclocking in either a newer game than BF3, or even better yet multiple games?