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    Windows 10 KB3213986 Update Cripples Multi-monitor Gaming

    wait seriously? you complain about unreliable OS for Win10 but then claim to be on a problem free 8.1? Windows 10 is the most stable OS since Windows 7 in its current form. It's VERY stable and VERY reliable. sure this patch is a boo boo but dang man, win 8 especially as well as 8.1 were FAR...
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    AMD RYZEN Brand Name of First Enthusiast "ZEN" CPUs

    how so? core count isn't everything. last generation AMD had 8 'cores' but it directly compared and competed with intel 4 core. its about design and intent of use that it was designed for. These are consumer grade parts meant for the same market as 1151, thats what they should compare to. they...
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    MSI Unveils GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Low-profile Graphics Card

    Well yes, seeing how low profile denotes a half height board they are 100% correct. Your looking for a 1.5 slot or slim board. Has nothing to do with low pro.
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    GeForce GTX "Pascal" Faces High DVI Pixel Clock Booting Problems

    for me .69 introduced the issue as a problem every single boot up (before it was intermittent) but .81 resolved the issues as you suggested! All is well and back to 120hz
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    GeForce GTX "Pascal" Faces High DVI Pixel Clock Booting Problems

    yes, that was weird, Chrome won't let me type anything, the text box is missing in HTML.... Anywho, what I was trying to say was: While the number may be small, the whole Korean monitor shebang was a thing because of those monitors reaching over 120Hz on dual link DVI. Infact I have a...
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    GTX1070 FE PCIE Gate

    you're still missing my point. it is totally valid to draw up to 75W on PCIe, there is nothing wrong with that, as that is what it is rated for. In that rating is also a spec for over power spikes that it is expected to handle. your statement only shows that MSI has a 6+8 pin power and...
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    GTX1070 FE PCIE Gate

    I htink you're missing the point, there is nothing for NV to fix. go back and look at GTX 9xx / r9 3xx and older generations, power SPIKES will always happen, controllers aren't fast enough to react to instant power request properly. you have essentially started a thread to bash a company for a...
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    AMD Releases PCI-Express Power Draw Fix, We Tested, Confirmed, Works

    hha, yes, how nice of them to ship a bad device and then fix it, praise be to AMD!
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    EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 4 GB

    just ordered this card! cannot wait for it to get here. Am I the only one that is most exited about the VR support?! arma3 in VR !!!!!
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    AMD Demoes its Next-Gen x86 APU Running Fedora Linux

    the point of 128-bit would be what? a Qubit CPU would be much more beneficial for calculations. the advantage of 128 will likely NEVER be needed...
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    Home Server/HTPC on Windows 7

    hey guys thanks for all the suggestions... I guess what I'm really looking for is basically a NAS for the second hard drive. I want all my computers to be able to see it (which they can) and be able to add / remove / read all the files on the HDD. I am starting to think Win7 just isn't cut out...
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    Home Server/HTPC on Windows 7

    win 7 on the HTPC and win 8.1 on the Desktop
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    Home Server/HTPC on Windows 7

    what exactly am I looking for under advanced sharing that would indicate to me whether the settings are passing down or not?
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    Home Server/HTPC on Windows 7

    that's actually not a bad Idea, I didn't check router firewall settings...
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    i5 4670k vs i5 3570k vs i5 2500k

    4670k hands down, just swapped over and am running 4.6Ghz on 1.200 Volts and LOW temps. great CPU with GREAT headroom and the MoBos are 10x better than what you will see for 3570k. also 1150 should be supported next gen so if the 5770k or whatever is an absolute beast you can sell the old and...
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    Home Server/HTPC on Windows 7

    Hey guys, I am hoping you can help me with a few problems I have been having with my home server/ HTPC. First let me explain my setup: I have an HTPC running on Windows 7 that runs 24/7 hooked up to my TV. I also have a 2TB HDD in the computer that I am TRYING to get to act as a network...
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    Valve Announces Steam OS

    I will be once AMD APU support is up... I want to give it a shot more for my HTPC / media server rig. windows 7 just sucks for what i want it to do... the occasional game streaming is a nice added bonus but i really want to give the media features a go. hopefully very soon we will see AMD GPU...
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    I-O Data Readies 19-inch Monitor That's Easy on the Eyes

    no but he has a point... code is 100x easier on a 3:4 4:5 monitor. my current setup is a 1080p in the center and to the left a 1024 3:4. main screen is for media and gaming and CAD but left screen is for text support. anytime im writing a paper, my source document goes on the left...
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    Radeon R9 280X, R9 270X, and R7 260X Available from October 8th

    how will this compare to the GTX 670 for gaming? are we talking a noticable difference for the same price?
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    NVIDIA Rolls Out the GeForce 331.40 Beta Driver

    hope these fix crashing errors... the latest stable still caused my system to crash so im on older drivers, will try these out.
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    Apple Updates iMac

    its easy to move air with little fans and little noise if everything is in a tight compartment like the imac, seriously one 80mm fan could move enough air over everything in that case to have everything run at stock speeds.
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    Valve Announces Steam OS

    this is genius for the streaming gaming part. I will be using this hands down when released so i can play my more casual games on my TV with a remote instead of on my PC.... pure genius IMHO.
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    NVIDIA Rolls Out GeForce 327.23 WHQL Drivers

    hmmm new drivers are giving me GPU crashes just like the betas... i have a 670 running on a 990fX extreme 4 (ASRock) with an 8350 @ 5.0Ghz when i roll back drivers to latest stable i get no crashes
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    Buffalo Unveils New External DVD Writer

    I only use my optical drive when i do a clean install of windows to get windows itself and a few key programs on to my rig... after that it does dormant