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    ID-COOLING Releases SE-225-XT BLACK CPU Air Cooler

    Possibly stupid question - if you paint your CPU heatsink black doesn't it attract heat to the heatsink and therefore increase your CPU temps? Maybe the difference is negligible and it's nothing to worry about - but 'every little helps'?
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    QNAP Launches 24-bay U.2 NVMe NAS Featuring 2nd Gen AMD EPYC

    This would make a nice Steam game drive :D
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    Synology Unveils 6-Bay AMD Ryzen DS1621+ NAS

    For general windows folder sharing over the network "SMB Multichannel" is an option. Need multiple interfaces on any clients of course. And 10G is simpler & faster obviously. But it's possible for 1 device to get more than 1Gbit throughput with a single transfer using multiple 1 gbit links with...
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    Synology Adds 3.84 TB SAT5200 to SSD Lineup

    "over 58,000 4K random write IOPS1" That's some next level stuff there Synology - a 250GB 840 EVO had that seven years ago. Ok, ok, not sustained, but you get the point. PLP = Potato Loss Protection? EDIT: It seems I was too quick to jump on the Synology hate bandwagon - after googling a bit...
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    EVGA Introduces SuperNOVA 1600 and 1300 G+ Power Supplies

    a C19 connector?! Clearly just for show, but ok, whatever. 80+ Gold seems a bit behind the curve for a new high wattage PSU though.
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    OWC Releases Rover Pro Wheels Kit for Apple Mac Pro: $199 Against Apple's $699

    Who's buying this shit? What a joke. It seems everything to do with Apple has added 'idiot' tax.
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    Intel Readies Atom "Grand Ridge" 24-core Processor, Features PCIe 4.0 and DDR5

    I have a couple of J1900 systems - they still chug along just fine. I gave one to my friend and that is now a little freenas box that runs 24/7. You just have to set your expectations...low. What do we think the TDP of this will be... 35w? Could be nice for a little home lab.
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    QNAP Launches High-Speed TS-431X3 Quad-core NAS with 10GbE SFP+ and 2.5GbE

    Hey Synology, look at this! QNAP puts 2.5 AND 10G on it's ARM SMB NASes - you don't go above 1G, even for your mid level Intel SMB Desktop NASes (DS920+ I'm looking at you).
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    CrossTalk is Another Intel-exclusive Security Vulnerability

    @Melvis - Thanks, loudest LOL I've had today :D
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    King of Consumer Solid State Storage: Amazon Lists 8 TB Samsung 870 QVO-Series SATA III SSD

    SATA and QLC? No thanks. To the person that said M.2 drives need a heatsiink - mostly not and mostly only thermal when you're running benchmarks or if you have a very hot case, in whiich case you probably should sort that out to benefit all your other system components. I think QLC and SMR...
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    UK Prepares $1.6 Billion for the Most Powerful Weather Forecasting Supercomputer

    (I'm a brit) - TBH they could run it off a Pi1 - it just needs to display the word "SHIT". There - I saved you 1.2 billion quid. Maybe that will offset the cost of leaving the EU. Ha! who am I kidding.
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    ViewSonic Announces the XG550 OLED Gaming Monitor: 55", 4K, OLED, 120 Hz, 0.5 ms, 99% DCI

    I wonder how long it takes for a bright HUD of a game to be permenantly burned in?
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    Corsair Intros ST50 Headset Stand

    Genius :rolleyes: Also my favourite RGB colour lol.
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    Intel Gemini Lake Refresh Coming This November

    I really don't get those base clock thing anymore - how much time is it actually going to spend at that clock speed? It either downclocks lower that when not busy (~800Mhz?) or finds some middle ground between that and the turbo clock depending on the load. Or am I missing something? I would...
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    TerraMaster Announces F5-422 5-Bay NAS Featuring 10GbE LAN

    Yes we know - buuut why would they give it x4 if the rest of the hardware cannot provide close to 10Gbps throughput? (and they are short on lanes in the first place) Even though the 10GB LAN chipset can use up to x4 it will also work with just x1 (and it will work up to the throughput...
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    TerraMaster Announces F5-422 5-Bay NAS Featuring 10GbE LAN

    so two pcie 2.0 lanes can do up to 1GB/s (without overhead/encoding) and that is already more than the little CPU has the horsepower to do - so i think it's like this: 2x - 10G LAN 2x - Marvel (or whatever) SATA controller 1x - 1G LAN 1x - 1G LAN On a similar subject - I beleive the Synology...
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    New NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform Accelerates AI, IoT, 5G at the Edge

    There are so many things wrong with that picture :wtf:
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    ASUS Rolls Out Pro WS C246-ACE Motherboard with Xeon E-series Support

    I would double check that - i think although the connector is the same as a MiniSASHD connector the signal is PCIe x4 instead of SAS or SATA. I would check motherboard manual/website just to confirm that it is dual purpose. Normally when it says U.2 this primarily for NVME PCIe SSDs.
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    A raidy question.... What would you use??

    Did this turn into an Xpenology thread?! +1 for RAID 1. I'm all for more capacity but long RAID 5/6 rebuild times on large capacity drives is not a good thing - you are tempting fate I think - if the hard drives are of a similar age/batch then it's not unheard of that the rebuild kills the...
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    G-Sync and SLI Don't Get Along: Framerate Falls If You Combine Them

    Exactly what he said above. I am wondering if this is "Driver assisted revenue" for the company. They bork SLI to force people to pay for an expensive top of the range card with more profit margin for them.
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    ASUS Z390 Motherboards Automatically Push Software into Your Windows Installation

    It would be nice if you could choose what drivers were installed with tickboxes in the BIOS.
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    iBase Announces MI995: Low-Power Mini-ITX Motherboard With 8th Gen Intel Xeon E / Core Processors

    iBase are making some pretty interesting things lately - one to watch...
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    QLC NAND Flash Based Intel SSD 660p Could Lower Prices of PCIe x4 NVMe SSDs

    Yes fair point, too soon for full details. Thinking out loud :)
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    QLC NAND Flash Based Intel SSD 660p Could Lower Prices of PCIe x4 NVMe SSDs

    And not one word about warranty length or TBW or any reliability stats/comments/tests regarding their QLC flash.