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    Home Server/HTPC on Windows 7

    Hey guys, I am hoping you can help me with a few problems I have been having with my home server/ HTPC. First let me explain my setup: I have an HTPC running on Windows 7 that runs 24/7 hooked up to my TV. I also have a 2TB HDD in the computer that I am TRYING to get to act as a network...
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    [WTB][US] laing D5 / MCP655 pump (variable prefered)

    hello TPU, i recently bought a raystorm XSPC kit and was very happy with it for the first week until the pump started grinding. i got frozenCPU to exchange the bad pump for a D5 dual bay res but it didn't come with a pump (didn't do my reading carefully) so now i'm on the prowel for a D5 pump...
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    990FX Extreme4 UEFI not working with keyboard

    well i have a small issue with my M/B not cooperating with my keyboard. for months now my Logitech G110 has worked flawlessly with my MB, no problems or anything. i started seeing some weird stuff upon boot last night and it was freaking me out, but none of that matters, what i narrowed it...
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    mixing AHCI and RAID?

    okay, so now that i have a SSD coming in (solved in previous thread) my concern now moves onto how to set up my drives. i will have 1 60Gb SSD for OS and one or two programs to run on... my other HDD's are two 500Gb drives set up in RAID 0. my question is how do i set up both of these in...
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    Help choosing a new SSD boot drive

    Hey guys okay I was wondering if I could get some expertise in choosing a boot drive... here is what I'm really looking for in a drive: Price under $150! Sata3 atleast 60Gb really strong read write speeds Great reliability here are the 2 drives im currently looking at: OCZ Vertex 3...
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    SLI hack question / help

    hello guys, i just got my second GTX 460 1gb in today and preformed the SLI hack on my AMD 870 MoBo. it seemed to work and when it booted up i selected the SLI startup. and nvidia seems to recognize it, so this is good so far. now, how to i get my computer to boot into the SLI mode every...