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  1. MarcusTaz

    [FS][US] High End Gaming PC

    Intel Core i7 XFX 5850 High End Gaming PC SOLD The reason for my selling? I purchased an Asus G73 high end laptop so I can game when I travel. I will ship to anywhere in the world as warranty status to avoid taxes etc. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Just a note, when I built this...
  2. MarcusTaz

    4870 Stutter with 3DMark 06 and Vantage

    Gents, Picked up a Visiontek 4870 512MB card and I am having a bit of a strange problem while benchmarking. I run 3D 06 and Vantage and it seems as though at random frames the screen studders, almost like it is skipping a frame or two. Again it seems to happen randomly and it does not seem...
  3. MarcusTaz

    maker of RBE bios editor needs your help.

    Gentlemen the faq on this program states: Q: Can't you implement a fan control panel for HD 2x00/HD 3xx0 cards to set temperature thresholds and a percentage of fan speed for each of these thresholds, like TSR programs just as Rivatuner do? A: I'd love to. Coding this should't be the...
  4. MarcusTaz

    Q6600 and need MOBO Advise

    Gentlemen, I just purchased an Intel Q6600 Quad core. I own an ATI 2900XT and I want the ability to go crossfire one day. But it seems that crossfire support mobo's are just plain hard to find as least with Asus who will be the manufacture I go with. Doing my own research I see the new P35...
  5. MarcusTaz

    Help with OCIng Asus A8R32MVP-Deluxe

    gents can someone provide me with their own persoanl experiance OCing this board... maybe some bios settings etc... I cannot seem to get my X2-4800+ above 2.7ghz per core. I have tried multiple settings and still cannot post sucessfully above a 225 x12 muliplyer setting. I have tried...
  6. MarcusTaz

    Diamond ATI HD2900XT $341.99 !!

    I posted this in the other thread EastCoasthandle made on the pic of his watercooled project, not sure if everone will see it so I am taking the liberty to make a new thread. Hope this helps others get the card for a killer deal as myself... :) :toast: oh well I took the plunge, if it does...