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  1. Fry178

    NEO Semiconductor X-NAND Standard Offers Performance Comparable to SLC at Costs of QLC, Wins FMS 2020 Best of Show

    meeh, unless it reads: ....offers performance AND endurance comparable) i dont care if stuff is "enterprise/data center" or whatever, as long as i can use it (interface) and buy it, but anything below MLC (maybe TLC for nvme) is a no for me when it comes to OS/game/backup drives.
  2. Fry178

    cpu sitting at max clock even when not needed to

    switch to balanced. never seen dell/hp or others do the profiles properly, wasting energy/higher temps than needed.
  3. Fry178

    EVGA Announces Liquid-Cooled GeForce RTX 30-series Graphics Cards

    the hybrids are ok if you dont want to deal with a setup, dont have a cpu cooler that allows to add it. problem is they are NOT designed as gpu coolers (same for kraken/msi and even those no-name china clone kits), and wont reach he low temps of a full block, as their blocks are designed for HS...
  4. Fry178

    cpu sitting at max clock even when not needed to

    @unclewebb user stated temp being high, and +90% of the time this means using the high perf profile (not letting the cpu downclock), and not just some background tasks. @TheTigerJunior i usually tweak 2 profiles for my usage (power savings and balanced). power savings is on all the time, and i...
  5. Fry178

    NVIDIA Reportedly Cancels Launch of RTX 3080 20 GB, RTX 3070 16 GB

    funny how ppl think that because there is a new chip, it needs more vram. same for vram bandwidth where ppl whine when numbers dont go up/decrease, yet has never been an issue in real world use (as other things improve (compression) and reducing the need for more bandwidth in the first place)...
  6. Fry178

    cpu sitting at max clock even when not needed to

    and make sure min is set to something like 20-30%, not like 100 (for high perf setting).
  7. Fry178

    [EU] Sabrent M.2 NVME SSD Gen3,4

    slow, compared to other brands in that price range.
  8. Fry178

    Mobo CPU red light turns on for 1 second and then nothing happens

    @Athlonite never stated anything saying they dont work. but ppl need to stop saying the qvl means "it will work". its proof that the manufacturer tested the kit, nothing else.
  9. Fry178

    Is a Seasonic Focus GX 850W good enough for my system?

    @X71200 your right, it should be dark power pro, not straight power. just didnt like that some of the focus units in similar price range to Corsait/Tt werent getting the same (top) ratings, dont remember what it was (ripple/transient etc), but enough for me to look at the other 2 brands...
  10. Fry178

    Is a Seasonic Focus GX 850W good enough for my system?

    @Glaceon the reboots are from bios, can be combo of bios (version)/ram/mb. how did you update the bios? under win/in bios, or with dos flash? some boards (at least on the Gb i had) dont delete properly and you have left overs. you might have to use dos to update, with flag to delete (previous)...
  11. Fry178

    Alphacool Eiswolf 2 AIO GPU Cooler

    @sprach seems to be the same (haven physically compared them), they seem to have only changed the tubing to rubberized.
  12. Fry178

    Mobo CPU red light turns on for 1 second and then nothing happens

    @Athlonite one thing i learned with ryzen 3xxx cpus is that QVL doesnt mean jack, partially since mem controller is on the cpu. i had multiple boards from different brands having issues running the (listed) Gskill @1800mhz without even using XMP, but worked fine with 2 different Corsair Veng...
  13. Fry178

    Mobo CPU red light turns on for 1 second and then nothing happens

    Not sure why you guys complain about the flashback button missing, when asus doesnt use one. load the motherboard dvd, system will auto recover bios, but i doubt thats the issue. check for ground/short. do your fans spin for a second? psu bad. last option, try different psu, try mb outside the...
  14. Fry178

    Asus Phoenix 1660 Super Water cooled?

    While their coolers are great, they add a lot in cost, makes more sense to get the next "bigger" card that already comes with better cooling, or generic (gpu) aio with similar cost.
  15. Fry178

    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut scratching and denting.

    @massdeath legal things/decisions are done on the top floor of a company, not by/at (tech) support. just as some info, more than 80% of support does NOT work for the company they "represent" at work, and that includes big ones like car manufacturers or companies like Amex, especially for...
  16. Fry178

    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut scratching and denting.

    @Massdeth thats not how it works for any tech support. no, they dont consult a lawyer everytime the get a call/email. its 5/10/50/xx ppl sitting in a call center like setting, or most likely outsourced to 3rd party. its unacceptable to have to wait for long periods, and again shows they are not...
  17. Fry178

    ASTRO Gaming Introduces the A03 In-Ear Monitor for Console and Mobile Gaming

    @Caring1 well not these, outside the fact sony had that kinda stuff +5y ago, but that doesnt mean there are non to qualify as monis. not even gonna list their stage setup ones (+1500$) in ear
  18. Fry178

    How to refill an AIO ? (Cooler Master Nepton 240M)

    @de.das.dude never said it, nor did i mention a price, but its also not the minority (with decent prices) on this planet that can get decent prices on HW. how about Europe with places that have higher import/vat fees, germany (20% vat) lists 240s from Corsair and the like for 80E, the Eisbaer...
  19. Fry178

    How to refill an AIO ? (Cooler Master Nepton 240M)

    @de.das.dude guess it has eluded you that OLC (AIO) are now in the same price range as CLC, while they will offer easier flush/refill/part replacement/top-off etc, not even talking about EK/Alphacool etc using copper rads, removing alu from the loop/ So outside the Corsair stuff (5y warranty...
  20. Fry178

    CORSAIR Releases New Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30 Series GPU Water Blocks

    And unless this is because of 3xxx design/pcb, its not evn a full block, just covering the gpu and rest is heatsink. even that my Gb card isnt something i would get again, its a full coverage block, with the water running over vrms/power and ram as well.
  21. Fry178

    What would you do?

    Take it, do proper setup, and use it until they move in, then ask if they are missing something :rolleyes: Funny how many ppl assume that leaving stuff somewhere is "normal" in the US/other countries, when its not. Only if you give the shipper/seller etc, authorization thru shipment release...
  22. Fry178

    PSU buying advice - Focus PX 750 vs Prime PX 750 vs Prime TX 750

    @RAY-90 Yes, so get what is the better unit/lower price. i usually look at a couple of recommended/top review units from a few websites like tpu and guru3d, then pick the ones fitting power features (semi/fully modular), and do a more detailed lookup, as the rating doesnt equal build quality...
  23. Fry178

    EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 XC3 and FTW3 Pictured in the Flesh

    @rtwjunkie guess i missed that your now a mod/admin telling me what i can post? outside that i dont push stuff, just state the facts/get tired of ppl claiming stuff is "crap" when they havent even used it themselves.. when i already spend 800 on a gpu, adding another 50-100 so it can run cooler...
  24. Fry178

    PSU buying advice - Focus PX 750 vs Prime PX 750 vs Prime TX 750

    @Bill_Bright yeah, meant gold/90% why are you assuming its for my location? i plan on moving out the country at some point, and by that time i expect the cost to be around 35-40 cents/kw where i move, and i dont plan swapping (my) psu anymore until it dies. once i picked a (gold) unit and lets...
  25. Fry178

    PSU buying advice - Focus PX 750 vs Prime PX 750 vs Prime TX 750

    @Bill_Bright never said you did (but the way i wrote it seems like it.) sure, gold is best for most users (80%), but not always, and for everyone, and there are enough exceptions to the rule, that i like to bring it up. i dont use the pc for anything but gaming (maybe 10 min surfing...