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  1. gaximodo

    Overloaded PCIE 16x slot, saw smoke.

    So my old PSU 1000watt Antec died last week and I replaced it with a Corsair CXM 750W. Motherboard is Asus Sabertooth Z77. the Corsair CXM 750W was a modular PSU and I didn't push it all the way in on the PSU end for the PCIE 8pin connector. When I powered the PC on I saw smoke came out from...
  2. gaximodo

    NEW 280.19 beta driver released!

    http://www.nvidia.com/object/win7-winvista-64bit-280.19-beta-driver.html :nutkick:
  3. gaximodo

    Weird BSOD problem

    With my eVGA p55 classified mobo purchased a month ago, (second hand deal, only cost me $150 for a never used one) when I pass a certain degree of overclocking, for instance, pass 3.8Ghz with HT or 4Ghz without HT, my rig will first boot with a BSOD saying IRQ mismatch something with 3~4 error...
  4. gaximodo

    5850 Crossfire overclocking issues

    I've got my XFX5850XXX's today, did a fresh install of win7 coz I was using nv cards, downloaded msi afterburner, RBE, Atiwinflash, GPUZ, and these cards just won't let overclock. 1, for MSI afterburner, it won't go beyond the overdrive limit, if I set that enableunofficaloverclocking thingy...
  5. gaximodo

    Raid 0 showing ECC error.

    I recently switched to a NZXT lexa blackline case from Antec900, due to its screw-less hard disk mounting mechanisms, my hard disks are making a lot of noises from vibration. I'm very sensitive to noises and tried to install the HDD's in the 3.5" bays which has no mounting kits for HDD's at all...
  6. gaximodo

    OS won't shutdown completely

    This issue started two days ago, after I hit the power button, or manually shutdown in windows, it will display the shutdown window, and display turn blank(no display) after awhile, but the whole rig doesn't shutdown, the fans, hard disks are still spin, and the LED's are still on. Restarts...
  7. gaximodo

    PCIEx1 for Physx, bottleneck?

    I'm currently running a I5 750 rig with 2 GTX275's in SLI and planing to get another 8600GT or 9500GT for physx in a PCIE x1 slot. I'll cut the card to fit in an unopened PCIEX1 slot, just wondering is it worth to do this and will a PCIEX1 bus cause any bottlenecks? Has anyone done this...
  8. gaximodo

    780i won't let me post with ATi and NV cards mixed

    recently bought a 4870X2, in slot 1 (the only slot could fit it) slot 2 blocked by 4870X2's cooler (3 slotted accelero) slot 3 9600GT(for physx) OK, so I press the power button, it says: a single card in slot 2 or slot 3, please remove it to slot 1 for non SLi operation, Is there any...
  9. gaximodo

    Bought a 4870X2, lots of problems..

    I recently upgraded from 9800GTX+ SLI to a single 4870X2 with accelero extreme 4870x2 cooler. (Was planing to go for a second hand 295, but ppl in AUS are crazy, auctions for 2-handed 295 goes up to 700 AUD while they cost around the same price for an new one=. =, then I decided to go for a...
  10. gaximodo

    Vmware graphics driver?

    Just tried Vitualmachine with windows XP pro sp3 32bit under Vista ultimate 64bit, the graphic driver VM installed won't actually let me play any 3D program. I'm just wondering, is there a way to install regular graphics driver under VM or make VM to detect one of my 9800GTX's? thanks in...
  11. gaximodo

    Weird problem

    Sometimes the power switch on my case won't work, but if I re-connect the power cable for motherboard, it will be fixed. It has happened a couple times already. Is this a sign of PSU/Motherboard is dying?
  12. gaximodo

    Omg check out how many thanks I've got there

    there must be something wrong lol.:rockout:
  13. gaximodo

    Screen too colorful.

    Ok I received my 9800GTX's cards, Before put them in, I delete old drivers for my 9600GT's using guru3d's driver sweeper (or w/e it called) and double checked in uninstall utility. After installed the cards and the driver, I restarted my computer, next time it boot up into windows again...
  14. gaximodo

    Question on tri-sli setup

    I'll receive 3 9800GTX next week. Each 9800's gonna take 2 6pin connectors But I have one problem with my PSU. It only has 2 8-pin's and 2 6-pin's in orded to get 2 more 6 pin's ill have to use molex to 6pin adapters So this is the question: which connector should i use for which card...
  15. gaximodo

    Help! Computer won't boot.

    Hello everyone. I've been using TPU as a hardware news angency for a couple of month's. Never registered before :D but i browses tpu's forums everyday. Learnt a lot of stuff here, thanks! At the moment, my computer won't boot at all after switching power on, monitor keeps blank and never shows...