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  1. nomdeplume

    Hypochondriac or is it real

    I neither live somewhere warm or keep the space my computer is in so. Temps have recently been hovering around 25C during light use. After running ROG realbench it idles at 34C. Now I'm not saying but I'm just saying. Temps never broke above 50C (CPU or VRM) during test. After which I...
  2. nomdeplume

    OMG I want! I want! I want to be rid of this.

    My what fun auto-complete can uncover. Let's take this in reverse. March 22 2018 LTT posted the following video. July 18 2018 the winner posted this. By no means am I shilling for this seller. If you are seriously interested I will send you the link to this ad though.
  3. nomdeplume

    Need GFX Friday

    Built a system for someone thinking Rocket League would work on iGPU. No dice, just told me Friday something is being bought or ordered. In the likely occasion I'm unable to convince them to wait until Aug. 20th. What to buy for $300 or less? Current build i5-8400 Gigabyte H370 Gaming 3...
  4. nomdeplume

    Simple Exhaust Fan Request

    The replies about 120mm cpu fans were so great. Figured I would see how fully my ideas on air flow fans for rear exhaust fell apart. Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow was very close to being where I quit looking. PWM profile looked very good to me; 2.1 mm/H2O at 300 rpm/6dBA and 106...
  5. nomdeplume

    A Cause For Concern

    Last night I was shopping on the US ebay site. I completed the purchase and when the screen refreshed it loaded a confirmation page... on the secure Russian ebay site!!! o_O Passwords were changed, financial institutions contacted, and a call to ebay was placed. A lot of shrugging and...
  6. nomdeplume

    Heatsink Staining

    Ripped apart every computer in the house, working or non, to get experience removing/replacing TIM. All were heavily used daily for multiple years with little care other than very occasional dust removal. Three of the laptops had near zero coverage on the processor. After all the melting and...
  7. nomdeplume

    120mm Fan For Small Heatsink In Larger Case

    Recently bought a Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B which has a cute little low profile 120mm fan. Being far from limited on space or ventilation I'd like to find a more suitable fan that is capable of running silently. This fan must be black and untouched by the scourge that is LED lighting...
  8. nomdeplume

    8th Gen Intel Desktop MB W/WiFi & BT

    Someone asked me for help finding a desktop to replace their aging laptop. My idea to do a run of cat 6a was shot down. So it needs to be wifi capable and have the latest revision of BT. Are the solutions built into mb's acceptable compared to PCI? By which I mean work consistently and allow...
  9. nomdeplume

    W10 Xbox game won't update

    After some searching for free games that will work with the onboard graphics I came across Hill Climb Racer 2. Today the challenge section inside the cups screen would not let me join. Instead I got a popup saying an update was available/required with a button "Go To Store" that does nothing...
  10. nomdeplume

    Graphics Card To Pair With i5-8400

    Quite expectedly my foray into Forza and other modern games ended at the inboard graphics. Honestly have no idea how graphics intensive that game is or who makes decent cards. Used/older would be fine since I don't expect to be devoting a lot of time to games. An upgrade to graphics...
  11. nomdeplume

    PWM fan setting in BIOS = 100%

    Using Asus Prime H370M-Plus motherboard. First build and the fan settings in BIOS seem strange. I briefly looked around before updating from the version it shipped with and seem to remember it allowed setting the PWM fan speed based on cpu/mb/HDD temp individually or as a composite. In...
  12. nomdeplume

    Intel processor generational differences

    There really is no reason to go with i5-4590 over an i5-6600, is there? I have a small doubt remaining whether they widely differ in ability for the type of cpu heavy tasks I would be doing regularly. Currently this is music file conversion and working in Lightroom. Sold the i5-2400 system in...
  13. nomdeplume

    In Regards To W10 Forced/Free Update

    If you are faced with a computer that shipped with W8 downgraded to W7 in which the HDD was pulled and destroyed. Is there a definitive way to determine through the BIOS if W10 was attained through a forced or free update from the original OS? My understanding is the embedded OEM license...
  14. nomdeplume

    CPU-Z 1.84.0 x64 Error Code

    After downloading the newest version of CPU-Z, 1.84.0 x64, I am greeted with an error code message everytime I attempt to start the program 0x241(577). After bringing up the log it does load the program but the mainboard, memory, SPD, and graphics sections are completely empty and greyed out...
  15. nomdeplume

    Suggestions For Light Gaming W10 Desktop

    Out of the blue a family member casually asked me to find them a cheap desktop to replace their 6 y/o HP Enve M6 laptop with AMD A10-4600m. My response was to drive up to Microcenter and then install W10 and the purchased 850 EVO SSD into their laptop. Don't expect the budget here will allow...
  16. nomdeplume

    Windows program to secure erase files only

    I tried doing a search and only found optimal ways to fully erase a disc. Since there are a ton of programs I thought it best to just ask for a current recommendation. I would like to erase a few folders only on a W7 machine and do not need a full time paid program. Thank you for any...
  17. nomdeplume

    Current Browser Options

    I currently use a Chromium based browser with some handy stuff like built in WebRTC blocker and flash easily reenabled for sites that I need to use it on. When it comes to protected content like Amazon Prime or Netflix it's absolutely unusable. As in will not work. Previously I've used Chrome...
  18. nomdeplume

    SSD Constantly Active

    I'm concerned about the fact my drive light is constantly flickering since installing SSD. As in after sitting idle for hours it still keeps up the exact same pattern of disk usage. For the life of me I can't figure out what is making it do this. Internet connection makes zero difference and...
  19. nomdeplume

    Reliable USB 3 Drive For Backup

    Looking for recommendations for a good quality 64GB USB3 flash drive to use for 3rd layer of file backup. Absolute speed isn't necessary but it better hit and maintain 3.0 speeds in both directions. Drive will be used for incremental backups to slowly growing catalog of smartphone photos and a...
  20. nomdeplume

    SSD Optimization - Pagefile Or No?

    I ran through a good number of tweaks after installing the SSD but wondered what the current thinking is on turning off the pagefile. Beyond that if I keep it enabled should I could consider bumping it up the recommended amount or higher? Not sure I understand the downside to leaving it on...
  21. nomdeplume

    For those with long term usage of Samsung SSD

    Turns out I'm not so clever at finding sleeper SSD brands or models. Surely something had to be out there that challenged Samsung in real world variables. Nothing I felt like chancing perpetual RMA silence for. So I'm cashing in a Amazon gift card in the next few days. Leaning towards 250 GB...
  22. nomdeplume

    Faraday Future FF 91, WOW (semi-ironic all caps WOW)

    No doubt the live broadcast will attain importance as the day a new species was announced. Things didn't go entirely smoothly but they did manage to get through a self parking demo and side step the issue of executives diving away like the company is a sinking ship. Many, many. many, many...
  23. nomdeplume

    Non-Gamer Bored And Looking For Light Entertainment

    This may date me horribly, but I was into consoles all the way from the original NES until PS2. After reminiscing with my brother last night I thought it might be fun to see what is out there I'd enjoy. The preponderance of RPG's and shit like Doom is what drove me away. More succinctly it...
  24. nomdeplume

    Radeon R3 SSD; Worth Owning?

    I see Amazon has a sale on the 240 GB version and was wondering if anyone here has tried one. Obviously they are made by someone else which complicates firmware and warranty issues.
  25. nomdeplume

    [US] Nothing - Gone- Kaput!

    Woke up early and spotted yet another Crucial SSD going for cheap. Getting tempted by this one actually.