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  1. SkOrPn

    [SOLVED] How to enable UEFI GOP on my GTX 550 Ti GPU?

    Hello again, I have a question for some of you experts here at TechPowerUp. I see that the 550 Ti was UEFI GOP enabled by Gigabyte in 2013 I also see that others have enabled UEFI on their identical GPU that I have simply by flashing this same UEFI BIOS rom. He/she flashed a Gigabyte BIOS...
  2. SkOrPn

    Is this a newer BIOS for my Radeon? Can I flash this?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if my EAH5870/G/2DIS/1GD5 can be flashed with other BIOS files, such as a newer Asus BIOS? I have two goals, Main Goal: I want a newer BIOS since I have never updated before (fixes DisplayPort problems?). Secondary Goal: I would like to modify it and set...
  3. SkOrPn

    Is this even possible? Turn Radeon into Server card?

    Hello guys/gals. I have a simple question that I cant seem to answer via google. I have this old ATI x700 PCI-E video card that I found in my junk section in my computer closet and want to use it in my headless home server when not going headless (I need access to the bios UI). So, I am...