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  1. Polarman

    Is the Plextor M5pro a good choice?

    Really thinking about purchasing a SSD. Running Lightroom 5 can bog down my Velociraptor quite a bit especially with a huge catalog. My research is pointing me to the Plextor M5pro Extreme. Decent performance combined with a 5 year warranty sounds pretty good to me. Anyone can share...
  2. Polarman

    New Microsoft Camera Codec Pack.

    Microsoft has released an updated version of its Camera Codec Pack for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and RT. The latest update allows applications such as Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, Media Center, and Windows Photo Gallery to deal with Raw files from 34 additional cameras. The cameras include...
  3. Polarman

    Trackmania 2 Canyon

    Any one else playing this? It's been out for a while now. Just as good as the old one. It's still addictive. Controls are the same but handling is very different. It's all in the drift! :rockout: http://www.trackmania.com/?lang=nl It's a download only game.
  4. Polarman

    Changing my Dragon for a Scorpion

    Changing my Dragon for a Scorpion (not anymore!) Have'nt posted in quite a while. But i've never been that far. I'm preparing a a small upgrade to my current Dragon platform. Nothing really over the top as my budget is a bit limited. This will make my wife happy because my current setup will...
  5. Polarman

    Dosbox updated to 0.74

  6. Polarman

    Faststone Image Viewer updated to 4.1

    What can i say. It's as good as Acdsee and it's free. http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm It's that good.
  7. Polarman

    No upgrade for quite a while.

    Well, it seems that my Dragon Platform will have to endure a no upgrade policy for quite some time. I have made this decision because of a new purchase that is going to occupy part of my income for some time. :ohwell: I don't really mind in a way because my current system is still quite...
  8. Polarman

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (New)

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 You can get it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en Did not find the full package yet. Edit: Before you press finish, You can copy the content of the temp folder that it creates...
  9. Polarman

    No one talking about Creativity Suite 5 ?

    Adobe's new Creative suite CS5. I still have Photoshop Elements 5. Yes, it's a far cry from the latest offering. But there no way i would dish out this much money on a suite that i would not even use that much. That's the reason i got Corel's graphics suite 4. Btw, Corel has a new version...
  10. Polarman

    Diablo 2 1.13 (Constantly crashing online)

    Reset was tuesday along with the new patch 1.13. The game is totally unplayable due to servers constantly crashing. I'm playing on Europe realm. Other realms are also affected. I've posted on Blizzard's forum along with hundreds of other upset users. Anyone here in the same boat?
  11. Polarman

    Diablo II Reset 3/23 (Next week!)

    Looks like the PTR is done. http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=23766799033&sid=3000 About time. Can't wait. :)
  12. Polarman

    Dragon Age Patch 1.03

    Get it here: http://social.bioware.com/page/da-patches
  13. Polarman

    New Logitech Setpoint 6 drivers.

    Get them here: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/support_downloads/downloads/&cl=gb,en
  14. Polarman

    RCT3 (ATI logo's ingame?)

    I'm talking about Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I recently purchased the Platinum Edition of this game. I have to say that it's pretty awesome little gem. I had "Theme Park" back in the old dos days. When i saw this at a friends house, i knew i had to get my hands on it. I managed to find a brand...
  15. Polarman

    Diablo II PTR 1.13b (updated)

    http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=23393069953&sid=3000 Seems they have fixed TPPK, Drop barbs and Aura stacking in this one. A "LOT" of people were bitching about these. Sadly, there's still of things missing.
  16. Polarman

    What apps do you use?

    Just curious to see what software members use. This could give some insight for some who don't know what to get. You can add a small comment on each app if you wish. I'm a gamer 1st. Apps come in second. My games list is massive compared to the software i use. But we all need some important...
  17. Polarman

    EA Taking more games offline.

  18. Polarman

    1C Complete Pack for 100$ @ Gamersgate

    Huge game pack (38 in total) for 100$. List price was 677.02$. Games made by 1C. Some good ones in there too. http://www.gamersgate.com/DDB-1CBIGPACK/1c-complete-pack-bundle
  19. Polarman

    C&C Tiberian Sun (free)

    EA is giving the full Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Firestorm expansion for free. You can also have the original C&C and C&C: Red Alert games too. http://www.commandandconquer.com/classic
  20. Polarman

    New: OpenOffice 3.2

  21. Polarman


    Have any of you seen this bogus commercial on TV lately ? Come on... BSOD on a Macbook. LOL. How can these guys get away with crap like this. There's better free software out there that can "Clean up" a PC to run smoother. I would not even look at their website when i saw this ad. :laugh:
  22. Polarman

    Silverstone HDDBOOST

    Intersting gadget: http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_contents.php?pno=HDDBOOST&area Hail or Fail?
  23. Polarman

    Median XL 1.F9 (Diablo 2 Mod)

    I have'nt played this mod in quite a long time. I notice that the mod has been recently updated to version 1.F9. http://modsbylaz.hugelaser.com/ Quite some new stuff in there. I'll have to restart from scratch. For those still waiting on a real 1.13 from Blizzard, you should definitely...
  24. Polarman

    [WTB] [CAN/US] Wacom USB Tablet

    I have and old Wacom Artpad (serial). This thing was pretty great but my board does not have a serial plug for this thing and Wacom does not have Vista support for such an old product. I'm looking for a newer Wacom USB tablet that has Vista support. Medium size preferred and decently priced...
  25. Polarman

    Sorry Adobe, it's time for Corel

    I spent some time looking to upgrade my current photo editiong software. I was using Photoshop Elements 5 for a couple of years now. I've looked at the newer version 8 but i was put off by not so good reviews and user comments seemed worse overall. Elements is pretty good and cheap but...