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    7770 and underclocking video memory

    Just got a 7770 and i'm trying to underclock the video memory while folding. Can't figure out how. MSI afterburnder doesn't work, trixx doesn't work, barelyclocked doesn't work. This is my first intro to the 7000 series. Anyone have any thoughts on how to underclock it in windows to 300mhz...
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    Its a sad day, AMD

    Its a sad day, AMD. Or: When AMD fanboys ATTACK!!!!!! When the gtx690 gets released a month after the gtx680 and AMD can't release the 7990 4 months after the 7970... its a sad sad day. :ohwell::ohwell::ohwell::ohwell::ohwell::cry...
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    AMD 6970 flash incompatible with new Asus motherboard bios

    Hey TPU! Last summer I bought 2 MSI 6950s which I flashed to 6970s. Took about 10 mins to do both cards. In November I bought a new mobo/cpu, an Asus P8Z68-V Pro GEN3 and an i5-2500k. Today I updated the bios to 3202 and upon reboot got no video. Long story short, when I flip the video...
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    Catalyst + Intel Driver = No power control sliders?

    I recently installed the intel driver to add a 3rd monitor and my power control sliders are missing from my 2 6970s using 12.1a. I tried uninstalling ati drivers then reinstalling, didn't help. I uninstalled intel, and boom, power sliders are back. Is this a known issue and is there a...