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  1. Vlada011

    NVIDIA's Latest Titan V GPU Benchmarked, Shows Impressive Performance

    IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE? SOMEONE SHOULD BEAT THIS PEOPLE WHO WRITE SUCH THINGS. 45% IMPROVEMENT FROM 1200$ TO 3000$ IMPRESIVE. THAT'S IMPRESSIVE DONKEY EARS FOR ANYONE WHO SAY THAT. Are you blind, are you normal at all. 45% improvement or 50% or 55% after 18 months over graphic card worth 1200$...
  2. Vlada011

    NVIDIA Announces TITAN V "Volta" Graphics Card

    I'm shocked with price but not satisfied with performance. Performance of this model could pass as new generation as good but nothing special improvements. Do you remember Maxwell to Pascal difference, or Kepler to Maxwell, almost 80%, with far lower price difference. But situation is even...
  3. Vlada011

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    It's time for preparation and moving far from France. Canada or Siberia or South America, South Africa will be hit with less destruction. It's weird, one day most of people will laugh and joke looking "preppers"... next day they will be jelous to them and third day if survive will try to steal...
  4. Vlada011

    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    Customers like to here such things. At least bigger part of customers. They don't like when their chipset and special socket is outdated after 12 months. But with Intel chipset and socket are same, they don't want to allow support even when motherboard BIOS update could fix everything. Than new...
  5. Vlada011

    Wooting One Keyboard

    Companies who produce mechanical keyboards should more to build case from aluminium. I appeal on Asian companies to use more aluminium for case of keyboards. Aluminum is not so expensive material and thanks to saving cost aluminum stuff are premium for us. One of thing I sorry is because my...
  6. Vlada011

    8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processor Model Names Revealed

    Intel don't need to do nothing special to back customers to Xtreme platform. Only to rename all models on i9 and use max number of PCI-E lanes for all, launch 8 cores as budget variant with same price as i7-8700K and i9 10 cores little higher price and abandon thermal paste, thats it. They are...
  7. Vlada011

    8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processor Model Names Revealed

    OMG, Intel I love you. People don't complain. There is a people who didn't bought Skylake and Kaby Lake and who want exactly at this moment to upgrade Ivy Bridge or Haswell. They didn't forget. Intel HEDT Coffee Lake X should show up just before Cannon Lake. You know that they launch and...
  8. Vlada011

    G.SKILL Releases Ultra Low Latency CL17 Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266MHz Kits

    In first moment I thought C9 or C11 when they say Ultra Low Latency. I don't know for now, but before some time 2400MHz C10 cost more than 3200MHz kit. Now Dominator Platinum 2133MHz C10 is 369$, 3000MHz C15 is 279. That mean timmings/latency are very important in comparison than frequency. No...
  9. Vlada011

    AMD EPYC 7601 Processors Set Two New World Records on SPEC CPU Benchmarks

    Maybe not Epyc, but Ryzen and Threadripper OC terrible. Not even Zenith and Crosshair can't do nothing and you waste money on expensive motherboards. From other side Intel keep record in overclocking CPU out of box. Not records how much will some overclocker reach, not max frequency, I talk...
  10. Vlada011

    AMD EPYC 7601 Processors Set Two New World Records on SPEC CPU Benchmarks

    AMD shouldn't talk about thermal paste because their CPU oc 150-200MHz, most Graphic card OC higher but whole line for X299 Express should be 40 PCI-E lanes and soldered IHS. From cheapest i7-7800 to most expensive i9-7980X. 18 core moster with thermal paste. Such paste is not more than 50$ per...
  11. Vlada011

    Lian Li Alpha Series Cases Now Available

    This is Alpha is not nice. But PC-O10, PC-O11 and ROG Edition, PC-O12, PC-07s, PC-O9WX are amazing. For me are PC-O9, O11 and O12 nicest their cases now.
  12. Vlada011

    Lian Li Launches the PC-O12 WX Mid-Tower Case

    You don't know nothing, this case is cooler than 90% of cases on market. I don't like motherboard upside down, but case like case is very cool. OK it's little closer to full tower not mid, but for multi GPU. Better stay with Thermaltake and Phanteks, not comment other cases. Lian-Li and...
  13. Vlada011

    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    Vardar EVO are cool because they are full black and classic and you can use them always. 140mm 2000 RPM should push a lot of air. But most of time is enough 1500RPM. I don't like because EKWB launch Coolstream CE 280 thicker than Coolstream PE 45mm vs 38mm I think.
  14. Vlada011

    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    I will not buy any more AIO systems if they are not expandable. I think soon and EKWB will launch new AIO system and their Vardar EVO 140mm 2000 RPM fans Black are cool.
  15. Vlada011

    i7-7820X 8 Cores or i7-8700K 6 Cores?

    You mean two RIGs, for different purposes? Understand. I have one, for everything, and work 24/7. You plan to upgrade and GPU, on GTX1080Ti? Me to, now I could afford finally. But how is smart NOW to pay almost 1K when Volta is few months, I mean for guys who could upgrade only every 3 years...
  16. Vlada011

    i7-7820X 8 Cores or i7-8700K 6 Cores?

    Why you decide to buy i7-8700K? I see you had X58. You should follow tradition and upgrade X58 to X299 with Rampage VI Apex. :) That's so cool computer.
  17. Vlada011

    ASRock X299 OC Formula

    399$, I don't know... I'm more familiar with ROG BIOS and I would rather add 29$ more for Rampage VI Apex. Somehow is inteligent modern and innovative. Best investment at the moment, RVIA and i9-7900X. And build will not be in shadow even after Z390 and Intel 8 core show up on market.
  18. Vlada011

    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    Gentle Typhoon was best almost 10 years. Special 1850 and rear 2150RPM model. But now I think they are outperform by CORSAIR ML120/140. Anyway I would use some of these... -EKWB Vardar F3/F4 -CORSAIR ML120/140 -Gentle Typhon 1850/2150 From my perspective Gentle Typhoon don't need to be slower...
  19. Vlada011

    Creative X-Fi Soundcards and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 = Complete Disaster / Not Working

    Do you like Sound Blaster X AE-5? Looks like its' best sound card for now. But because SBZxR look far better and probably sound difference is small I will stay on SBZxR. SBZxR still cost 100$ more.
  20. Vlada011

    Creative X-Fi Soundcards and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 = Complete Disaster / Not Working

    That's completely distaster when Windows start to update drivers. You have option to disable Driver updates in Windows 10 newer updates. Nice because I saw this, now I will not update on 1709 I don't want mess with SBZxR. I can't look for solution for their halucinations and decisions to Windows...
  21. Vlada011

    Caselabs Bulltet BH8 Customizable E-ATX Case

    I will buy him as well instead Lian-Li PC-O11. Only Europe distrubutor still didn't get him because it's new case. My E-ATX motherboard could fit and even in BH7 but BH8 is right thing. I always liked SM8 and S8 later, but their price is above my budget, and now BH8 is more attractive because...
  22. Vlada011

    Caselabs Bulltet BH8 Customizable E-ATX Case

    Caselabs launch new case before 2 months. Caselabs BH8 - Bullet series. Successor of BH4 and BH7. Both cases are amazing. Special BH7 because customers could install even E-ATX motherboards size as Rampage V Extreme,... etc... That's great from my perspective. If case look as Mini ITX compatible...
  23. Vlada011

    Logitech CRAFT Keyboard

    I like Logitech. I like their gaming keyboards G110 and G510 my previous keyboard, my mouse G700. Now I will again to buy Logitech mouse MX Master I saw on discounts. I like their design, style and phylosophy. And G610, G413, G613 and Logitech Pro... Only I would like to use Cherry MX not some...
  24. Vlada011

    i7-8700k runs insanely hot even at stock speeds ?

    OK, I look fist and last posts and had different opinion. I was curios to see how i7-8700K behave.
  25. Vlada011

    i7-8700k runs insanely hot even at stock speeds ?

    Why is voltage so high for 4.3GHz...or even Max Turbo. i7-8700K Turbo is 4.7GHz... On default settings CPU should boost with all cores on 4.7GHz only on default voltage. In previous years Turbo vas 100% stable on default voltage. From my perspective is negative if BIOS is not optimized with...