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  1. J

    [Case Gallery] TT Matrix VX

    what kind of speakers are those because i was thinking of rigging up some book shelf speakers.... how did you go about doing that?
  2. J

    6 gig raptor..

    as a matter of fact i have one of those exact Raptors not in RAID all by itself with windows on it and i actually do notice a difference in loading windows and stuff as apposed to my WD2500 (250gb...16mb cashe....3gb/s) so if you got the money and wanna do it i say go for it man!
  3. J

    [Case Gallery] HAL-10000

    thanks i think it looks badass personally... the whole blurred bright led's eff yeah!
  4. J

    [Case Gallery] Blue Alien

    cooling & wiring If you're concerned about cooling your computer you DEFINATLY need to clean up the cables the more airflow you get the cooler your system will be! but it still looks great
  5. J

    [Case Gallery] HAL-10000

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: P4-630 @3Ghz ASUS P5GD1-VM Evga 7900gt 450/660 stock cooling 1gb OCZ gold + 2x512 infeon stolen from a HP WD Raptor 36.7gb 8mb/cache SATA150 WD Caviar SE 250gb 16mb/cache SATA300 Sunbeam 550w PSU Ati HDTV wonder card Aspire X-Plorer case...