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  1. D R E N

    What are you playing?

    Playing DayZ like the uncool kid that I am.
  2. D R E N

    OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone (Discussion)

    Started playing this for the first time recently. I don't know how the game was before, but I've been having a great time with it thus far.
  3. D R E N

    Amazon Prime Day: July 15th 2015

    Consider yourself lucky. I only get paid once a month and they act as if it's the norm.
  4. D R E N

    Amazon Prime Day: July 15th 2015

    I was able to pick up a pair of Astro A40's and the mixamp for $50 off. I've been waiting for them to go on sale for awhile now.
  5. D R E N

    What are you playing?

    Just started H1Z1 and Rust. I know next to nothing about the game but from all the twitch streams I've seen - it's pretty fun.
  6. D R E N

    Mario meets PC master race

    Welcome Mario. We've been waiting.
  7. D R E N

    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    Yeah, for $400...I'll definitely be earning that one in game. $400 could buy me a serious component upgrade in my rig.
  8. D R E N

    OFFICIAL Mass Effect: Andromeda (Discussion)

    I wouldn't be surprised if the trailer was of a rouge N7 agent gone bad like Saren in ME1.
  9. D R E N

    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    So as I told my organization, I had no idea there was a passenger liner in the works? I was so stoked to hear that. I'm contemplating on if I should start saving up money now, or have that be my first goal to save towards once the game is released. It's weird thinking about it and I know it...
  10. D R E N

    Add me on steam?

  11. D R E N

    Noppoo Choc Mini Pro - Brown switches

    Anyone know where one could purchase these?
  12. D R E N

    Router Needed

    Picked up a ASUS RT-N66W over the weekend. Love it so far.
  13. D R E N

    Just got a ps4 today and want some suggestions for good exclusives.

    Definitely pick up Bloodborne and Last of Us. Second Son would also be a great pickup as well.
  14. D R E N


    Spotify has always done right by me so I don't have any real plans of changing.
  15. D R E N

    What are you playing?

    Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. I can't get enough.
  16. D R E N

    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    I'm always on the fence of learning everything I can about this game as soon as information comes out, or ignoring it for months on end and just get a crash course on everything that I missed out.
  17. D R E N

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in November

    I haven't bought a Call of Duty since ever... so I figure this one will probably the one that I hop on the band wagon for. Plus, I've loved Kevin Spacey ever since seeing the movie K-Pax years ago...
  18. D R E N

    Building a new webpage for my Boss

    I would suggest digging into the material that is offered at http://teamtreehouse.com/ . They have a 14 day free trial that you can view and I believe if you really nosedive into it you can get them up and running with a website while gaining some knowledge at the same time.
  19. D R E N

    Where do you buy computer parts?

    Lately I've been finding Amazon to be cheaper than Newegg. I typically do a price check between the two and go with whatever site is selling the part that I want cheaper. I was able to save almost $200 the last time I did a build by buying my parts from Amazon vs buying them from Newegg.
  20. D R E N

    Civilization: Beyond Earth

    Obviously I'm a huge fan of space related things. Looking forward to spending a lot of hours in this one. Would love to get a dedicated group of TPU players together if you guys want to do some multi-player.
  21. D R E N

    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    I'm quite interested in joining the TPU group in Star Citizen. I have a Rear Admiral Pledge in from when it was first on kickstarter!
  22. D R E N

    OFFICIAL Alien: Isolation

    I've never been a fan of Alien games in the past, but this is looking like a must get.
  23. D R E N

    Final Fantasy X HD

    I really wish this game was released on PC. FFX is definitely one of my favorite in the series.
  24. D R E N

    Anime Nation

    Roberta :D
  25. D R E N

    Anime Nation

    Black Lagoon is quite entertaining! How can one not like Roberta!