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    Metro~Last light.

    I'm looking forward to this game being released, anyone else interested in playing this one i wonder? They did a brilliant job on 2033 i thought! I hope tpu does a review on it if possible, [edit] stupid me, just saw the tpu headline for it lofl.
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    ASUS Maximus V Extreme Intel LGA 1155

    I have the gene v z77 , that's a great board too, enjoyed reading about all the features, thankyou.
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    HP Unveils Pavilion 14 Chromebook

    This has to be a joke, why pay 300$+ for a retarded internet only notebook that is entirely limited to a browser and basically a few google apps, than pay 400$ for a reasonably powered laptop, biggest waste of time and money, not to mention a whole host of issues with privacy, usability and...
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    Asus Ares II HD 7990 6 GB

    You tell them buddy, your spot on, how could a tech enthusiast not like this card, i love ferraris, can't afford one, doesn't mean we cant appreciate the engineering in it, it's a bit moronic to be bitching i think, missing the point completely.:laugh:
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    Asus Ares II HD 7990 6 GB

    Yes i love it too, how adventurous of Asus to bring this to market, of course it's for those tech enthusiasts who have plenty of spondoola but i say why not, if it was $1599.00 id probably come at it but $1600 is just too pricey. I'm so glad Asus made this thing, it is a great idea and...
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    Asus Ares II HD 7990 6 GB

    Hey, how is it in metro2033 @2560x1600 hehe, what a horrible yet excellent game to sort out the graphics card men from the boys . You got to hand it to Asus for this card, only they could get away with it, great engineering feat, about time for solid metals too, often thought about casting a...
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    Your favourite game in 2012?

    I enjoyed dishonoured the most, for it's originality.
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    Giveaway: Goodies Galore

    I'd have my way with the game condemned if your keen? p.s. Thankyou anyway, it's a good thing.:toast:
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    AeroCool Introduces GT Power Supply Series to the European Market

    Mtbf is above average maybe.
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    COUGAR Introduces SPIKE - Mini Gaming Tower PC Case

    The face on this case is so ugly, only it's mother could love it.
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    Gigabyte Z77N-WiFi Intel Socket 1155

    I had a good read and browse, it read like you put a lot of thought into it. Thanks. Like the board for the price too..
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    iBUYPOWER Defines Next-Gen PC Gaming With the New Revolt

    Doesn't do it much for me either im afraid to exclaim! However, one can appreciate the motivation and though involved, that's worth crediting nevertheless.:)
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    2013 Could be a Difficult Year for the PC Industry: Analyst

    Mini-itx is where the market will grow, it wont die, just morph into smaller form factor, as it should.
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    Xi3 Corporation Unveils its Z3RO Pro Computer at CES 2013

    Oh yeah-get with the program fellow comp enthusiasts, you can save at least a 2 cubic feet of volume/space and more with this little machine, should make a huge difference in any sort of room/office/bedroom etc, afterall, desktop pc,s are dead.[but dont try any sort of real computing on...
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    Xi3 Corporation Unveils its Z3RO Pro Computer at CES 2013

    End of desktop computing as we know it??? All these new desktop products at ces must be a huge waste of time then, where do they come up with this stuff, try playing a game on that then lol. Nice case though.
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    Zalman new CPU coolers

    Thanx for vid Jetster, good looking components! I want that zalman radial liquid aio cooler for sure already!!
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    Trio of New Lian-Li PC-Q Series Mini-ITX Cases Detailed

    Quite an unconventional shape for sure.^
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    AMD Trinity and iGPU performance, not bad!

    Good post, amd may have a real winner with these apu,s in time.
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    Cooltek Announces CoolCube Mini-ITX Case

    That's quite a nice looking case, it has a bit of understated flair and a subdued yet functional form factor. Good one cooltek, you seem to have got it!~
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    Lenovo Pioneers "Interpersonal Computing" with Company’s First Table PC

    Would make an interesting but expensive coffee table, have fun cleaning the finger marks off all the time, not to mention the potential for germs.
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    Swiftech to Unveil New H220 All-in-One CPU Cooler During CES 2013

    Looks and sounds quite good to me, not a bad price either, love the refill port, excellent idea that is!
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    Dell XPS 13 To Get 1080p Screen Option

    Good move, if it's good enough for a mobile phone screen.
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    Apple’s New iPad Patent Reveals The Absurdity Of Our Patent System

    I heard about this, surely microsoft got in on this during the early tablet era of the nineties? What about all of the slates and digitizers etc?
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    DELL U2711 or Other??

    I'm looking at the dell or the asus too , still haven't got a decent monitor yet either and want to shout myself for xmas Huddo, have you bit the bullet yet old son? Or still looking, be good to hear what you think if you have bought either one, i'm leaning to the Asus atm!