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    [WTB] X1800XT 512 Master Crossfire.

    Hi...i´m searching for a X1800XT 512 Master Crossfire for coupling with a X1800Xt 512 Slave.I will be needing cables too.Thank you.
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    Compatibility Q6600

    Hi friends.I need some info about compatibility bettwen a P5W HD-Wi-fi motherboard and the Q6600 Kentersfield steping G0 QuadCore processor...i´m planing to buy it,but not sure about compatibility...Thanks.
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    Hi,i´ve read somehere that by pressing SHIFT key when opening the settings button in ATITool some new items apears...I tryed it and found : "... config_die_fuses 0x0 conf_substrate_fuses 0x0 conf_rom_fuses 0x0 gb_pipe_select 0x9520ce8b...
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    MSI 915 P Neo2 Platinum won't detect Windows XP

    Hi All.:confused: I,m stuck and desesperated...My MSI 915 P Neo 2 Platinum don´t accept WXP anymore.When installing it received message "...no HDDs on system...F3 to leave installation",but i have 2 disks (ata 100,ata 33) atatched.I have a diskete to install drivers to raid but gives me error...
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    where r the others fp´s

    Have a 9800 se , softmoded with 5.5 ,on a ASUS P4C800 Deluxe @ 2.8 Prescott , that run at ATITOOL 0.23 with 8 ppelines and get 222 FPS.Now with ATITOOL 0.24 get same 8 ppeline but only 160 FPS .Any thougt about this .In games everithyng works fine...