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    Thermaltake Announces Immediate Availability of Highly Anticipated Level 10 GT

    That case is the chronic. Too high of a price though.
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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    I love TPU because of the news and reviews.
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    HIS Radeon HD 5850 1 GB

    Thanks for the review and the info W1zzard. While you're at it could you tell us what the max clocks are in CCC? A screenie would be nice. This card might be deadly in the hands of a bencher. Thanks The RaT
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    8500/8600/GT/GTS Mod guide...

    Thanks for this smert. I'm gonna try out the vgpu mod. Can anyone suggest a working mod on the memory? Anyone ever find one for this odd pcb? and yes I know this is old. :)
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    Zalman Intros ZM-RHS90 VRM Heatsink for Radeon HD 4890, HD 4870

    Can we get them in the US yet?
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    Is the Sapphire 4890 Vaporx for sale yet. Where

    can someone with the Atomic card upload the bios to the database?
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    Kingston Technology First to Release 12GB Triple-Channel DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz

    I think I'll sell one of my arms and all of my toes so I can get this set when it comes out.
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    Is the Sapphire 4890 Vaporx for sale yet. Where

    Looking forward to more intense testing. :rockout:
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    Is the Sapphire 4890 Vaporx for sale yet. Where

    I haven't seen anything new yet. Anyone else find something? Anyplace?
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    OCZ Announces “OCZ Gear” Online Store for Clearance, EOL, and Refurbished Products

    So basically if you want discontinued and refurbished OCZ products at FULL PRICE, this is the place to go.......
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    RBE - General information and discussion

    On the next version of RBE can you set up an increased values tab (method 1) for 4850 cards so that the standard clocks remain standard but the upper limits are something like 1000/1400 for us voltmodding people? 720/1200 isn't gonna do much for us. Any chance to getting method 2 (no hash)...
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    Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA): ''We Underestimated RV770''

    You know what they say "fantasy can be fun." :laugh: Most tests show at least an 8% difference between the 4850 and 4870 clock for clock. I don't know where that latency issue came from.
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    Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD4850 Spotted

    Bios please. :D
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    Cooler Master Launches the V8 CPU Cooler

    Performance is everything. How well does it work is all I want to know?
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    Creative Software Modder Daniel_K Gone for Good

    My last sound card was a Creative. It will be my last Creative sound card. They're officially on my BOYCOTT list.
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    Intel Says Yes to Overclocking, but No to Warranty of Overclocked Death Chips

    Can someone explain what a "warranty" is? I looked it up in the overclockers handbook and the word wasn't there. :laugh:
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    FOXCONN Launches BLACKOPS Intel X48 Enthusiast Motherboard

    In case folks don't know it "Shamino" who is one of the worlds best overclockers is now involved with Foxconn. They will undoubtably become one of the best makers of enthusiast computer technology. ;)
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    Scythe Announces Orochi CPU Cooler

    Not very practical for inside a case.
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    Maximus formula and Q6600

    If you've hit that kind of wall this soon you might have a nb issue. Trying giving your nb a little more voltage.
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    Ram Overclock Question

    It really depends on the application. If you're a benchmarker like me then every little bit helps. For normal, every day use then the differences might not be so noticable. Furthermore if you're not going for absolute highest clocks, then stability is more important anyway. What kind of...
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    Maximus formula and Q6600

    What are your temps like? I definately would not be doing 1.65v on air unless it was for a really short amount of time. What kind of cooling are you using? Ambient temps?
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    RBE - General information and discussion

    I think it would make sense is this thread was moved down into the TPU "Our software" section. What do you folks think?
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    RBE - General information and discussion

    No, and it says that in the FAQ. :slap: You have to use a bios that isn't locked.
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    RBE - General information and discussion

    Perhaps people can list the card they're using the bios mod for and what the before and after experience was like? Example: I was using a XXXXX Card with stock bios clocks of XXXXX and after switching my volts and clocks to XXXXX my new overclock is XXXXX. Same for fan control. :D Thanks The RaT
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    Sapphire HD 3870 Toxic 512 MB

    I'm very disappointed with the overclocking. I'd figure these would have been the cherry cores, easily getting up around 900Mhz on stock cooling. They'll have to drop the price more on these before they sell.