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  1. IINexusII

    980ti SLI or gtx 1080

    1070 sli or 1080
  2. IINexusII

    Help needed setting the right cooling for a AMD FX-8370

    +1, youre going to need a better cooler
  3. IINexusII

    Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury Pictured, Specs Confirmed

    i like waffles
  4. IINexusII

    Antec P380 pipe bending watercooling. Fine

    Very nice looking, well done!
  5. IINexusII

    So who's using Windows 10? Thoughts?

    Im liking the Insider Preview (10074) build so far. They say a fix is coming via windows update for some games that do not run in full screen (Grid Autosport for me) but its definately all coming together now...
  6. IINexusII

    Titanfall 2 Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

    Title should be: Titanfall 2 Coming to Origin, PS4 and Xbox One
  7. IINexusII

    Your PC ATM

    yep, got them awhile back, still looks good today :)
  8. IINexusII

    Your PC ATM

    PC ATM. Going for an all black/white scheme, only the graphics card left
  9. IINexusII

    AMD Cashes in On GTX 970 Drama, Cuts R9 290X Price

  10. IINexusII

    Which Mouse Pad are you using?

    still using this Razer Destructor gaming pad: (since 2009 i think?) edit: been through my emails. Ordered 23/07/2008
  11. IINexusII

    Fractal Design Define R5

    Great case, ive had it for a month now. initially came with a broken power switch, but fractal sent me a new switch as soon as they could.
  12. IINexusII

    Phone 4g issue

    how many bars of 4g do you get? it wont switch unless its a solid connection
  13. IINexusII

    Phone 4g issue

    Thats because 4G is only for data, when you call it needs 3G
  14. IINexusII

    low physics score fx 8350

    Thats strange, i get around 13,000 on my Phenom X6 1090T
  15. IINexusII

    Microsoft Showcases Latest Updates to Windows

    This will be the "Desktop" mode, and it will work as before if you have tablet/touch screen and its also changeable. seems good but Microsoft its too late, everyone hates windows 8 and nothing you can do to fix that until you release windows as another name (9)
  16. IINexusII

    XFX Radeon R9 290 Double Dissipation too loud!

    Yeah i did the same thing but my MX4 paste is quite old now it might not be working as effectively. ill be ordering more soon and re-applying the paste currently i get around 90c in games with a very mild overclock
  17. IINexusII

    Avast thinks every youtube link is a virus

    lol @ this guy
  18. IINexusII

    XFX Radeon R9 290 Double Dissipation too loud!

    XFX Coolers suck, the one on my 7950 DD runs too hot
  19. IINexusII

    How often do you change your PC case?

    been using the Silverstone FT01B since may 2010, not in need of upgrading i think it still looks fab :) Thanks to silverstone i installed the USB 3.0 front panel upgrade to stay in the present times too,
  20. IINexusII

    GPU load issue in games

    I tried every game ( bf4, blacklist, f1 2013, etc) they were all working fine until i installed the drivers. Since then I've done a refresh in windows 8 amd every thing is back to normal :) Thanks for all the help!
  21. IINexusII

    GPU load issue in games

    Did another fresh install, this time with the old PCI Wifi card, new one was PCI-E. I'm running Windows 7 on the fresh installation. It seems to be working fine now, games are smooth as before. I installed the new wifi card again, and used the Win 7 drivers, also seems to be working now. it...
  22. IINexusII

    GPU load issue in games

    I thought so too, but it seems its not. i first tried my old ASUS 5850, and the same issue is there, framerates drop in games, less than 50% load.. i also tried installing a fresh copy of windows on another partition, installed AMD drivers, DirectX dll's and fired up the same game, same...
  23. IINexusII

    GPU load issue in games

    Hi there, long time! This morning i installed my new Wifi/BT adapter into my PC Gigabyte GC-WB300D, (while it was still running stupidly).. it is using a PCI-e x1 slot which is on top of the graphics card slot. i feel that i may have accidently touched the gpu with the card upon installation...
  24. IINexusII

    Windows won't boot/re-install after mobo upgrade

    in storage / peripherals or integrated peripherals section or something