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  1. djxinator

    Unigine Heaven 4.0 Benchmark Scores Part 2

    i7 6800K @ 4.2Ghz / GTX 1080ti Lighting X @ 2088 (2063) / 1578 NOTE - For the sake of honesty, I turned Gsync off for this benchmark (This should be allowed as those without Gsync screens would have an unfair advantage).
  2. djxinator

    Serious problem with GTX780 Windforce 3x OC (Rev 2.0) Overclocking

    Furmark seems to be okay. Now I'm getting some random artifacts in Heaven even at stock. Its been less than 7 days since I purchased the card so I'm RMA'ing it under the UKs Distance Selling laws. Gonna grab an EVGA one.
  3. djxinator

    Serious problem with GTX780 Windforce 3x OC (Rev 2.0) Overclocking

    I find it hard to beleive after scouring every tech forum that only I have managed to grab a shitty card...out of everybody.
  4. djxinator

    Serious problem with GTX780 Windforce 3x OC (Rev 2.0) Overclocking

    I am aware of that, its just bugging me is all. The fact that the core won't remain stable at anything over 954/1006/1097 is really, really bugging me, and I know shouldn't be happening. I haven't heard of ANY GTX780's that are unable to overclock, even the 60% ASIC ones are getting massive OC's.
  5. djxinator

    Serious problem with GTX780 Windforce 3x OC (Rev 2.0) Overclocking

    Evening folks. I'm having serious issues overclocking this card. On Heaven 4.0 (1080p 8xAA Ultra, Extreme) it crashes with the slightest of overclocks. I can't even set the memory to 6200Mhz without it crashing the video driver for example. It was running Crysis 3 for an hour @ 1300Mhz...
  6. djxinator

    Cooler Master Releases V8 GTS CPU Cooler

    Looks like a Spaceship... Despite the fact that it looks like a spaceship, it probably won't beat my Phanteks PH-TC14PE I'd be baffled if it did.
  7. djxinator

    Try to fix a fault on sapphire 7950

    I was about to buy a Sapphire 7950 on the cheap from ebay with the same issues, I was hoping to reflow it and basically get a £280 card for next to nothing. Any luck with the card yet? I'm intruiged as to what the fix is for this.
  8. djxinator

    AMD to Drop Support for Pre-HD 5000 GPUs with Catalyst 12.7

    Yay, all focus on DX11 :D
  9. djxinator

    AMD Finalizes Radeon HD 7900, HD 7700 Series Price Cuts, Bigger Than Expected

    Our 7970s have dropped from £410 - £460 to £350 - £380 Thats a HUGE drop. (~$95) Our 7950s have dropped from £339 - £380 to £300 - £340 Another Huge drop (~$65) Source: http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Graphics+Cards+-+AMD/Radeon+HD+7970 I'm regretting buying my 7870 for £265 now...
  10. djxinator

    Time for a DX11 BM!

    Yeah but there aren't any cards out there with that kind of performance (GTX580 level) for £265 at the moment, the next step up for us is £335 and thats a 7950, which @ stock gets around 150 - 200 more P Score on 3D Mark. Below that theres the GTX570 which is old tech and I don't like the 1.2Gb...
  11. djxinator

    Time for a DX11 BM!

    I get P7850 ish with my HD 7870 and 2500k @ 4.5Ghz. I paid £265 for mine, which is about £65 more than the 560ti 448 here. Mind you, I don't have water cooling.
  12. djxinator

    MSI HD 7870 Twin Frozr III 2048M

    I got my Sapphire 7870 recently, Its wonderful. 1250/1450 (MSI Afterburner Limits memory, need to use ASUS GPU Tweak for higher memory) Paid £265 for it, which is lower than the Reference price.
  13. djxinator

    Time for a DX11 BM!

    The HD7870 is within ~5% of the GTX580 @ Stock. That 560ti 448 has an overclock that would put it past a GTX580, but the 7870 is Overclocked too. The gains from OCing a 7870 are higher than that of any of the Fermi Cards when taking % for performance into account. These scores make perfect...
  14. djxinator

    Time for a DX11 BM!

    Woah...how did you get your 560ti 448 to 1100 core? Thats a freaking 68% Overclock. This makes me want to see how far I can push the Core on my 7870...Can you post a 3DMark 11 bench with that for me? I want to see how much money I threw away xD
  15. djxinator

    Anyone have any experience with the MSI R7870 Twin Frozr III?

    Afternoon folks, Does anyone have any experience with the R7870 Twin Frozr III? I'm ready to pull the plug on the 7870 and I'm torn between the Sapphire (Dual Fan), Gigabyte (Windforce x3) and MSI (Twin Frozr III) Versions of the card. There are flawless reviews of the Gigabyte and...
  16. djxinator

    P8Z68=V-PRO Gen3 - BUG CODE USB DRIVER - Mobo Issue?

    I just noticed 2 bent pins on the CPU socket whilst looking for visible damage on the motherboard. They are making contact with the pads on the CPU but I'm considering that this may be the problem.
  17. djxinator

    P8Z68=V-PRO Gen3 - BUG CODE USB DRIVER - Mobo Issue?

    I did state that the USB devices were tested on another motherboard and were fine.
  18. djxinator

    P8Z68=V-PRO Gen3 - BUG CODE USB DRIVER - Mobo Issue?

    Did you test the devices on another PC?
  19. djxinator

    P8Z68=V-PRO Gen3 - BUG CODE USB DRIVER - Mobo Issue?

    The affected devices work fine on his old motherboard (tested before and after) We also tested then without any other USB devices plugged in.
  20. djxinator

    P8Z68=V-PRO Gen3 - BUG CODE USB DRIVER - Mobo Issue?

    Hey folks, I recently installed a new Mobo and Processor for my house-mate and since installation his USB devices have been playing hell. Mouse turns off randomly and sticks, keyboard turns off randomly, BSOD (BUG_CODE_USB_DRIVER) We thought it was a HDD issue but he has 3, all 3 of them...
  21. djxinator

    time to upgrade the old gpu??

    The 7870 should be fine for 1080p for a while. If it does get to the stage where eye candy is being held back too much then whack another one in, the Xfire scaling on the 78xx is amazing (80 - 100% increase in pretty much everything) I was going to buy one this weekend and I have the money sat...
  22. djxinator

    ZOTAC Working On GeForce GTX 680 with 2 GHz Core Clock Speed

    Holy jesus. *Goes to local post office and purchases all remaining lottery tickets*
  23. djxinator

    Identical File Finder

    I know its a bit off topic, and I have pretty much NO IDEA whats going on in here but its sparked up an old interest of mine. Is it feasible to self-teach C#, and if so, how long to get a basic understanding and foundation for creating simple yet useful applications?
  24. djxinator

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card Pictured

    Its been benched
  25. djxinator

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card Pictured

    Everyone pile into the OCN thread, hes got it loaded up (WITH SCREENIES) on his Windows 7 32bit Core i3 system xD Still, Haven shouldn't be bottle-necked by it - I think (THINK) he's benching it as we speak. I'M SCARED GUISE I DON'T WANT THE UNIVERSE TO IMPLODE