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    HD 7850/7870 Owners - 3Dmark11 scores?

    I have a Powercolor 7850 which I think is voltage locked as if I move the voltage slider a single notch lower/higher, my pc will blue screen when 3d clock speed kicks in. CPU Is an Intel Q6000 @3600. GFX is a Powercolour 7850 PCS+ clocked at 1190/1500 using Catalyst 13.9 drivers. And here...
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    PowerColor Announces Powerup Tuner 0.2

    This new tool is working well for me on my Powercolour PCS+ 7850. First Tool I can use that allows me to adjust and monitor vddc. It doesnt allow me to set any kind of powertune value though.
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    XFX Readies Pair of Single-Slot Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Cards

    These look very nice, and would be a nice upgrade for a cramped case and/or funny slot alignment. The picture seems to show only 1 crossfire connector. The cooling appears to be the same as the sapphire single slot coolers on my 3870 cards (apart from the colour). and should be fine with fan...
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    AMD Gives out WHQL Driver for Radeon HD 5830

    I notice that the Legacy drivers have also been updated to 10.2. my 1950pro crossfire gets application profiles in win7 now yay ! ahem ...
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    ATI Catalyst 9.4 to Lack Support for Many Older Cards

    This is not an end to driver support for the older cards. It just means not regular monthly updates. There will still be hotfix driver updates for older cards if required. This isnt realy bad news as the older cards have really gone as far as there going to go. I still have a crossfire 1950...
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    ASRock nForce 3 Motherboard Supports Phenom II

    The Vista AGP Gart issue could have been partly ati's fault as well as nvidia's. Last working catalyst version is 7.7 on my vista based Abit NF2 system. Ati changed (broke?) something in cat 7.8+ and nvidia wouldnt issue a gart update to help things along and ensure full vista NF2 chipset support.
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    Thermaltake Introduces Element S Chassis

    Black and red go so well together, much better then blues that normaly get thrown into every case. If I didnt already have the nzxt tempest (With all blues changed to reds) id deffinatly concider this case.
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    Intel to Retaliate to AMD Phenom II Overclocking Feat, Plans Demonstration at CES '09

    Did I just read that Intel are openly gonna cheat with a special demo cpu because they believe amd MAY have used a special demo cpu ? ;)
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 True Copper Cooling Performance Tested

    Its a pretty poor showing unless that QX9770 is some extreme heat edition ;) My Xigmatech is keeping my overclocked Q6600 (3.6ghz) at under 60c for normal use and 64c is highest ive seen it go running inteltat for an hour or so. That was durring british summer (if it can be called that lol)...
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    Microsoft Windows XP Downgrade Program Extended by Another Six Months

    XP Wasnt too bad on release. My system at the time was a Celern300a @490, faster and more compatable then win2k was, although I Dual booted win98 and Xp for a while while until the games were better supported on xp. Vista seems to be red herring in the sense it seems to be more of a stepping...
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    Turn Windows Vista into Windows XP

    cant help with the back button, I do miss that too, although some older windows progs still show it so its up to the app i guess. The information panel on the side of the window is simply Organize/Layout option on all windows. to sort by modification date, you just need to select 'more' in...
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    Lexar FireWire 800 Compact Flash Reader

    My First thaught looking at the pic is a Modern version of the spectrum microdrive ;)
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    Optimize Vista to use less RAM

    Disabling superfetch wont reduce performance. it means you can use system right away instead of waiting an hour for it to finish loading stuff to mem each day Hurts more the more mem you have to fill. Even better, if you use sleep mode alot, stuff you have loaded will already be cached in mem...
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    Microsoft DirectX 11 Details Emerge

    Is this the return of the hardware feature of the radeon 8500 ? I forget the name, but used nPatches. If i remember right it increased number of triangles to improve the models. Only game I had that used it was UT99 i think, and it seemed to squish the models abit .
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    Bought me a NZXT Tempest

    Its a good case. I put a karma fan controller in the top bay which keeps fan cables tidy. The front comes off fairly easily, but with it being flimsey plastic, it cracked slightly at the bottom. It was cheaper then the Antec 900 it imitates and is better value too I think with its dustfilters...
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    Can a hard drive go over 55 Degrees?

    my two samsung drives stay fairly cool, but my 2 seagate drives get burning hot to the touch if i run them outside the case. normaly around 35-40 in the case with the 120mm case fan infront.
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    Good thermal compound?

    May as well add "OCZ FreeZe" into the mix. Performs at the top end like the mx-2 and noctua pastes. Easier to apply then ceramique I was using before it.
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    The increase (ATI's single GPU) from last gen to new gen in 3D06

    not too shaby, roll on 4870 ;)
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    Windows Vista UAC 'Nails' Rootkits

    I found Tweakuac useful for enabling Silent uac mode. the benefits of uac without the annoyance. although security centre still thinks its off so that side is still an annoyance requiring dissabling it ;)
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    RBE bug reports

    After installing lasest cats ive noticed that the clocks seems to have become locked, as in i cant overclock via software now. I believe there is a problem with latest rbe as if i flash an untouched bios and reinstall drivers all is well, but if i flash an edited bios and reinstall drivers ...
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    RBE feature requests

    No. Not with the 3870. drop any other card in such as x800 and 1950pro and it appears as a selectable res. plop 3870 back in and the res is gone. The 3870 does have an ntsc sticker on it. im not sure if any have been released as pal versions. kinda hoping that its an unlockable hidden away...
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    RBE feature requests

    Id like to see a pal switch for enabling pal display sizes. Every previous radeon card allows 720x512, but for some reason missing on the 3870. Some cards have pal hardare switch as all previous radeon cards ... but not my launch day 3870. If it can by added into the bios by this great bios...
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    Take-Two Suggests PlayStation 3 (PS3) GTA IV Fix

    Their not fixes, there work arounds for game bugs :mad: I hope they patch the game soon as im getting anoyed at having to delete the game cache file just to get it to load properly.
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    ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Video Cards Specs Leaked

    still the fact remains ...nvidia driver suck, there chipsets suck and if they continue on as they are , there next gpu will suck too ;)
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    AMD Releases Catalyst Hotfix for AGP Cards

    My X800 was fixed with 8.2. 7.8,7.9,8.0,8.1 wouldnt work with my Abit NF2.