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  1. J

    Corsair 760T

    Yes you are right I was having a terrible day actually a terrible year and was venting but thanks for the kind words of encouragement it really helped. Happy New Year
  2. J

    Corsair 760T

    I was having a very bad day so havedelet?ed my negative comment
  3. J

    Corsair 760T

    Yes I agree and no mater how hard I try it always end up with minor little scratches on it. If they could make one out of proper glass that would be better but of course this would increase the weight.
  4. J

    Corsair 760T

    I agree it.is.messy at the.moment I have not finished or actually started any cable.management, when finished I will redo all the photos in order so that they make sense, thanks for the feedback. I am not very experienced at building my own personal yet so any advice would help.
  5. J

    Corsair 760T

    In Progress this means it is not finished!!
  6. J

    Corsair 760T

    There is 8 pictures, will be adding more when finished, but you are right need to get some better shots..
  7. J

    Cosmos II Mark II by Watermod

    Puts my mod to shame, we could all learn from a master like you, this is fantastic, thank you!
  8. J

    Corsair 760T

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Corsair 760T Black, MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX A/C, Intel 4790k, 16Gb Kingston hyper Beast @2400mhz running @ 2666mhz, 2 X Zotec AMP 780Ti with EK Red backplates customised. 3x Sandisk 240Gb SSD in Raid 0, OS, 1Tb m-sata Sandisk For Games????, 2Tb...
  9. J

    R.O.G. Phanteks enthoo primo water cooled

    I have a few things left to do waiting for new year before doing anymore but will be putting it up on here soon will message you when done.
  10. J

    Project 180

    Now this is what I call modding, fantastic job mate i normally hate that case but you made it into something special:)
  11. J

    R.O.G. Phanteks enthoo primo water cooled

    I have just bought the same case and in the middle of modding it, this is one of the best cases available today, I will put photos up when finished, love your build by the way.
  12. J

    Steel Dragon

    Well done great art work here LOVE this build 10/10 :) :rockout::toast::nutkick::roll::rockout:
  13. J

    [Case Gallery] LOWWER COST PC

    Nice! Hi Have to say if this was a cheap build it is fracking awesome Well done i Gave you a 9 I feel the score of 7 is a bit unfair I can see the amount of work you put in well done. Have a look and Please rate mine it is call Red-Line cheers:)
  14. J

    [Case Gallery] R4 RED-LINE

    Really Never thought of that I could have gone with that theme....lol
  15. J

    [Case Gallery] Tarantula™

    I voted 10/10 because: I would prob have giver an 8 but as there seems to be idiot on here who give out stupidly low No's I gave it a 10 great looking build.
  16. J

    [Case Gallery] 600 T.U.F

    Very Nice build my friend love the pipe work how did you get the bends so neat or are the copper?
  17. J

    [Case Gallery] R4 RED-LINE

    Thanks :) Thanks :)
  18. J

    [Case Gallery] Canticle of the Apocalypse

    Cool Build Well done on this I love this mod so much work gone into it.
  19. J

    [Case Gallery] R4 RED-LINE

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD FX8350 AMD Radeon HD6870 in Crossfire Asus Sabertooth 990-FX mobo 8Gb Crucial 2000Mhz RAM Fractal Define R4 Case Coolermaster 750w Semi-Modular PSU 3 x 750Gb Western Digital HDDs 1 x 120 Sandisk 120Gb SSD Bitfenix Recon Fan controller...
  20. J

    [Case Gallery] HAF 932 BRG - Magic

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel i7 3770k @3.7GHz, Gigabyte HD7970 1100MHz Edition,MS Z77-GD65, Sandisk extreme 120Gb SSD, 2x 2Tb WD Green, Water-cooled CPU EK HF Supreme, Bitspower 60mm Res, EK DCP 4.0 (12V DC Pump), Phobya 480Quad Radiator, Alphacool Repack Dual Bayres...
  21. J

    [Case Gallery] Black touch

    Amazingly perfect I gave this a 10 because I love simplicity and the crafting it great well done dude :)
  22. J

    [Case Gallery] HAF-X Case Modding from JAPAN

    Wow Frikkkking weeeeeeee This is inspirational if there was a special category this would be at the top Well done dude now where do you live I am coming to rob you :)
  23. J

    [Case Gallery] Red Scorpion

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Lian-Li PC-80 Fully Modded Asus Sabertooth 990FX, AMD FX Bulldozer 8 Core 8120 @ 4.6GHz AMD Radeon 6870 Crossfire 8Gb 1600Mhz LP Corsair Vengeance OCZ Agility 3 120Gb Seagate Barracuda 750Gb + 500Gb Cool-It E.C.O. CPU Water Cooler with 2x 120mm...
  24. J

    GOing back to AMD....FX series which one is worth it?

    I went for the FX-8120 and before this I had the Phenom 1055T the FX is considerably better I have it running with E.C.O water-cooler and running perfect @4.6Ghz I get great frame rates in most games like BF3 130+fps Skyrim 90fps older games not so good but still acceptable and for the price it...