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  1. XiGMAKiD

    FINAL FANTASY XV Benchmark released

    This game engine is hard on CPU, also the CPU is mildly OCed to 3GHz
  2. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Cancels Implicit Primitive Shader Driver Support

    If they pull a Doom-like performance with FC5 then it's gonna be great
  3. XiGMAKiD

    Marvell's Ready to launch QLC Controller Delivers 670K IOPS

    The six million dollar questions are how good is the endurance and how long is the warranty? Because for me big speed is nothing without big endurance
  4. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Announces Official Price-Cuts for Ryzen Processors

    Darnit Oreki, that's brutal :rockout: That would be their biggest mistake ever :wtf:
  5. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Reveals CPU, Graphics 2018-2020 Roadmap at CES

    After rollercoaster year that is 2017, looks like 2018 gonna be a bit mundane I hope I'm wrong
  6. XiGMAKiD

    Intel Launches the Smallest VR-capable System Ever

    One teardown and review please
  7. XiGMAKiD

    Not Too Cool to Rule: One of NVIDIA's Most Coveted Products is a Ruler

    Even better a Star Wars Special Editions :rockout:
  8. XiGMAKiD

    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Says the Company Will Take More Risks

    I hope so, because a three way discrete GPU battle would definitely be an interesting thing, and also means moar option to choose from
  9. XiGMAKiD

    Opera Integrates Web Mining Protection in Their Latest Opera 50 RC

    Ooh Opera, a browser that innovate features that I don't even remember now but always at the back of the pack You'll always be the companion of my Firefox
  10. XiGMAKiD

    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Says the Company Will Take More Risks

    Can they risk entering discrete GPU market? Because that would be interesting :rolleyes:
  11. XiGMAKiD

    Forum upgrade complete

    Night mode please
  12. XiGMAKiD

    Crytek Sues Cloud Imperium Games for Breach of CryEngine Contract

    No wonder CIG going away from Crytek, a company with great talent (at least visual wise) and bad management Also, It's been a while since I read something called Star Citizen, I hope it's released in my lifetime
  13. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Issues Official Statement Regarding RX 560 Silent Downgrade

    bamboozle me once, shame on you. bamboozle me twice, heck you fren! y u bamboozle so much?*" *quoted from random internet post "goes to every entity
  14. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Officially but Silently Downgrades Radeon RX 560 with an 896 SP Variant

    RX 560LE (Lootboxes Edition)
  15. XiGMAKiD

    MSI Z170A Xpower Titanium Modded, Supports Intel Core i3-8350K

    This is the reason why backward compatibility is a wanted feature from a customer point of view, and despised by company since it generate less revenue and more headache :banghead:
  16. XiGMAKiD

    "Summit" Supercomputer to Propel US Back to Number 1 in Top 500 by 2018

    That is an expensive setup for mining coin /joke With Nvidia prefer it's product to be paired with IBM Power, it's another reason for Intel to develop it's own discrete GPU
  17. XiGMAKiD

    Intel Hires Raja Koduri, to Develop Discrete GPUs, This Time for Real

    Nice, Player 3 has entered the game
  18. XiGMAKiD

    Gotta visit the toilet *bye*

    Gotta visit the toilet *bye*
  19. XiGMAKiD

    Any genius here can make a Win 7 NVMe USB ISO for me?

    There's no Windows 7 NVMe driver for your motherboard, at least according to MSi's support page
  20. XiGMAKiD

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and 1600X CPUs Found With 8 Working Cores

    Not surprising since the six core Ryzen offer the best bang for the buck
  21. XiGMAKiD

    Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz

    Solid product, now I just need to see the street price of the CPU and MB
  22. XiGMAKiD

    Paul S. Otellini, 1950 - 2017

  23. XiGMAKiD

    The TPU Darkroom - Digital SLR and Photography Club

    That plateu, in the right weather condition with a glass of black coffee and some cigarette, just sit there enjoying the scenery with friends :pimp: