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    ati x800xt pe to x850xt pe?

    ok man i'm feeling for u man May it R.I.P
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    ati x800xt pe to x850xt pe?

    great man but why did u change your card to a x800gto when u had a x850xt ?
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    stick with overclocking you will get great performance boosts from that aswell. I overclocked my x800 gto from stock 400/490 to 520/550 stable. But mine would not unlock to 16 pipes so i bought a x800xt pe with 16 pipes :D
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    A good cooling solution for my x800xtpe

    i have an x800xt pe with a ac silencer 4 it idles at 37-42 degrees and load 63 degrees. do u think these are the right temps or are they to high? should i change the thermal paste?. Im running at stock speeds
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    Disabling Pipelines on x800XTPE?

    why would u want to do such a thing :S
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    X800XTPE to X850XTPE?

    omg how could u get such high clocks how hot is it at load ? and how can i volt mod my x800xt pe
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    ati x800xt pe to x850xt pe?

    what is the difference between x800xt pe and x850xt pe besides that the x850 has a bit higher clocks (but u can clock your x800 to x850 speeds). Does the r480 core on the x850 work in a better way than the r420 (agp) does ?
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    powercolour x800 pro overheating!!!

    My x800xt pe idles at 39-42 degrees celsius and is at load about 60 degrees with overdrive enabled. Stock speeds with a ati silencer 4
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    Gigabyte 6800GS

    6800 GS i have an x800gto but the 6800 is much better and i'm going to buy one soon :D
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    6800GS AGP unlockable to 6800GT AGP?

    I am getting myself a 6800gs so i finally can have my 16 pipes :D
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    Strange Stuff @ p4

    Hey i have a slight problem here, i have a intel pentium 4 3ghz prescott processor and before i reinstalled my computer i had it oc at 3.3 ghz stable. But now when i reinstalled it, the computer just locks up when i start windows. very strange and i have not done anything else then then just...
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    FSB:DRAM divider

    is there any program i can use to change the divider
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    water cooling or not?

    get the water cooling its much quiter and much more effective then your current cooler
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    Connect3D X800GTO Hardmod so that I can flash bios to 16pipes

    Ah man i had the &%#¤%#& 2.0 mems but i have read that u can make them like the 1.6ns with some settnings | im going to try that some day
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    Connect3D X800GTO Hardmod so that I can flash bios to 16pipes

    Thanks man thats good to know i will check with memory type i have tonight and hopefully it says gc16 :D
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    Connect3D X800GTO Hardmod so that I can flash bios to 16pipes

    hey guys i'm wondering how i can see if i have the 2.0ns or the 1.6ns samsung memory can i look it up somehow in atitool or rivatuner or something like that I have an x800gto from powercolor and it's clocked at 520 core and 550 mem Thankfull for answers
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    nope it did absolutely nothing very strange just the same as before but my original x800 gto bios is set to 16 pipes that is what dolf told me
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    don't sweat it i'm stuck at 12 aswell the hard mod didnt work on my card :(
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    How hot is too hot for CPUs?

    hey i have an p4 prescott 3ghz im running it at 3.3ghz its 53-55 celsius att load but it idles at aprox 45 degrees is this ok, or should i change the cooler?
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    Sapphire x800 gto - High Temps

    oh man u have a pretty high temp. I have an powercolor x800 gto with stock cooling and it's oc to 520/550 mhz and its idle is about 36-39 celsius and load 55-60 and i'm getting a new cooler an artic cooler silencer is it any good ?
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    Overclocking of the Graphic Card

    what zalman cooler did u use i'm after a new cooler and it sounds like a good one
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    Overclocking X800GTO by 37.5% with stock fan/heat sink

    how high temp do u have on your gpu? and what should u have? mine is 59 degrees celsius with a core clock of 500 mhz i also have a x800 gto agp.
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    can i bypass the laser cut by using an ordinary pencil to connect the bridge or what pencil is everyone talking about
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    X800 Gto --------> X800 Pro/xt

    Hey guys i was just wondering im able to flash my powercolor x800 gto with a x800 pro or xt bios because we have the same core r420 it should be able to clock as much isnt it. I'm also a bit curious about 16 pipes because ive checked under the heatsink and found out that i have a laser cut i'm...
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    Overclocking X800GTO by 37.5% with stock fan/heat sink

    How much do u think i can clock my powercolor x800gto 256mb vivo r420 core with stock cooling.