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  1. Corrosion

    second gpu 10% use battlefield 3

    Noone asked for your opinion. :)
  2. Corrosion

    Are you OK with power-throttling on high-end GPUs?

    good for longevity . but i would like control so i can play some flash games at full power.
  3. Corrosion

    Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 $17.97

    Thanks i got it now.
  4. Corrosion

    Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 $17.97

    How do you download the game off the website? Its a pile :banghead:
  5. Corrosion

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Mafia is everything gta iv needed
  6. Corrosion

    Your favorite kind of games :D

    What about free roam? (GTA-IV, Oblivion,)
  7. Corrosion

    battlefield 2 demo wont boot up

    I had same problem has to do with your resolution. Have to find the profile and change it to 640 x 480
  8. Corrosion

    First Medal of Honor Screens: A Dry and Dusty Conflict

    Wish they didnt use the unreal engine. Thats what made Airborne suck.
  9. Corrosion

    [Case Gallery] Dons Beater

    Gotta love a clean build
  10. Corrosion

    Truecrypt refuses to install??

  11. Corrosion

    Good games for $10

    GET ON STEAM and go to store. theres a thousend games for under 10 dollers right now.
  12. Corrosion

    Auto-censor in content forums

    Will there be an option to turn it off?
  13. Corrosion

    If someone helps you out...CLICK THANKS

    Some people take internet stuff to seriously. :laugh:
  14. Corrosion

    Pre-Owned computer issues

    Whats the specs on this computer?
  15. Corrosion

    12 days of free Whataburger

    none in minn :mad:
  16. Corrosion

    [WTB][US] Buying HD5970 from USA!

    You got personal message ;)
  17. Corrosion

    I <3 Windows 7

    Nice setup.
  18. Corrosion

    how would i make a search engine?

    Would be cool to have a search bar for tpu.
  19. Corrosion

    No more DirectX 9 card support under 7

    getting lazy ATI? my 5770 doesnt even have drivers on there website for ZP. had to go to asus to get them and theres only one.
  20. Corrosion

    Borderlands the game

    4 HOURS LEFT!!!!! And im gonna be at work.
  21. Corrosion

    5870 QUADFIRE user video!!

    i7 is able to handle QUAD 5870s? dont think so.
  22. Corrosion

    HD5770/HD5750 benchmarks

    I get mine next week.
  23. Corrosion

    ea old games

    Yeah i want a pic!!!
  24. Corrosion

    Borderlands 4 pack group

    Sorry i already preordered it i was watching a live stream past 2 days of a kid playing and he was getting some awesome guns. Haven't seen coop yet though.
  25. Corrosion

    Borderlands 4 pack group

    17.7 million guns in this mofo MUST GET NOW