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  1. mav2000

    [FS] Gigabyte UP5TH, i7 3770K 5GHZ+ chip V1000 PSU, Mice, Fans, LCD's +++

    Only CPU actually. And I don't need the heat sink. If you can flat pack the CPU with the outer box, that's enough for me. Location is 560001, India. Also what kind of volts does it require for 5 ghz stable? And some temperature screen if possible?
  2. mav2000

    [FS] Gigabyte UP5TH, i7 3770K 5GHZ+ chip V1000 PSU, Mice, Fans, LCD's +++

    Is that delidded?...nice chip. Would you mind shipping international?
  3. mav2000

    [FS][US] Crucial M4 256GB

    Will you ship international?
  4. mav2000

    [WTB] AMD 7970 ref block

    Hi, Am interested in buying an AMD 7970 ref water block. I am happy to share heatware as well as ebay feedback and feedback on other forums if you require it. I stay in India, so you should be willing to ship it. Thanks for looking.:toast:
  5. mav2000

    6950 Display issues

    Hi Guys I have been facing a peculiar issue for a while now. I hav a Powercolor 6950, unlocked to a 6970 but have never played with the voltages and the clocks till date. For the last few months, I keep getting a black screen at times and the display just stops working and I have to reboot...
  6. mav2000

    TechPowerUp and NZXT Announce Facebook Giveaway

  7. mav2000

    [Review] Cooler Master Cosmos 2

    What the size of the rad that can fit up top? In terms of depth.
  8. mav2000

    [FS][US] [CAN][AU][EU] MCP350 pumps DDC-1T $35 shipped - PP

    Are these 3 pin or 4 pin. Need a quote for 1 or 2 shipping to India.
  9. mav2000

    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Found around 6 legendaries in my time of around 150 hours of gaing...all of them except one was crap.
  10. mav2000

    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Gettng whipped on Inferno now. AM running a barb, with 10k dps, 30k health, 400-500 resists. I just fail to see how I can increase my dps any more. Am using a 600+ dps sword and a 1000+ dps shield.
  11. mav2000

    LEPA Introduces 5 New Fan Series

    Am I reading what you said right? All it says is that it has an X life span at 70 degrees ambient. Not that it runs at 70 degrees
  12. mav2000

    Diablo III Clubhouse

    I hope someone makes a short post as to what all the shortforms mean....there are a whole lot I still dont understand and I am sur a lot of others dont as well. Got the shin bone, rainbow and bell, now waiting to play again and get the last piece before going on to Iziul.
  13. mav2000

    Diablo III Clubhouse

    AM on Hell now, Act 1 and already geting whipped by a lot of the chain and molten guys....running a Barb. BTW, this is the first ime I am trying to collect the parts.
  14. mav2000

    Diablo III Clubhouse

    Trying to get the shin bone from leorics manor, but even after close to 15-20 tries am still not able to see it in the fireplace. I usually start the game and go to the leoric's manor waypoint and work my way back from there. AM I doing something wrong?
  15. mav2000

    Fatal1ty Z77 Professional-M, G1.Sniper M3 or Maximus V Gene?

    Just got the gene and have been playing with it for the last ten days. I wOuld go with an Asus board only for the bios support if not anything else
  16. mav2000

    HeatPipe + watercool??

    You do know that the magic of non conductive coolant all but disappears as soon as it touches even a bit Of your loop, right?
  17. mav2000

    EVGA Announces New Global Warranty Policy

    Great news and really nice to have a global warranty. Down here we dont get warranty support for any products bought abroad and coupled with high local prices, it kind of hurts. This is going to open a whole new can of worms for other manufacturers who have so far charged us shitloads more than...
  18. mav2000

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

  19. mav2000

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    For the CPU? Custom water cooling. For the RAM, none.
  20. mav2000

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    Not started clocking the CPU yet:
  21. mav2000

    Corsair Readies Individual-Sleeved PSU Modular Cables

    Looks not too good.. The sleeving and heatshrinking is no where close to what you could get even from Bitfenix, looks like the NZXT sleeving to some extent. I aint paying 70-90 USD for that crap. I rather pay a little more or less to individuals who can do that for me, or do it myself.
  22. mav2000

    GPU-Z and 6950 Temps and where the sensors are..can you help?

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to know which temp refers to which part of the card. Am trying some trouble shooting with my WC block and this could help me identify areas of low contact: So what do the following temps correspond to: 1. GPU Temp - This is the main GPU temp of the die, so thats...
  23. mav2000

    AMD Appoints Rajan Naik as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

    Well, there are a lot of "expats" or people from different countries working in India, some in Multinational firms and some in home grown firms. And this is across sectors, so not only in IT or Telecom, but even in Engineering, Airlines, Transport, SCM etc. They normally bring with them the...
  24. mav2000

    AMD Appoints Rajan Naik as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

    Didn't the Anglo Saxons move from Europe (Germany?) to England to start with... So they are not "REAL" Americans either, right?
  25. mav2000

    CyberpowerPC Showcases New Desktop and Notebook PCs at CES

    Venom Boost Technology FTW....:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: I guess if they add some stickers of this mighty Venom Boost stuff, the computer might actually go even faster..add a couple of fangs in there and your upto 700 Ghz in no time. Man, marketing is really going no where...