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    Yeston Reveal "CUTE PET" Pink AMD Radeon RX 580 Graphics Card - Straight out of Manga

    Is there a fitting Mobo for that? Since simple Black and White colored Mainboards for AM4 have been killed off and I strongly dislike Red and Black because It's so bring, this could actually be in my next Build.
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    Need for Speed Heat Arrives on November 8th, Burning All Limits

    I can't stand racing games without Story, characters, goals and the feel of progress. But that might Just be me.
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    AMD Updates Ryzen Product Pages to Elaborate on "Max Boost Clocks"

    It says on every IT Shop here in Germany "Clock 3.6GHz, Boost up to 4.4GHz" In my opinion and if you read the exact wording for those products, Boost Clock is Just a Bonus. Advertising, Sure, but always as "up to". Guaranteed is only Stock Clock.
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    AMD Updates Ryzen Product Pages to Elaborate on "Max Boost Clocks"

    Well, no, Spec says 3600 MHz. Boost is Just an added Bonus if the CPU evaluates it can go higher.
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    What's in a Lootbox? EA Says "Surprise Mechanics, Quite Ethical"

    True. Germany is relatively lax with gambling in comparison. We have ads for online betting sites and online casinos on TV. We also have female breasts shown uncensored around noon or rather any time, if it is needed for the topic or entertainment and not the obvious Main Focus. But out movies...
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    ASUSTOR Launches 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Capable Nimbustor 2 and 4 consumer NAS Servers

    Not Bad, but I'd like to See inexpensive NAS with 10Gbit ports. But it is a step in that direction.
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    Adventures of the 939 build

    Not necessarily. In the paßt with A64 and XP there were workarounds with PAE. Misspellings are always germany autocorrect
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    Biostar A10N-8800E

    This is awesome. I can't think of another Plattform with this much Power at this Low Power draw and cost. I'm already thinking of getting one as a HTPC
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    Old School LGA 775 era Overclocking Competition @ TPU!

    Awesome. Would be nice if only aircooling Was allowed, because that would make the playing field more Level. Most of my components I have here are 775 and AM2, so I'm all game, if I get the time. How many CPUs per User would be allowed?
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    Alphacool Unveils NexXxoS 40mm and 80mm Server Radiators

    I have an old original PS3 fat, the one with backwards compatibility, and a PS4 Pro. Both are loud af... I'd love to watercool both of them in a custom loop, cooler not visible from the front, consoles in a nice TV-Rack with the watercoolingloop going through all consoles in that rack, which...
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    Thermaltake and Mayhems Fighting Over "Pastel" Trademark in the UK

    They call IT the P1000 Pastel coolant series. Well, this is a dispute we can't settle easily I guess
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    Thermaltake and Mayhems Fighting Over "Pastel" Trademark in the UK

    @Ubersonic but the are calling it P1000 Pastel color - White. That again is different from describing Just the color.
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    Thermaltake and Mayhems Fighting Over "Pastel" Trademark in the UK

    While the other you stated behave correctly on this, as far as I know, Apple does not. They werde once in legal dispute with a small Café called Apfelkind here in Germany over their Logo and Name. Stating both Was to similar to theirs and could lead to confusion. I attach a link with an article...
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    Intel Readies "Cyclone Peak" Wireless-AX 22260 WLAN Cards

    So, and now when Do we See the 802.11ad Chipsets more in the wild? Much more useful than ax in my opinion.
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    Zotac ZBOX CI660 nano barebones Mini-PC

    Nice test and nice PC. I hope something similar with Raven Ridge will come to market soon
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    TechPowerUP Wallpapers !

    Has anyone saved the old pictures? I'd love something in this flashy colors to replace the stock Linux Mint Wallpaper. But since my PC got stolen I have an old Phenom and an old HD7850. My Laptop has a Core2Duo and a 9600GS. If there was something in that direction it would be awesome.
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    What card is this "GTX 960?"

    GPU-Z says GF106 so It is with out a doubt a GTS450. So Yeah, Brütal Legend would stutter in 1080p on Linux. I tried that.
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    How To Get Around Comcast's Data Cap

    Thank god that is only in the US. I pay for 30GB + 15GB + 1GB of mobile contracts (all with all-net-flat for phone and SMS of course) plus my 400MBit/s unlimitied cable Internet connection plus cable TV in Germany only 120€. And prices in Germany for anything internet related are damn high...
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    German Retailer Mindfactory.de Shows AMD Outselling Intel 2 to 1 in November

    @bug Mindfactory reveals this data for everyone, simple as that. The other, bigger ones don't. And no, Mindfactory and Caseking are two different albeit both big groups. Mindfactory is mostly present in price indexing sites as the cheapest vendor because they try to gain marketshare. Caseking...
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    FTC to Launch Investigation on Loot Boxes

    To that I present you this following German Language Website of one of the biggest Collectible Sticker and Trading Card Company in Europe: http://collectibles.panini.de/store/col_deu_de/fehlende-sticker-karten.html They simply let you buy a bit oder sticker and cards to finish you collection...
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    ZADAK Introduces the 2018 SHIELD II Water Cooled PC

    Zadak announces many interesting products, yet I have never seen one of those to buy anywhere.
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    Steam Link 95% Off!

    You are lucky, I can't find one for cheap. Searching for two years now. Germany is not a good place for technical stuff.
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    RPCS3 lagging

    I second that motion. @Slo2018 If you want to play a console game, BUY THE CONSOLE. A PS3 with the game shouldn't be more than 100$ nowadays. And if you can'T afford that, you can't play, simple as that.
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Supply is Reportedly Dwindling, Prices on the Rise

    Well, if companies wouldn't milk ALL gamers for money and concentrate on console gaming first, all would be better. Meanwhile, since my PC can barely handle my beloved Dota in reduced Details with 22FPS, I mostly game on console nowadays.
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Supply is Reportedly Dwindling, Prices on the Rise

    If I may add my 2 cents on this: My Hardware got stolen completely, I manage to get by with a near 10 year old CPU, similar age mainboard and a GTS450 as a GPU, which I all got for free from friends that didn't need this tech anymore. Still, that stuff consists of a 3GHz Phenom II Quadcore and...