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    NB/SB Heatsink Question

    Has anyone ripped off their NB/SB heatsinks before? For example my Asus P5E WS Evolution http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131300 has Mosfets,NB,SB all connnected under the same heatsink with a giant heatpipe. I haven't tried to take it off for myself yet but has anyone...
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    Windows XP Installation

    So I have installed Windows many many times on previous computers but this time its just not letting me do anything... So heres the situation: I just bought and assembled a new build (check the spec) and I wanted to install an OS on it to get it started. I use the 32-bit Windows XP full...
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    Some Chipset Questions

    Hello friendly folks of TPU, I am currently trying to set up a new Intel Quad cpu build. What I am trying to figure out is whats the real difference between X48 or the P45 chipsets. From what I see so far the southbridge is different what real difference between the two would that make? Also if...
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    RAM Timings

    I am currently running 4-4-4 DDR2-533 RAM and I just purchased 5-5-5 DDR2-667 RAM. The 5-5-5 timing is for 667 speed. Would the timing be any lower when im running it at 533? :wtf: