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    Multiple RAID 0 Set Up with Primocache

    Do you need 4TB for your games? I have 2x2TB SSDs, one is my Windows installation with quite a bit of games (500GB free) and the other is just videos, music, documents. In Germany, I could get a 500GB SSD for about 50€, 1TB is 90€ and 2TB is 200€. That 200€ is the price for the Primocache, RAID...
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    Samsung 75in Q70T bscklight

    RTFM, I guess? I can only find the Germany manual quickly, it says that Contrast, Brightness, Colors etc. is in the "Settings / Picture / Expert Settings" menu. You should also take a look in the "Settings / General / Eco" menu to make sure no energy saving stuff (adaptive brightness, automatic...
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    For the set you linked: It is the same connector type I linked. "JST PH 2.0 mm" JST stands for Japans Solderless Terminals, PH stands for the spacing of the pins (2.0mm) and the power it supports. You can take out your favorite ruler and see if your connector has ~2.0mm space between each pin...
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    Hey! I doubt the wire is carrying much load (amperage), so the wire gauge will not matter too much. That said, mixing wire gauges is not really a good idea, but you knew that already. To me, it looks like a JST connector with a PH/2.0 mm spacing. You could get the connector and wire up an...
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    AZIO Launches Antimicrobial & Waterproof Keyboard/Mouse Line

    This sort of thing is not new. I worked at the sterilization unit of a hospital for the past 7 months. They already have wipeable keyboards. They are like laptop chiclet keyboards with a rubber covering, eliminating crevices. Not great for typing, but you rarely need to do that in the areas...
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    ASUS Equips ROG Huracan G21 Mini PC with 8 cores and RTX 2080

    Am I the only one who likes his rectrangle boxes instead of some abstract forms that seem to waste space with unnecessary angles? Give me some space efficient designs over this any day.
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    How do you justify a CPU upgrade?

    You seem to have had a lot of luck ditching those old K series combos for good money. I've never been able to recoup my intial investment in full after using it for a while, except for a graphics card once during the mining craze. Unless you get a golden OC K series CPU, they never end up being...
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    What PC specs were you rockin back in 2009?

    I had something along these lines: Some ASUS motherboard Intel Q6600 4GB RAM GTS 8800 512MB in SLI (2008), replaced by a 3870 X2 in 2009 WD Raptor 74GB 10k RPM All in a silent case by some small German case manufacturer, that was not that silent and mostly had some sound dampening materials and...
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    AMD "Renoir" APU iGPU Configuration and Platform Spread Detailed

    If they use an updated display engine from the Navi product, that would not help much though, right?
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    DeepCool Unveils GAMMAXX GT ARGB CPU Cooler

    Why is price a reason for being called a rip-off or not? The Noctua NH-12 preceeded the Hyper 212 by 2 years as far as I can tell (Noctua introduced it in 2005 whereas the first mention/review of the Hyper 212 was in 2007 on Anandtech, unless Google is not showing me the right things today). It...
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    Ram speed(mhz)

    That is correct for "1600 MHz DDR3 RAM". The "1600 MHz" in actuality is "1600 MT/s" [MegaTransfers] since you get one transfer on the high side and one on the low side with DDR, so 800 MHz clock rate = 1600 MT/s. But because of marketing (bigger number = better) and technicalities being...
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    AMD X570-successor to be Third-Party Sourced

    Considering this is how it is right now with X570, it would be weird if they went a step back, right? AMD went straight from PCIe 2.0 lanes downstream to 4.0 downstream with their chipsets. A B550 which isn't stingy with PCIe lanes and has 3.0 ones downstream was all I wanted. Ended up with an...
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    Halo: Reach PC Version Launches Today

    Are Halo games actually good PC FPS games now? When Halo became an Xbox phenomenon and was on PC, it was an adequate shooter for the PC, but heralded as the holy grail from console gamers. Has this changed now and they are of better quality?
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    AWS Starts Designing 32-Core Arm Neoverse N1 CPU for Data Center

    Every heard of Xeon Phi? Those are basically tiny Atom cores thrown together with some other stuff. They are around 60+ cores per chip and are avaiable since 2012, with the earliest models being 32 core PCIe cards. Having many cores is not a feat and if it were, Intel would still be early to the...
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    Intel "Rocket Lake" an Adaptation of "Willow Cove" CPU Cores on 14nm?

    Cool, reviews are out then, right? Got some links for me of actual products being tested and compared like you talked about?
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    AMD Paves Upgrade Path for TRX40 Platform with 64-core 3990X in 2020

    Huh? I would say that every workstation is a "High End DeskTop", but not every HEDT is a workstation. Or am I missing something?
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    Should I go for Rift S or is there a new better headset coming?

    All true, but to be fair, current VR titles to not attempt to make GTA, RDR or Skyrim levels of detail. While it is fun to play those titles in VR, the best experiences in my opinion are those totally developed with VR in mind. I think the testing done on VR that I have seen (Gamers Nexus and...
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    AMD Radeon RX 5500

    They were better than Nvidia in pure power consumption or performance/watt from the Radeon 5xxx series to the 7xxx series. But Hawaii really tanked performance/watt and sky rocketed power consumption (I had one because I water cooled at the time and it was the price/perf. sweet spot for my 1440p...
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    AMD Radeon RX 5500

    You mean the card that launched a little over 3 years ago? On 16nm lithography? With performance 96% and 97% as good in resolutions with playable framerates and 111% in non-playable 4k? And uses about the same (-3W, +3W) in power? Which is also louder according to this review? Just checking...
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    AMD Radeon RX 5500

    @HD64G: Interesting, thanks for the info! Yes, very much. The average consumer doesn't care about UV and doesn't care about the used market / wants a warranty. So it's nice they can get this with some better power consumption along the way. Polaris has just been discounted so much or sold off...
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    AMD Radeon RX 5500

    How accurate is software based (Wattman) power consumption these days? Because I got an RX 580 8GB Nitro+ SE for my secondary rig and after some tuning (1400 MHz @ 1.075V) I had a maximum power consumption while gaming of about 120W iirc. I know, these can probably UV as well. But considering...
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    Need opinions on X-star DP2710

    If you can get one under $100€, they are still pretty good. If it is the normal, DVI only one then you can overclock it, since it is the same internally as the QNIX QX2710, which I had for a few years. It overclocked to 100Hz without artifacts. The picture was better than a normal TN panel (no...
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    Half-Life: Alyx Officially Revealed, Will Release March 2020

    More like $1k, since you also need a PC and a monitor or at least a capable laptop. If you want to be a complete idiot about these things.
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    AMD Athlon 3000G with Vega 3 Graphics

    It is a different product in the strictest sense of the word. But if the price is the same (and it is for a lot of people right now), it really isn't. That "35W vs 65W" doesn't fly either, as this test shows (TDP does not equal power consumption!). The actual system difference at the wall (I...
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    AMD Athlon 3000G with Vega 3 Graphics

    Nice little CPU for the price. Too bad it isn't at least Zen+. I'd probably take this over a similar Intel offering (4C Atom or 2C/4T Pentium). But for a system I'd really want to use, I guess I would get one of those 100€ R5 2600 or a 50€ R 3 1200. I'm really looking forward to some Zen 2 APUs...