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    Best easy way to repair small scratches on Lian Li black Aluminum chassis?

    The chassis's side panel has a bump (there was a defect when the aluminum was folded), that made it hard to close the case properly. I only realize it today after the machine has been assembled after a week, I didn't want to return the chassis for this reason so I used a plier to flatten the...
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    Advice needed for new RAID system

    Hello, Background: I am recently upgrading the storage of my workstation. To begin with the background, this will be used as a 2nd copy of some critical experimental data for myself, where the first copy will be in the lab computers. While losing them on this workstation won't probably kill me...
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    Sapphire voiding warranty on heatsink removal

    I just bought my RX 480 and it's my first card from Sapphire. To my surprise, there is a sticker on the back of the card trying to prevent user from removing the heatsink, which I have never seen from all my previous cards from brands like XFX and PowerColor. Obviously, it is needed to take the...
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    Fanless workstation for numerical computation

    Hello, (Updated, no longer fanless) I am looking into building a 24/7 server for running Jupyter on Fedora, which will be hosting a remote Python server for my own use. It is not mission critical thus I didn't plan to go for server grade parts. I am a light user in terms of numerical...