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  1. Feänor

    Lynnfield i5 750 worthy upgrade to.. ? for gaming

    Remember there's many if playing here... No one have the perfect answer, we can merely suggest our opinion. And we cannot tell what 300$ will buy next year. I don't see any emergency in the way he approaches refreshing his platform. Sometimes not moving is the right move!
  2. Feänor

    Lynnfield i5 750 worthy upgrade to.. ? for gaming

    My bad for the 150$ price: just threw that out of nowhere. And also depends on location... Now before talking about amd vs intel stuff, intel generation, etc, let me ask: How much do you have on hand of either money or will to upgrade? And do you own a ssd? The right solution for your...
  3. Feänor

    Lynnfield i5 750 worthy upgrade to.. ? for gaming

    The only cpu worth upgrading to, considering you're using the dead 1156 socket, would be a i7 8x0 series cpu. And only if you could find one on the cheap, let's say under 150$. You could consider upgrading to the 1155 socket, as 200-250$ can buy you a quite potent cpu/motherboard combo. From...
  4. Feänor

    EVGA classified X58 LE E759 NF2000 chip.

    I don' think you'll get that much of an increase performance wise, a little from clock speed increase (4,3-4,4 seems like a walk in the park for any sandy) and a little from more instruction per clock cycle. Nothing i think you'll be able to feel, but definitely an upgrade. Where you will see...
  5. Feänor

    2560x1440 Monitor $350!

    Too bad i live in canada... My yamakasi catleap bit the dust earlier this year and i seriously could use a replacement!
  6. Feänor

    Rads flow and cooling

    Then it all boils down to how much surface the rad has. Obviously, the thicker the better, assuming the length, width and fin density (in fins per inches, FPI) are equal.
  7. Feänor

    Rads flow and cooling

    If you don't have enough contact surface to transfer heat from the rad to air, how high is your airflow won't matter at all, you'll have reached the max cooling that particular rad can accomplish. Getting 0,1 degree better temp going 4k rpm over 2500 is pointless. It is way better to get...
  8. Feänor

    Intel to Demo SSD Overclocking at IDF 2013

    Not talking about bclk straps (100, 125, 166 and 250 iirc), but the tolerance of the bclk when using any given strap: the same 5-10% max variation from "stock" value ( something like 155 to 175 mhz when using the 166 strap, for example) applies. And i'm pretty sure when you're using say the...
  9. Feänor

    Intel to Demo SSD Overclocking at IDF 2013

    Since when overclocking the pci-e bus is a good thing? The last three intel cpu generation (sandy, ivy and haswell) are all limited to 5-10% max bclk variation, mostly because the pci-e bus really doesn't like to be set at anything but 100 mhz. And i don't think the pci-e will be the...
  10. Feänor

    Quick Question about load vs idle "sensor test"'s numbers

    Thanks for the (quite detailed) answer! That is why i should use ibt to see max temp AND prime 95 for the mandatory 24hrs stable run... Again, :toast: for your great work! For the rest, go habs go! Even though the last few years (well maybe 20 last ones...) are not that good, one day will...
  11. Feänor

    Quick Question about load vs idle "sensor test"'s numbers

    Good afternoon, May the future be good for you unclewebb, For the software you created is just one of the best i've come across in my life. Simple, quite efficient and powerful. My personal reference when it comes to intel cpu, and a mandatory tool in any "Drivers" folder... :toast: Now to...
  12. Feänor

    Moving to Canada - Where to shop for new rig components?

    directcanada.com has some of the best prices available (for both product and shipping), and any order over 300$ gets free air shipping (quite fast: vancouver to montreal in one day!). First place i check if i need something! Ncix.ca, newegg.ca, and memoryexpress.com are also worth checking...
  13. Feänor

    Multi Core PI @ LINPACK

    Poor little g540...
  14. Feänor

    Corsair 900D Early review

    A watercooling project is never finished: you're just out of money...
  15. Feänor

    Folding Pie and Milestones!!

    1200$ for : sr-2 2x l5639 6 x 4gb of those hot samsung sticks A gtx 260 A complete (save the motherboard and gpu) watercooling loop, sporting a 360 rad A zx 1250w psu All in a lian-li full tower case, modded to fit the beast and it's cooling solution.
  16. Feänor

    Folding Pie and Milestones!!

    Buck, i throw you a 12 pack of our finest local beer. Nothing less. :toast: You deserve that for the many 4p. :respect::rockout: I'll send my last bigadv tonight, just sold the sr-2 rig. Needed cash, plainly sucks. From now, i'll be a gpu folder! I'd like to give him my 7cents/kWh any day...
  17. Feänor

    TPU's F@H Team

    Sad to hear your friend passed away. I do hope he's in a better place now... Cancer (especially brain tumors) is such a bitch...
  18. Feänor

    TPU's F@H Team

    Due to recent financial priority repositioning (what a nice way to say i need to repair my car...), most of my farm will have to go in the next few weeks. :shadedshu Any folder interested in a 24 cores sr-2 or 970/g1.assassin rig should check in the next week for my sale thread to be updated...
  19. Feänor

    [WTB] Mid/high end graphics card

    What about a gtx 460 2win for 200$, plus 40-50$ for sending it to you, probably less using snail mail? So 240-250$ for a little more performance than a gtx 580 and a transferable lifetime warranty. PM me if interested.
  20. Feänor

    For how many hours per day does your PC run?

    As a folder, all my systems (a sr-2/l5639 rig, a celeron/mini-itx combo running two gtx 460 2win and my main i7 970@4,2 ghz/gtx 295 rig) are running 24/7! Noise, well, speak louder, i can't hear you! Heat: with an open window and 0c outside temp, it's 27c inside my living room... Power: at 7...
  21. Feänor

    Any news on how many native SATA-3 ports Ivy Bridge E will feature?

    There's an article on tom'shardware saying (take this as it is: a logical deduction. No hardproof whatsoever) that lga 2011 is going to be replaced and ivy-e just skipped. Haswell is coming late this spring, and haswell-e could be released by the end of the year, so no big surprise why it could...
  22. Feänor

    Black screen of Death -_-

    Thermal shutdown, if they are really running that hot. Try to improve your airflow (add/clean fans inside your case) and verify the gpu heatsinks are not full of dust. Two cans of air duster cost a lot less than a new card! Try to run occt after your verification to see if it lowered your...
  23. Feänor

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    The best i can provide is the pictures the guy emailed me. I don't have the skils and tools to tear it apart.
  24. Feänor


    And another professional yet easy to understand review W1zzard. When it comes to gpus, you ARE the Man! Now tell me how that gk110 core can score when folding. Eager to see that DP power put to ppd production!
  25. Feänor

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    It's worth a try. Did you get yours repaired?