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    New build, No POST, No Power

    Hey all, I've had a crap week, and it's ended even crappier. I got around to building the system I bought parts for on Cyber Monday: i5-10600K MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge WiFi Gaming Motherboard CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600 (PC4-28800) C18 2x Samsung 970 EVO Plus Reusing my...
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    NVMe RAID-1 on X570

    Hey all, The new Ryzen CPUs have caught my eye, and I've been looking into the PCI-E lanes for the NVMe drives. Unlike Intel, AMD puts an m.2 drive directly off the CPU, which gives rise to my questions. Say we have an X570 board with: 2x Gen4 M.2 slots off of the PCH 1x Gen4 M.2 slots off of...
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    How are PCIE lanes alotted to components?

    Hey guys. I've been looking into ow PCIE lanes are used by components, and I some questions that I haven't been able to find answers to. The title doesn't really state my question(s) in a succinct manner, so I have an example. i5-10400 CPU supports 16 PCIE Lanes Z490 Chipset Processor PCIE...
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    Upgrade to last 2-3 years

    Hey All, I've been out of the loop for awhile now, and it looks like it's time to upgrade my CPU/MB/RAM due to this thread here. I'm looking for a cheaper combo (< $500), as I'll be building an entirely new rig when DDR5 and PCI NMVe 5.0 are mainstream. From what I've read, DDR5 and PCI NMVe...
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    MSI Z87 MPower - A2 error on Post

    Hey all, My current rig (in specs) has developed an A2 error on post, preventing a boot. Some googling indicated that this is an indication of an IDE or other related error, and suggests unplugging drives one by one to figure out which drive has failed. So, one by one, I unplugged each drive...
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    Dead USB after moving

    Hey guys, I just moved. Yay. I got my computer desk and game station set up, go to power on, and I have nothing on my mouse and keyboard. My headset shows power (LEDs light up), but nothing else. MB will post, but I can't get past that because my drives are encrypted and I can't unlock them...
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    Upgrade w/ GV100 or New Rig?

    Hey Guys, This may be a stupid question, and if so, feel free to berate me. With the minimum specs of Wolfenstein 2 needing a GTX 770 w/ 4GB of RAM, and me being currently relegated to a GTX 780 w/ 3GB, it seems time to upgrade or build a new rig. Waiting till the new Nvidia GV100 GPUs come...
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    Trouble OCing RAM to 2400MHz on Haswell

    Hey guys, After 5 years I'm finally getting around to OCing my RAM to 2400MHz, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble. I've done some research and made adjustments accordingly, but have a few questions. At default speeds and settings (1333Mhz and whatever the default timings are) I had to...
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    onboard NIC not working - MSI Z87 MPOWER

    Hey guys, the onboard NIC for my current rig seems to have developed a few problems. I am not sure if its different symptoms of one problem or two separate problems. 1) The NIC seems to have problems with the default gateway, saying "The default gateway can not be found." The connection drops...
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    Trying to get rid of that pesky $10/month Comcast fee

    Hey guys, title says it all. I know that I need a cable modem and a router. Router needs to have 4 1Gb rj45 ports and excellent wireless - I live in an apartment building with close to 24 other wireless networks in range. I've been out of the equipment game for awhile and I haven't done much...
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    win8.1 and inoperable case usb hub

    Hey guys, I did a fresh install of win8 and updated/installed to win8.1. Now my usb2.0 hub on my case is completely inoperable. The hub did work on my previous install of win8. Devices work when installed onto the usb ports of the motherboard. I figure that this is some type of windows driver...
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    Current gen Story-Driven FPS?

    Anyone know of and current-gen story-drive fps's out or on the horizon? I'm dieing for one; getting kind of burnt out on my MMOs. TBH I'd love it if they had the Halos out on PC but thats never going to happen, so I'm looking for suggestions! I've played Deus EX: HR, Metro (both), Crysis 3...
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    Project: Cool Runnings Mark II (TONS of pics)

    Hey guys, this is the project log from the rig that was discussed here. TL;DR final specs from that thread were: CPU Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz LGA 1150 84W Qu... CPU Cooler MB MSI Z87 MPOWER Max LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6G... RAM G.SKILL Trident X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin...
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    New Rig after 5+ years!

    Hey guys! I am finally letting myself build a new rig! This will be a much needed upgrade from the rig in my current specs. My Budget is a little over $2000, and it has to last me another 5 years and get me through college! This rig will be OC'd as far as it can handle! I spent a good 5 hours...
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    either the psu or the mb died

    ok guys, forgive me for being really rusty. my compputer decided to stop booting - no post no boot it would boot and post sometimes(ok, 1 outta 6) led on the mb does come on i jumped the green and black wires on the 20 pin mb plug - nothing. does that mean the psu or the mb?
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    windows installation wont sense my hdd

    hi guys, im at my wits end on this problem i'm trying to install windows vista 64-bit on a wd2500aaks. i have installed windows on the hdd several times in the past. for some reason, the installation process will no longer sense this hdd. currently i have windows installed on my 2tb hdd, and...
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    Ddr4 ram

    this question is asked totally in ignorance, so forgive me if i sound a bit stupid when are we going to see ddr4 dram for computers?
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    No Post on P7N Diamond

    Hello, I've had my current set-up for 2-3 years now, and the entire time I have had random and rare no post's upon a cold boot. This problem was always fixed by doing a hard shut-down, or turning off the PSU at the switch. However, two days ago it started happening literally 90% of the...
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    SWTOR Guilds

    so according to an e-mail i got from bioware, swtor is going to let you pre-register guilds before the game comes out. quote: Join forces with friends and other like-minded players to prepare for the adventure waiting for you in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Create or join a guild now and you'll...
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    help creating a home network

    hey guys im having some problems getting a network created there are two computers, mine and my moms mine is connected via network cable to the router mom's is connected via wireless to the router both have static ip's both can connect to the internet both have the same workgroup now my...
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    future of games w/ multi-core support

    hey guys. does anyone have any theories on how soon games will start to take full advantage of multi-core(4, 6, 8, etc) cpus?
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    PSU Diag help please!

    hey guys, i have a dumb question about a PSU. i'm pretty sure i already know the answer, i just need confirmation. ok, so im working on my aunt and uncles computer. they say they they shut the computer down one night and the next day it would not boot up. so i get to lookin at it. when you hit...
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    network settings reset upon boot

    hey guys, i just bought and set up a WRT54GL to replace my aging router that was dropping its wireless. what has me stumped is that now, everytime i boot into windows, the default gateway in my network settings is blank. i have to manually put it in on each reboot. all the network settings on...
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    my interesting hdtune benches

    hey guys. on a whim i downloaded the trial version of hd tune pro, and ran the benches of my current hard drives. i noticed something that i found interesting, and wanted some input. some of you may have noticed that in another thread, i installed a WD Caviar Black 2TB HDD (WD2001FAAS) and was...
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    Second thoughts on WD2001FASS

    hey guys, i just bought a WD2001FASS from the egg, but i've begun noticing that a lot of people say that WD is no longer the way to go on hard drives, and that this particular series of drive can be rather slow in some applications. i would only be using this drive for storage, no games or...