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  1. AsRock

    Gaming TV

    Not at all my aging Toshiba as been awesome for gaming and viewing angles are excellent to boot. I got sick of Computer screens a long time ago and eye strain is a thing of the passed ever since.
  2. AsRock

    Duff PSU?

    Try just using one card and see if the system runs ok or not and if it still happens you could try a fresh install of the OS and see if the problem goes away or not with a single card. When i was dealing with Seasonic they did not like any thing lower than 11.35, but software is often wrong...
  3. AsRock

    What are some of your PC building pet peeves?

    Always bothered me that case maker or motherboard maker that i have have had never came with ram support, when a system being built it's a none issue but later in life adding or problem hunting require taking out or inserting memory sticks. For many years i been using a block or 2 of foam that...
  4. AsRock

    Metro Exodus Officially Launches in Autumn 2018

    Stalker was a awesome game, there was much more freedom. Now if the new Metro was more like Stalker i be way more interested. But i am not, and it's the main concern in that game and i play games to have fun, and to be bothering with air filters than any thing else is not fun.
  5. AsRock

    Metro Exodus Officially Launches in Autumn 2018

    If any thing like the 1st one i be annoyed endlessly with the mask BS. other wise i enjoyed the game.
  6. AsRock

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    When did humans start caring for other than them self' ?.
  7. AsRock

    My XFX290X partly died today.

    Thank You getting this RMA sorted out, it be sent out in the morning.
  8. AsRock

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    Would be a true problem solver.
  9. AsRock

    Worlds most complex machine is nearly 50 % complete

    23b and the rest, worked on to many construction site's in the passed to know better. Anyways sounds like it could put earth at risk LOL. Glad it's happening in France 1st ( no were near us ).
  10. AsRock

    My XFX290X partly died today.

    waiting for a response, here's one of the message's i left there and has a few pics attached with part of the problem. I will PM you the ticket number. Thank You!.
  11. AsRock

    My XFX290X partly died today.

    Yeah dealt with them before, was with 4870 when the cooler was put back on the fan was catching, and i had a buyer already for the card. When i told them about it, they just said send it in and we will post the fixed \ replacement to the new owner and i believe he got a higher end card in the...
  12. AsRock

    My XFX290X partly died today.

    Well reinstalling the OS it seems fine but when you install the drivers it's glitchy, but when 3D fails every reboot ends up with a black screen it's on but nothing showing. All so got around trying it in the other system and same although once it started the multi color glitching i took the...
  13. AsRock

    New Nvidia card.

    In steam were you see the game installed if you right click and go in to the properties, Local files tab and it's there. That will verify all the game files.
  14. AsRock

    Google Uses the Nuclear Option Against Amazon, Pulls YouTube from Fire TV

    O please Google is evil period, after all it collects personal data and gives you all those annoying ads. Best part is people are willing to give this personal data and recommend people to do searches on google. Might actually do more harm to Amazon
  15. AsRock

    New Nvidia card.

    Did you try verify integrity with problem games ?.
  16. AsRock

    Ubisoft Gives Away World in Conflict & Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for Free

    Yes they released it a little early, other from that i had loads of fun with AC BF, i had 0 issue's with it and i played it maxed out at 1920x1080 x2AA on my 290X. Maybe just you, i still have all my free games of UBI.
  17. AsRock

    ARRIS Breaks the Piggy Bank to Buy Ruckus Wireless & ICX Switch Business

    Arris modems i have had over the last 10 years have been nothing but awesome, not had a single issue with any with comcast, so maybe more about the ISP.
  18. AsRock

    My XFX290X partly died today.

    Message me as i have a spare on about. More of a log of what happens, XFX been good to me in the passed and it not all that often people say the good about company's just the bad. Yeah but i was enjoying my lifetime warranty which was much more important to me. Had it since early 2014 and...
  19. AsRock

    My XFX290X partly died today.

    The card served me well how ever now when ever it tries loading the drivers it fails to work. It's perfectly fine until that time. Same result in another system too, even tried reinstalling. Anyways thankfully it has a lifetime warranty but a replacement will not, i guess i will find out.
  20. AsRock

    Ethernet, getting 24kbps

    process of elimination, how ever i did miss the above post. So if you have hard wired another PC to the router and it was fine then the problem seems like it's the PC, and @Vayra86 could be very much right. Maybe the system does have malware\virus or some thing that takes a little time to...
  21. AsRock

    Ethernet, getting 24kbps

    Sounds like a bad port(s) on the router or even on the PC it's self, you could try plugging the PC directly in to the modem and see if it works right then or not.
  22. AsRock

    Strange black screen

    and allways remember to not to over tighten and evenly.
  23. AsRock

    Star Citizen Gets Into the Real Estate Business - Up to $100 Per Virtual Lot

    I was getting some hope on this game, and well not any more and so glad i opted for ED even more than ever.
  24. AsRock

    X2's Family of Pirates Just Got Bigger

    Same ol thing but dam $80 makes it pretty attractive.
  25. AsRock

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ( bypassed password ).

    I have disabled hibernation, i noticed that some time ago what your on about which can be done though the hidden sleep options . Now the PC always up time timer is always reset.