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  1. Jurassic1024

    Cooler Master Reveals the MasterCase H500P at Computex 2017

    This is my next case. The 200mm fans up front and 90 degree graphics card are the icing on the cake.
  2. Jurassic1024

    AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leaked - Amazing Multi-core and Single-core Performance

    Not sure about the CPU reviews. After reading their Fury X review and FreeSync tests I gave up on them entirely.
  3. Jurassic1024

    AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leaked - Amazing Multi-core and Single-core Performance

    Software based physics. Havok to be exact. Yea, Guru has used AMD marketing slide results in their reviews (Fury X), and AMD employees post in their comments (AMD Roy). Any site is better than Guru3D for hardware reviews. *edit made to second reply. Guru obviously doesn't ONLY use AMD's tests...
  4. Jurassic1024

    AMD and NVIDIA Add-in-Board GPU Market Share from 2002 to Q3/2016

    Interesting, because... A very smart man at Intel once told me that when designing a microprocessor you can either build a new architecture, or move to a smaller manufacturing process, but you don't do both at the same time. The reason you don't do both is because it significantly complicates...
  5. Jurassic1024

    AMD and NVIDIA Add-in-Board GPU Market Share from 2002 to Q3/2016

    *fixed* nVIDIA doesn't rebrand flagships.
  6. Jurassic1024

    AMD and NVIDIA Add-in-Board GPU Market Share from 2002 to Q3/2016

    So much for the RX 480 dominating the mainstream market.
  7. Jurassic1024

    AMD Readies Radeon RX 490 for December?

    "they may well have a '970 sales killer' on their hands." Yea, it's called the RX 480 and it's no 970 killer if you look at AMD's loss of market share.... to nVIDIA.
  8. Jurassic1024

    AMD Readies Radeon RX 490 for December?

    Whatever it is it will stink. It's the end of November and AMD isn't talking. That's a massive red flag, and the norm for AMD launches. Meh.
  9. Jurassic1024

    Thermaltake Releases the Tower 900 E-ATX PC Chassis

    "The Tower 900 by Thermaltake represents Thermaltake's passion for innovation" .... .... ....... Innovation? Passion? Thermaltake?! ROFLMAO!!! https://www.techpowerup.com/213197/thermaltake-draws-flack-for-ripping-off-other-brands-products
  10. Jurassic1024

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Doesn't Support SLI? Reference PCB Difficult to Mod

    "What if you want to change the cooler, or maybe use a water-block?" LMAO! Is this a GTX 1060 or a Fury X we're talking about?
  11. Jurassic1024

    GTX 1070 specs and the reason that nvidia didn't unveil it!

    You mean like this? http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Review/Fallout-4 http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Review/Grand-Theft-Auto-V http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/AMD-Radeon-Pro-Duo-Review/Rise-Tomb-Raider...
  12. Jurassic1024

    NVIDIA to Focus on 2-way SLI with GeForce "Pascal"

    I'm 100% okay with this if scaling goes up.
  13. Jurassic1024

    NVIDIA Frees PhysX Source Code

    I got better things to do than feeding a troll. You have an account with the same name over at TechSpot don't you?
  14. Jurassic1024

    NVIDIA Frees PhysX Source Code

    This is great news. PhysX is damn good when implemented correctly, so hopefully this does boost its usage.
  15. Jurassic1024

    Valve Announces Link, Source 2, SteamVR, and More at GDC

    Their Linux powered Steam Machine will fail hard.
  16. Jurassic1024

    "It Won't Happen Again:" NVIDIA CEO Breaks Silence on GTX 970 Controversy

    I think the backlash from consumers when this came out were 100x more pityful than nVIDIA's handling of this whole ordeal. I mean how dare nVIDIA try to give us more performance for less money! Did nVIDIA eff up? Sure, but y'all used the card for 4 months and needed a third party to tell you...
  17. Jurassic1024

    NVIDIA to Restore Overclocking on Mobile GPUs

    Then why call it a bug? And why start disabling now on your most power efficient chip ever? Maybe nVIDIA found out AMD won't have a competitive mobile GPU for a year or more, so they thought they could rebrand the 900 series with better clock bumps in the future. *shrugs* There is more to this...
  18. Jurassic1024

    Fixstars Launches the World's Highest Density SSD, the SSD-3000M

    I'm just interested in the performance of the controller.
  19. Jurassic1024

    Acer Announces XG270HU Monitor with AMD Freesync

    You're confusing FreeSync with VRR monitors. FreeSync is not taking over, because it requires specific AMD GPU's to work.
  20. Jurassic1024

    Acer Announces XG270HU Monitor with AMD Freesync

    Yawn. Wake me when AMD is brave enough to allow a third party to show FreeSync demo's running GAMES side by side with G-Sync. I don't buy stuff based solely on marketing speak and specs. I have more sense than that.
  21. Jurassic1024

    NVIDIA Disables GeForce GTX 900M Mobile GPU Overclocking with Driver Update

    I think nVIDIA knew how well these overclocked, but something other than rebranding is responsible for this, so I'll save my finger pointing and fear mongering until I get more info.
  22. Jurassic1024

    Corsair Hydro H110i GT Cooler Starts Selling

    I've yet to read an article that shows AIO leaking is any issue, but we get it, YOU prefer air over water. *smh*
  23. Jurassic1024

    Specs Don't Matter: TechPowerUp Poll on GTX 970 Controversy

    I'm just glad I'm not part of the 99% of people that blew this way out of proportion.
  24. Jurassic1024

    Nvidia GTX 970 problems: This isn't acceptable.

    What part of the word could did you not understand?
  25. Jurassic1024

    Intel Announces Availability of 5th Gen. Core vPro Processor Family

    Did you read the part where it said vPro and workforce? Not every computer is for games you know. Sheesh.