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  1. alexsubri

    To Zen or Not to Zen?

    From the latest articles I've read (simple google search) on AM4 , it stated that shipments of AMD's new Zen processors are going to be shipped out now at least until Dec 2016 with limited quantities, yet a full release in Q1 2017. I'm intrigued because I've been a long AMD fan and when I heard...
  2. alexsubri

    [WTB] Intel i5 6600k or Intel i7 4790k

    I am currently looking to upgrade my system from AMD build to Intel build. If you are selling or know someone whose is selling the above processors, please PM me. Thanks!
  3. alexsubri


    Greetings everyone! I am back from the shadows and am currently selling some of my hardware! Please read the guidelines below on how my procedure works. I have sold here in the past on TPU and have been a member here for quite some time. So, no need to feel insecure when it comes to shopping...
  4. alexsubri

    GTX 1070 Pre-Order Question

    Does any one know where I can pre order the GTX 1070? I know Ebay is having bids on it and, of course the prices are being jacked up. I have checked websites like Nowinstock.net , however, it says sold out. It does, however post links to Amazon and NewEgg, but it says Unavailable. Once I get...
  5. alexsubri

    Crossfire a 7950 or buy a single R9 280X?

    I plan on upgrading my rig vigorously this time around come 2014. The question I am scratching my own head is, should I Crossfire my 7950 because the prices will probably drop then (very slightly, if not the same). Or do you think I should get the R9 28X, the results were pretty decent compared...
  6. alexsubri

    DeadSapce 3 Awakening DLC Help?

    I just bought the new DLC, all is dandy, however I cannot play the damn DLC!? I go into "Downloaded Content" menu and when I see the game it says $9,99 and "Donwload" "Cancel". When I hit enter or download, it keeps waiting and waiting until it forces me to alt+tab to restart the game. Has any...
  7. alexsubri

    Unigine Valley Benchmark 1,0 7950 Thread

    Hey guys! Feels good to be back! I haven't posted since the website has been hacked. Anyways I just saw this, its fairly new. Its the Unigine Benchmark and here is my score? Video: Coming Soon What is everyone elses? GPU: ATI 7950 Sapphire OC Edition @ Stock 900/1250 61c Temp CPU: AMD 965...
  8. alexsubri

    NEW! Wii-U Will Feature ATI GPU

  9. alexsubri

    COD Black Ops Horrible FPS

    I was just wondering, I am running the 12.6 WHQL Drivers and I have an ATI 7950 and my FPS is horrible. I am getting around 25-40 FPS, I usually get around 90 FPS Solid. Has this happen to anyone else? MW3 plays fine as well as my other games. Thanks!
  10. alexsubri

    Malware Issues ...Need help ! :)

    So, I was downloading converted videos from a Keepvid.com website and I clicked on one of their nasty ad's by accident and now I get this everytime I try to watch a video with ad's on them in Youtube on my Google Chrome browser. Internet Explorer Browser doesn't have this issue. Image...
  11. alexsubri

    FREE Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Online Closed Beta KEY

    Listen up everyone! I have an extra key for the closed BETA of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon PC Multiplayer. All you have to do is guess a number between 1-100. I will close this contest on 6/27/12 by 11PM (Eastern Time). So that's two day's to participate! Number will be chosen from random.org...
  12. alexsubri

    MySQL Help

    Hey guys, MySQL noob here....:toast: I need to access my MySQL server. I already enabled it via my web providers CP. I have the password and username with every permission enabled, yet the files I am trying to enable are saying Access denied for user 'username'@'localhost' (using password...
  13. alexsubri

    Pay To Play DVD/Blu-Ray? Windows 8 Sucks

    Sausage: http://www.deadline.com/2012/05/playing-dvdsblu-ray-on-windows-8-to-cost/
  14. alexsubri

    NEW Gaming Lawnmower

    Mionix Introduces the Antheia 2000 Gaming Lawnmower Have you ever heard of a gaming lawnmower? They do not exist today, but Mionix plans on changing that with the release of the Antheia 2000 riding mower. Mionix has managed to stick a sweet gaming PC on a riding mower! No word on pricing, but...
  15. alexsubri

    [FS][US] Alex's Hidden Stash

    Welcome to Alex's Hidden Stash FS Thread! Here you can find all my old hardware that I no longer use, but is still 100% functional. I only sell the best and original quality products. Guaranteed! My prices are too hot for retail stores to handle! So don't be shy and take a look around! Rules I...
  16. alexsubri

    ATI 7950 Driver Issues

    Post All ATI 7950 Driver Issues Here I knew when I bought the 7950s the drivers would be plauged with issues. :slap: My question is, does anyone who owns a 7950 is having similar driver issues? I cannot access Batman Arkham City (after all the patches), it just crashes and it gives me...
  17. alexsubri

    Recovering Steam Games

    Long story short. My PC wouldn't start after load (a black screen would pop up). So, after numerous attempts, I decided to reinstall Windows. So, it backed up all my old files (Windows.Old) folder and it has all my Steam games. The question is, how can I transfer those games back onto steam...
  18. alexsubri

    Radeon HD 7950 comes on January 31st

    Sauce: http://www.fudzilla.com/graphics/item/25519-radeon-hd-7950-comes-on-january-31st
  19. alexsubri

    Batman Arkham City Help!

    Real simple. I just got done downloading 32 GB of Batman Arkham City off from Origin. Now here is the problem, it will install about 80%. After about 5 mins it just won't go anywhere. I'm started to get fustrated. Anybody know how to fix this? Thanks! - I've already uninstall/reinstall .NET...
  20. alexsubri

    Should I: Tri-fire 6870 or Tri-fire 5850s?

    VS That's right. I've upgraded my rig to be ready for the next gen of AMD Chips. Yes, FX-1850 wasn't so killer against the i7 2600ks, but that's another topic. Right, my next move is to upgrade my GPUs or add another card for Tri-Fire. The million dollar question is, is my CorsairTX 750 Watt...
  21. alexsubri

    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Can't POST

    I recently purchased the ASUS 990Fx to get ready for Bulldozer, and low and behold I cannot POST. I get a red light for my CPU , but not for my RAM. I've tried everything from testing each ram stick, plugging in and out my 8pin molex connection, I've unconnected my peripherals (hard drives...
  22. alexsubri

    I think my PSU Died...

    Okay, so here we ago again :banghead: ..I have previously started a forum earlier this month about my computer flickering on and off. I thought it was my RAM and I did a MEMORY TEST and everything came back fine. So, I re-seated my RAM sticks and the problem went away. Low and behold my computer...
  23. alexsubri

    Microphone Headphone Blues

    Okay, it appears that this week I haven't been having luck with my hardware and devices. This new issue arised out of the blue. To be real brief, I bought a new Headphone (Microphone attatched) and I was recording videos and commentating. Everything worked flawlessly. However, yesterday I went...
  24. alexsubri

    My Computer Keeps Restarting

    My computer spec's are under my user name for those who are wondering. Okay, so here is the problem I have been having. I would be surfing the internets and all of a sudden my computer would just randomly restart itself. I tried looking into the 'Error Log' and it really didn't give me a...
  25. alexsubri

    Network Monitoring Tool

    Hey guy`s, what's the best free Network Monitoring Tool for Windows 7 that's free? I currently have Wi-Fi and it's WAP