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  1. OneCool

    Is it the people here or just how people are?

    I've been around TPU for OMG ...Many years!! Like I remember W1z by himself doing reviews in the early 2000s. Only place to find a ATI BIOS in 2003 lol. I know the server switch or crash made him redo everything in 05. He lost everything didn't give up!! All that said. I couldn't do it all...
  2. OneCool

    Any word on how AMDs new Frankenstein folds??

    Just wondering. On paper it should be a beast.
  3. OneCool

    Upgrading from a HD7850 1gb

    The rig AMD 965 PHENOM2 (running 4ghz) 8gigs g.skill 1600 Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P v5 (mobo) Sapphire HD 7850 1gb Cooler Master 460w Im on a $250 to $300 budget for the video card and later im going to upgrade the psu,mobo and cpu.Maybe go Intel.Just cant swing it all right now.I know the psu is...
  4. OneCool

    This has to be the best Computer Forum/Website out there!!

    Truly. I would like to thank EVERYONE that is involved with TechPowerUP's website,forums etc. You guys are probably the first site I check everyday.All the news,reviews,downloads,apps. I dont see how you guys do it. :toast: I just wanted to thank all of you people here TPU for the great site...
  5. OneCool

    AtiTool and HD2900XT question.

    Ive seen people around the net using version .27 beta with the 2900 but I cant get it to work at all for me. Are they using a different version than the beta posted?
  6. OneCool

    Bypass the need for a 8pin din plug on a HD2900XT.

    All you need is a jumper wire like this Now find a free 4pin 12volt rail off your psu and plug a female pin into a BLACK 12v lead..like this Now looking at the HD2900XT's 8pin plug.With the connector snap facing UP connect the MALE pin to the bottom left pin ... here...
  7. OneCool

    DirectX 9.0c june is out

  8. OneCool

    Can anyone with a X1900XT (or XTX) publish a score in 3Dmark2006?

    Still dont get it? Why is Futuremark not letting X1900 users publish there stuff?
  9. OneCool

    The official X1900 series thread!!

    Post your "core week" please :)
  10. OneCool

    Bios editor for X1800XT

    edit: nevermind...just got word that its not a good idea