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  1. avatar_raq

    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

    I second what other people said, @W1zzard please reexamine the new CPUs with 4 sticks of RAM and see if you can reproduce the results of Steve from GamerNexus.
  2. avatar_raq

    CORSAIR K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    Too expensive for a keyboard. And it is bad that Corsair adapts a standard bottom row buttons only in their most expensive offering which already comes with BPT keycaps. I would love to see an updated version of K70 with standard layout so that we can use 3rd party keycaps of our choice.
  3. avatar_raq

    HiFiMAN Deva with Bluemini

    I do not trust Hifiman's build quality. They have a notorious reputation of falling apart with time. I hope their new headphones have better build quality.
  4. avatar_raq


    If I absolutely need a high end-ish planar magnetic with bluetooth functionality, I would rather buy the massdrop edition XX and a Fiio BTR5, for a total of ~ $710.
  5. avatar_raq

    Antec P120 Crystal

    Call me old school, but I love the old antec cases more than the new ones, including the one reviewed here. I still have my trusty 902 for my secondary system and the design has aged well IMO.
  6. avatar_raq

    EVGA Precision X1 Launched with "Boost Lock" Feature

    Waiting for MSI afterburner to get this feature. I hated precision X when I installed it few years ago and I do not want to give it another try!
  7. avatar_raq

    Help! Triple-monitor sleep issue

    Anyone ??
  8. avatar_raq

    Help! Triple-monitor sleep issue

    Hello everyone. I recently upgraded my 3 monitors from 9+ years old BenQ's to brand new Samsung CFG74 24". Everything else in my system remained the same, including the graphics card (MSI GTX 1080 gaming X). Both new and old monitors are/were configured as NV surround (i/e combined to make one...
  9. avatar_raq

    OFFICIAL The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Discussion)

    Not really. The witcher games are considered a sequel to the events of books. I read the first 4 books, stopped in the middle of the 5th unfortunately.
  10. avatar_raq

    Cooler Master MH752 Gaming Headset

    Both the 751 and 752 are based on these, according to Z reviews.
  11. avatar_raq

    Xtrfy Unveils the Xtrfy H2 Gaming Headset for Extended Gaming Sessions

    They look very similar to the corsair HS50-60.
  12. avatar_raq

    Corsair Hydro H100i Platinum SE Liquid CPU Cooler Pictured

    It looks ugly to my eyes.
  13. avatar_raq

    [Finished Build] Fractal Design Define SBlue (S2)

    A great classy build. The only thing I would change is to fix the RAM LEDs to white.
  14. avatar_raq

    HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard + Doubleshot PBT Keycaps

    I love the pricing on the PBT set.. IT is a quarter of the price of corsair's.
  15. avatar_raq

    What are you upgrading this holiday season?

    Already did my shopping: Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro headphones.
  16. avatar_raq

    CORSAIR Launches "STOP GPU ABUSE" Campaign With #GPURESCUE

    The bitcoin logo at the end, next to other payment methods for donations, made me laugh so hard...
  17. avatar_raq

    TechPowerUp's Best of 2017

    Could not have said it better myself!
  18. avatar_raq

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 388.59 WHQL Drivers

    When will nVidia fix the issue when viewing HDR videos with madVR?
  19. avatar_raq

    Phanteks Eclipse P300

    I can easily see this one becoming the budget case of choice for a lot of people.
  20. avatar_raq

    PC Hardware store in Belarus, Minsk?

    I could not find an English speaking group.
  21. avatar_raq

    PC Hardware store in Belarus, Minsk?

    Google can be confusing.
  22. avatar_raq

    Need help with LG C7 4K OLED TV's HDMI deep color

    Already updated it to the latest.
  23. avatar_raq

    PC Hardware store in Belarus, Minsk?

    I am on a trip to Minsk, capital of Belarus. I want to shop for computer hardware, can anyone direct me to a store(s)? Thanks in advance.
  24. avatar_raq

    Need help with LG C7 4K OLED TV's HDMI deep color

    I changed the cable and now it works with deep color and 4K 60hz 4:4:4 8 bit but I have the tv going dark for few seconds every now and then.