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    Updating firmware

    How do I actually flash them both individually?
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    which CPU should i buy?

    1. You can go with the MSI Platinum because that's not too expensive and performs well. 2. The OCZ Reaper RAM is only around £120 for 6GB 1800MHz :)
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    Before I go on L4D soon, would anyone want to join me? If a few of you tell me your Xfire name, I can add then you can follow me.
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    Is my Q6600 dying?

    Wow, I didn't know having a highly clocked CPU can cause blue screens after a certain period of time.
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    Choosing a video card

    A 4890 is fine for you... no need for any higher (money wasting).
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    Updating firmware

    Is it possible to update the firmware on my SSD's in RAID 0?
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    Windows 7 Ultimate RC Build 7100 Leaked for download

    When is the full version released do you know?
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    Rig wont post

    Motherboard shortening inside the case? Faulty board?
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    Cooler Master Prepares Limited RC-690 Pure Black Chassis

    I love the interior colour/design.
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    Choosing a video card

    1440x900 is 19" resolution and 2 4870 x2 isn't needed. I have a single 4870 x2 on a 22" and I play games fine. Plus for dual video card setup, it's gonna swallow loads of wattage/amps. You will need a 1000W+ for 2 4870 x2 since both of those will use atleast 650w idle/load.
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    I was looking around and I found this thread because I use Xfire too myself. I added you if that's ok, Panther?
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    Quick question: E8400 @ 4ghz

    Yeah, I've always disabled Speedstep in both my system and my fathers. It's no use having it enabled.