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  1. rooivalk

    SteelSeries Rival 700 Mouse

    heya, long time not logged in to TPU. Rival 700 has no rubber side (it's nicely textured plastic). Your friend mouse is Rival 300, which has questionable rubber especially the early batch. General consensus Rival 700 has much better build quality and material than 300. Just want to say that...
  2. rooivalk

    GTX 980Ti SLI - low Frame Rate on 4k Monitor vs 4k tv - Witcher 3 - 5960x - Windows 10

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/292030/discussions/0/615086038681807877/ same situation, same game. Try other games?
  3. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    No I know what you mean, that's why I said it's ok to have that thought, why not. By 'dodging script' ('hard method' like you said) I'm trying to define our difference in scope, but I didn't brush your actual preference of co-exist. Your role-play is limited to what's available in the game, but...
  4. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Actually I'm talking about role-playing not about dodging script, but if it's what you prefer (co-exist for everyone), that's ok. I prefer to have single vision (therefore single organization since they're quite different) for better wasteland and can't choose for either of them.
  5. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Which faction do you pick for the end game? Minutemen - the only good guys here, but simply a bunch of scattered clueless people. Brotherhood of Steel - I think the Commonwealth BoS better than previous BoS chapters. Capable to restoring order (important first step for better wasteland), but...
  6. rooivalk

    7 Zip or WinRAR?

    If I recall correctly 7z is also slightly smaller than RAR at their best option but it took longer time to compress - could be twice as long compared to WinRAR. I heard the newer 7zip is faster but can't find the comparison. So far WinRAR is snappier to use and fortunately shareware status...
  7. rooivalk

    Should I get a SSHD/Hybrid for storage?

    There are two alternatives: 1. Use Steam Mover 2. Create two library location (you'll be asked what folder/drive when installing the game).
  8. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Helldivers (Review)

    I'm confused, so there's no campaign? the level is randomly generated but based on certain objectives? How the balance from lesser number of player? 2-3 player versus 4? Much harder or just the same?
  9. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    I'm trying to refrain to reply that post after mod warning because I think it's directed to me (?) - still not sure what mailman is. But let's make this clear. I won't mention/reply about this again after this. Basically I'm (subtly and seems failed) trying to say: everyone has different point...
  10. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    If you follow the URL it could be seen. http://postimg.org/image/vyoyq87yn/full/ http://s10.postimg.org/qgu30p4ef/Fallout4_2015_12_14_12_42_51_967.jpg http://s3.postimg.org/qkll4xsuq/Fallout4_2015_12_15_13_14_22_003.jpg maybe it's some kind of deep linking protection. and oh fun news time...
  11. rooivalk

    will it fit

    I'm sure 43cm is without harddrive cage installed. Z97XGaming5 first PCIe 16x slot is started as second slot, but 'triple slot' VGA like Nitro 390 isn't actually taking full 3 slots, more like 2 and slightly more. Based on 450D picture on Corsair website, I think it'll fit.
  12. rooivalk

    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12 WHQL

    Still has problem of flickering compass in FO4 and FRTC still doesn't work since first Crimson.
  13. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Possibly, but snap-build means it's a grid based and based on what I know from RCT and SimCity communities, plenty people hate grid. How about this mod? http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2683/? I'm still in 1st playthrough, can't try it. if you have the one-file version, keep it. The last...
  14. rooivalk

    How do you fight the crumbs under the keys >?

    Just smack it to anything, works for me. http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_gifs/2471168/Keyboard
  15. rooivalk

    ASRock Unveils SKY OC Technology

    Yeah, Asrock in my eyes is successor of Abit.
  16. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Anybody has any idea to fix flickering compass with AMD graphic card without mod? The latest Crimson driver update doesn't do it for me. Also, anybody could run Fallout 4 with FRTC in Crimson? doesn't seem to work. Too lazy to install previous driver lol Crimson is purty. Honestly it's driver...
  17. rooivalk

    State of and recommendations for 4K and 1440P monitors at the end of 2015?

    First of all, have you seen 1440p or 4K in real world? It's sharp and has more extra space, yes. But personally I don't mind working from 1080p monitor even at 27". I only ask to make sure you know and want the advantages before spending extra. In my opinion, yes. It's worth it. I'm not sure...
  18. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Nice question but probably because of performance figure and hence userbase. In my opinion, textures and models seem on par with Skyrim with HQ texture DLC. It's using 2K textures after all. Or maybe because of its artstyle? people often appreciate lush jungle more than bleakness of post...
  19. rooivalk

    What's your favourite games of 2015?

    Not sure if you could pick Hearthstone since it's technically 2014 game. I won't call it the 'best game' but in term of grin, smile, and rage count per minute, it tops my all-time chart.
  20. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Hmm random tips Perk - Prioritize weapon mod perk such as Gun Nut for range or Blacksmith for melee. Armor mod isn't as great. - Prioritize weapon damage booster perks such as Commando, Gunslinger, or Rifleman. Bigger damage make the game much easier - If you're ranged, Scrounger perk is a...
  21. rooivalk

    What you think about next Elder Scrolls game?

    It's obvious though. Oblivion is demanding game at that time. Even that 10v10 would bring average systems to its knees. I think I had X1900XT at that time and it's laggy.
  22. rooivalk

    AMD Prepares December Launch of Dual-GPU "Fiji" Graphics Card

    Milking more money from maxwell is one. Why the rush?
  23. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Agree, the textures are kinda low quality. But there are plenty of native technologies involved compared to their previous games (like skin/hair shading or godrays). So I have high hope that with right modification it'll be very very gorgeous. It won't be today though. You know what's more...
  24. rooivalk

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 (Discussion)

    Don't worry, as usual it'll be easier at later level. Fully modded your weapons and pick damage boosting perk (like Rifleman or Commando) make day and night difference. Yeah I think Scrounger perk is a must. Level 1 seems enough if you use multiple ammo. Level 2 if you use single type of ammo...