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    [WTB][US] Geil Evo Two

    Hoping some one has this particular kit hanging around and would like to let loose of it. GET34GB1333C6DC http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820144425. I know its a shot in the dark, but never hurts to ask. http://www.heatware.com/u/60283

    [WTB][US] Skt.939 Micro atx board

    Looking for a CHEAP Skt 939 Micro atx board for a refurbish project.Which will be donated to some(unknown at this time) deserving person in the near future. If any one has one there looking to get rid of,PM me a shipped to 98620 zip $ amount. Thanks! :toast:

    Vista 64 bit ram not reading correctly

    I usually google a problem and find results or fixes pretty quick.But this is kind of evasive and has me scratching me head a little. :wtf: It's a clean fresh install and was reading correctly until i updated the MB bios to fix a problem with cpu temp's that were reading 0.Temps are reading...

    [FS/FT][US] Greasemonkey's Basement Cleaning Sale!

    UPDATED and pulled from the past All prices INCLUDE shipping(priority flat rate usps,cont.USA)unless otherwise stated. Non CC paypal only,or cash if you want to come pick item up(98620 zip;)) Multiple item purchase may result in lower cost to reflect reduced shipping. All prices are pretty...

    Advice on Skt 775 board?

    So i had a little problem with a bad bios flash on a ecs motherboard of one of my buddy's comp. So i need to replace the board and know absolutly nothing about Intel's. His original board was an ecs P4M900T-M.I am looking for the most stable best bang for the buck and cheap motherboard to...

    Unlocking a Phenom II

    This might be a dumb Question,but.If you unlock the dis-abled cores on a Phenom II 550 X2,which is a 80 watt tdp proc,and make it a quad core.Does it turn it into a 125 watt tdp proc?

    Minimum psu load?

    Will a couple sets of cold cathodes be enough of a load on a switching type power supply? I am adding some bling to my work bench and wanted to use an old power supply to power up some misc.led's and cathodes.Activating the power supply with a simple toggle switch connected to (I ASSUME?) the...

    [FT][US] FX-57 for best 939 X2

    Just a shot in the dark here,but i would like to trade my Athlon FX-57(unlocked skt 939)for the best skt 939 dual core i can get(minimum of a 3800 X2).I wish i could tell you how well it overclocks,but i've always just ran it at 2.8 since i got it aprox 2 years ago. Shoot me a PM if any...

    Testing a GPU

    Is there a program that can be used to test a GPU for corruption. Reason i ask is that a person i built a computer for is having artifacting while playing WOW. computer is, Abit at8 board 2 gigs g skill ddr ati 1950 pro athlon 4200x2 coolermaster 500 watt psu There are no other...

    Need a new kvm?

    Due to some odd incompatability of my new deneb proc and my slightly aging LINKSKEY LDV-202AUSK 2-Port DVI USB KVM .Which i must add,has been less than steller :ohwell:. I am in the market for a new 2 port,usb,dvi kvm switch.Does anyone have any REALLY GOOD experiences with any of the...

    [WTB][US] Best cheap pci gpu

    I'm looking for the best (and cheapest)pci gpu.I'm loading ubuntu on to a dell machine and want decent desktop effects in compiz.This dell box only has pci slots though(not pci-E). So anybody got anything good?:)

    [FS][US] GREASEMONKEY's $90.00 sale.

    Paypal only. All prices include shipping con us. Possible trades ? (NO intel & No nvidia):D The 1950 pro's and the raptors are for pair only(will not seperate) I might be interested in a 4850 or an FX-60! ____________________________________ One pair built by ati 1950 pro's...

    [FF][US] XFX rma'd 8600 gts Funniest rhyme

    Just recieved this card from xfx's rma dept.Replaced a bad 7900gs(which was a faster card).:shadedshu.It was ran for about 2 hours to check it out,but just does'nt cut it for me. So here is my free gift(shipped con us)to the person with the funniest rhyme posted on this thread by 12:00 noon...

    X700 pro vs. 6150 IGP

    Have a buddy that wants to play Company of heros,he's now using the onboard nvidia igp6150.I have a x700pro sitting here not being used so i thought i would lone it to him. Question is would the performance be quite a bit better than he has now?I dont know anything about this game at all.THANKs...

    Trouble upgrading to FX-57

    Is there anything i might be missing going from a very stable overclocked san diego 3700+ to an FX -57.Bios version 12.Tried an fx-55 first that seemed to be DOA,machine would'nt even turn on.so reinstalled 3700+,all ok.RMA'd for fx-57 wich i then tried to install,machine would turn on(fans...