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    Ad blocker for IE9?

    So I have been using IE9 now for a few weeks and after a few minor tweaks to add the menu bar, display tabs below the address bar and enable the status bar it is now my main browser, 1 minor annoyance is ads, they piss me off :( I was using simple adblock for IE on IE8 with no issues, though I...
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    wheres the vista optimisation thread gone ?

    wasnt this stickied ? its not showing up now :confused:
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    what do you think to this gaming laptop ?

    18.4" WXGA CrystalBrite Display Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 4Gb RAM 320Gb Hard disk drive Blu-ray Disc NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512Mb Graphics Card Cinedash Media Console Wi-Fi 6-in-1 card reader Built in CrystalEye Webcam Fingerprint reader Windows Vista Home Premium Dolby...
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    3x1gb in dual channel ?

    well for those that seen my thread on ripping the chips from one of my sticks of ram, i am now only running 3x1gb. however cpuz and everest both report them to be running in dual channel mode, i thought you need 2/4 sticks of identical capacity to run in dc :confused:
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    This Is Why You Never Attempt To Remove Ram Heatspreaders

    ok, so the other day i thought id reflash my ram with the spd's they came with as i was running a modded spd for compatibility reasons when i had my phenom x3 and it wouldnt boot at 1066. so i decided to remove 2 sticks (i have 4) and flash them 2 at a time, well i didnt stop at removing 2...
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    Asus P5q Pro Owners

    Ok atm im in 2 minds weather im selling off this pc, that has nothing to do with it, whilst i still own tweak i will :D Anyway, just want to get some feedback off fellow P5Q Pro owners on their max fsb, i think at max i have hit around 460 stable anything more than that and its unstable, even...
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    [FS][EU] [uk] My Gaming Rig

    Processor: E7200 @ 4.3Ghz 1.35v/ 3.8Ghz 1.25 24/7 Motherboard: Asus P5Q-PRO non modded Cooling: Silent Knight Pure AL/2x 120mm Xilence 68 CFM, 1 x 90mm tt Memory: OCZ 3GB PC2-8500 (D9GMH) Video Card: HD 4850 Crossifre FTW !!!!! Harddisk: WD 640Gb 7.2k SATAII WD6400AAKS + Seagate 250Gb...
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    buy/sell/trade forum rules on pics?

    ok after repeatedly seeing post after post on the buy/sell/trade/forum with no pics and moderators having to enforce the rules regarding having pics i have been wondering, and this only relates to pc's/hardware. read on to see what i mean :D i understand the rule because it proves you...
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    Help fixing sata hdd sata connector broke!!!!!

    ok i have a pracically brand new 250gb sata hdd, i thinks its seagate. anyway it has been forcefully pulled from a machine resulting in the sata power connector breaking, the pins are still in tact, however the plastic backing for them has broke off and i cant find it heres kind of what i mean...
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    Urgent Help Needed, P5q Pro Drivers Needed, No Internet, Help!!!!

    Ok lost my p5q pro driver disc with all drivers on it and have just reinstalled vista x64 and my ethernet isnt being recognised. urgently need a copy or drivers for the p5q pro either just the ethernet or copy of the disk will do fine. please speed is of the essence.
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    prime95 temps too high!!!! HELP

    ok thought id push my e7200 upto 4ghz and prime95 test it. have the vcore set to 1.32 in bios which isnt too shabby and its plenty stable. however my concern is my temps with prime95, when its starts they get into high 70's (c) which isnt too bad but as the test goes on realtemp and coretemp...
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    [FT][EU] Possible Trade, My Pc For Laptop

    Ok At The Minute This Is Somthing Im Toying With, Ive Basically Got My Pc To How I Want It, And Feel I Need Somthing Else To Keep Me Occupied, Over The Last Year I Have Become More Interested In Laptops But Couldnt Afford A Decent One,. So Im Toying With The Idea Of A Possible Trade In Of My...
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    COD4 average framerates, whats yours?

    ok just as a matter of curiousity im looking for peoples avg fps in COD4, not talking multiplayer as ping can have an effect on fps, so basically whats your avg fps in cod4 singleplayer? Rig specs and game settings you run at would also be helpful, i would prefer all settings to be at max but...
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    crossfire 4850's not working

    ok got my 2nd card today, installed as instructed in the setting up crossfire thread, all is well crossfirex is enabled in ccc and gpuz, however ive run 3dmark 06 and am scoring the same and getting the same framerate as i did wirth one card, cod 4 is the same, just the same fps as 1 card :cry...
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    new hardware arrived today :)

    well today in the post i got a nice surprise, well kind of i knew they were coming, but my E7200, P5Q Pro and Xilence fans turned up (still waiting on 2nd HD 4850 :banghead:) ok installation went superb, swapping the mobo was easy as pie, infact the hardest part was taking the backplate off...
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    New Rig, Thoughts?

    ok decided to upgrade my rig this week, as of now here are my specs: Phenom X3 8450@2.6 MSI K9A2-CF 4Gb ocz 1066 Powercolor HD 4850 512mb WD6400AKAS Coolermaster Realpower 520W modular Thermaltake Soprano As of later this week it will be: Intel E7200 Asus P5Q 4Gb ocz...
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    planning on crossfire 4850' will my psu cope ?

    its the coolermaster realpower 520w continuous (600w peak)going to be powering an e7200, p5q pro, 4gb, 1hdd, 1 dvd, and 2 4850s. heres the specs, it has plenty or amperage on the 12v rails 57a in total over 3 rails
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    really quiet case fans ?

    does anyone know of any really quiet case fans for sale in the UK? im looking for 2 x120mm case fans, preferably with blue led's and a 90mm also, the noise from my pc drives me nuts so any help would be appreciated :toast:
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    [FS] [UK] K9A2-CF AM2+ board and X3 Phenom 8450

    board and cpu in my sig, need to be sold, i only accept paypal, and ship to the UK due to currency differences/postal hassles K9A2-CF AM2+ motherboard SOLD X3 8450 Phenom Processor 2.1Ghz easily got upto 2.6Ghz on only 1.314 as opposed to 1.254 stock, runs @ 2.6Ghz all day long at only...
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    Asus P5Q-Pro and E7200 good combo?? plz help !!!

    thinking of going back to intel (sorry amd i love you but core 2's overclock like the shit :cry:) is the asus p5q pro mobo and e7200 a good buy for a mobo and processor? i want a high clocking c2d and a good overclocking board, crossfire is a definate bonus and so far for budget (£180) this...
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    [FS] [UK] Asus P5B 775 motherboard

    this is a great little board still as many of you know, had my old e4300 upto 3.3ghz on it which was the chips limit, very good clocker, sold as is as i obviousley dont have the hardware to test it although was working when i took it out 2 months ago and has been in an antistatic bag in a box...
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    how are these phenom X3 temps ?

    well after installing the Asus Silent Knight last week, which was a ballache as i had to remove the motherboard :banghead:, finally had a chance to sit down and give the temps a look at, this was done with nero encoding for around 45 minutes although it doesnt use 100% cpu (sits around 85-95%)...
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    has tpu server been down tonite ?

    i havent been able to get on techpowerup.com or forums.techpowerup.com for about 2 hours, anyone else had any problems? has there been any server maintenance going on or...
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    bsod's with phenom and vista x64

    ive read a few times that people are having problems with vista x64 and phenoms when overclocking usually resulting in a bsod related to " a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor" another less frequent one "is irql not equal or less" has anyone else here experienced this...
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    Mullered07's Everest Memory Benchmark Thread